Resources for Parent Educators

• If parents aren’t talking to their kids about sex and sexuality…who is?

• Parents with a strong connection to their children are more likely to see positive results when they model/teach positive behaviors, values and messages.1

• A growing body of research suggests the importance of fostering “parent-child connectedness” as a protective factor for preventing sexual risk-taking.2

Parents are the first and most important sexuality educators for their children and research suggests that children who feel a sense of mutual “connectedness” with their parents are less likely to engage is sexual risk taking behaviors. However, many parents are uncomfortable talking with their children about sex and some families struggle to feel “connected.” Teenwise Minnesota wants to help.

We have worked with parent educators across Minnesota to find ways to help parents connect with their kids, engage in meaningful conversations, and share their family’s values about sex and sexuality. We offer the following Resources for Parent Educators to assist you in your work with parents in your own community.

Resource List

It’s That Easy! The Caring Adult’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children
Teenwise Minnesota is growing a network of parent educators that are ready to help parents make talking about sex a little…EASIER. Teenwise Minnesota welcomes parent educators to attend a two-day training that provides tools and techniques for working with parents to raise sexually healthy children. Learn more at

Let’s Talk Month
Let’s Talk Month is a community campaign during the month of October that supports parents in their efforts to talk to their children openly and honestly about relationships and sexuality.

Parents Are Sexuality Educators Bibliography
This recommended reading list provides book and website suggestions for families, parents, teens, and children.

Teenwise Minnesota Parent Educator Resource Library
Teenwise Minnesota has worked with parent educators to gather their favorite books, videos, and resources on sexuality and development. Contact us for more information about resources available and lending practices.

Resources for Parents
This web page features resources to help parents find the information and support they may need to raise sexually healthy children.

Parent-Child Connectedness
Learn more about how parent-child connectedness paves the way for parents to communicate effectively with their children and teens.


1Bean, S.; Rolleri, L.A.; Wilson, P. (2006) Parent-child connectedness: new interventions for teen pregnancy prevention. Santa Cruz, CA: ETR Associates.