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Welcome to MOAPPP

MOAPPP's mission is to develop and strengthen policies and programs that promote adolescent sexual health, prevent adolescent pregnancy and support adolescent parents.

Twin Cities Mayors Support Youth and MOAPPP

MOAPPP was especially proud to have the mayors of Saint Paul and Minneapolis join us for MOAPPP's May 15 Benefit. These are leaders who clearly embrace the importance of supporting today’s adolescents. Mayor Coleman created the Second Shift Initiative, a nationally recognized effort to redefine the City’s role in shaping out-of-school time for all kids. Mayor Rybak was a key player in Blueprint for Action: Preventing Youth Violence in Minneapolis, a report and action plan that recognizes the need for teen pregnancy prevention in preparing youth for successful futures.

Click on these links to find out more about how Twin Cities leaders are, like MOAPPP, working to promote healthy youth development:

Saint Paul's Second Shift

Minneapolis' Youth Violence Prevention Blueprint for Action

2008 Legislative Session Summary

The 2008 legislative session ended May 19th. During the legislative session, MOAPPP works at the Capitol to advance policies and funding that promote healthy adolescent sexuality and support young parents and their children. View a 2008 session summary of those issues.

Election season is just around the corner. Minnesota state primary elections will be held September 9th and the General Election November 4th. To stay connected to the issues, join the MOAPPP Advocacy Network by visiting moappp.org/public_policy.

Join the MOAPPP Advocacy Network

Join the MOAPPP Advocacy Network to stay connected to policy and funding issues related to youth development programs, adolescent sexual health and support for adolescent parents and their children. You will join a growing number of concerned citizens, and will receive e-mail alerts when it is important for you to take action.

Minnesota Adolescent Sexual Health Report

This report is a summary of the sexual health of Minnesota’s adolescents and uses the most current data available. The report provides information on key sexual health indicators, such as pregnancy and birth statistics, STI/HIV, health disparities, low birth weight and prenatal care, sexual activity and other risk and protective factors in a brief and easy-to-read format. A copy of this report (pdf) is available on our website.

Training and Education Calendar

MOAPPP's Training and Education Calendar includes the upcoming opportunities offered by MOAPPP, solely or in partnership with other organizations, from June through December 2008. Some programs are offered in multiple locations. Detailed program information and registration materials will be available on the MOAPPP website six weeks prior to each event. You can view the training calendar here.

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