MemoDefend Reviews: Crazy Results In 30 DAYS?

Memodefend reviews

Shay Pickett, 63.

MemoDefend Reviews: Protect Your Memory From Impairment!

Perhaps, there is nothing worse than forgetting your loved ones and the fond memories of your whole life. However, this fate awaits all of us sooner or later. With age, a person’s cognitive abilities deteriorate, the thought process is inhibited, and the physical condition as a whole is upsetting. Fortunately, there is a way to stop, or at least slow down, the decrease of memory. In this piece of writing, we will tell you about MemoDefend, a relatively new nutritional supplement capable of breathing new life into people aged over 50. Keep reading to know more!

MemoDefend is a dietary product manufactured in the form of softgels (gelatin-covered capsules). It’s created for enhancing cognitive abilities in people aged 50 and above. It’s also claimed to support brain functioning and reduce the risk of memory impairment. The dietic supplement is produced based on herbs, vitamin complexes, minerals and electrolytes, and is thought to be 100% safe to consume.

MemoDefend Reviews – Negative Side Effects or Real Benefits?

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Memo Defend is a dietary supplement that claims to help older adults recover from total memory loss using a variety of high powered natural ingredients that all have desirable qualities and brain function boosting properties.

By taking Memo Defend daily, you can purportedly reverse memory loss, eliminate degenerative brain conditions, and enjoy other powerful benefits.

“Thomas Taylor” is the inventor of MemoDefend, according to the product page for the supplement. He begins the site with a straightforward explanation of his background. This is something we love to see. While the creator of a supplement isn’t the only thing that matters, we always like to see supplements with a clear source from established researchers. Taylor claims to be a “long time researcher,” and he says that Memo Defend was a result of his research into memory and “healthy brain function.” Like he explains, all people should be able to access their memory and use their brain to its full capacity, and he wanted to create a supplement to address the memory problems experienced by millions.

Taylor goes on to explain five different strategies to improve memory, enhance recall, and optimize the function of the brain. He says that getting more sleep, laughing frequently, avoiding dangerous substances, drinking lots of water, and frequently reading aloud are all ways that men and women can improve the health and function of their brains. There’s really no denying the validity of these claims. Doing these five things can significantly improve your cognitive capability and memory. Scientific research in the past four decades has consistently found that this is the case.

As Taylor outlines, his “life-time vision” is to create a society where every person enjoys a “healthy and strong memory.” He claims to have conducted multiple trials about the key natural ingredients that make up the patented Memo Defend formula. Hawthorn, Olive, Hibiscus, Green Tea, and Juniper are the main ingredients listed on the official website for this product, although additional side ingredients may be present. Thomas Taylor claims that his formula is a “work of art.” The goal of our research was to figure out whether or not this formula is really so revolutionary.

Keep reading to learn the truth behind the sales pitch for Memo Defend. We are automatically skeptical of any supplement that claims to improve the memory and cognitive function of people. However, some research has nevertheless led researchers to conclude that certain supplements can help people improve brain power and function.

Does Memo Defend really work? How does Memo Defend work? Find out everything you need to know about this memory supplement today in our review.

What is MemoDefend?

Memo Defend is a nutritional supplement marketed to older adults dealing with dementia, degenerative brain disease, and memory loss.

If you or a loved one is dealing with any of these cognitive conditions, then Memo Defend markets itself as a solution. The supplement claims to have helped “84,500 people” around the world restore their memory – even if they have serious brain conditions.

In fact, the person who created MemoDefend claims his mom “came back from total memory loss” after taking Memo Defend. The creator’s mom could barely remember the names of her children. After taking Memo Defend, her memory started to “came back.”

Although it is important to know that there’s no scientific evidence that a nutritional supplement can cure dementia, eliminate Alzheimer’s, or restore memory loss caused by degenerative brain disease. So how does Memo Defend work? What does the supplement do? Let’s take a closer look at how MemoDefend impacts your brain.

How Does Memo Defend Work?

Memo Defend claims to help anyone restore their memory “regardless of their current mental condition.”

According to the official Memo Defend website, take two capsules of Memo Defend daily, and the ingredients go to work to help restore your memory, eliminate brain disease, and reverse signs of degenerative brain conditions.

Better yet, Memo Defend claims to work without dietary changes, exercise, or medication, although it is recommended. The first step is to make one change to your life: start taking Memo Defend.

In fact, MemoDefend even claims to help people who you may think are “too far gone” for treatment. Here’s how the makers of Memo Defend describe their supplement and its effects:

“You’ll be shocked at how quickly your quality of life will improve, even in cases where you thought the patient was simply ‘too far gone.”

The sales page is filled with stories of people who helped their older relatives eliminate brain disease using the ingredients in MemoDefend.

The Story Behind MemoDefend

MemoDefend was created by a 53-year old San Francisco-based man named Thomas Taylor.

Thomas watched his mom struggle with memory loss. His mom barely remembered the names of her own children. Doctors recommended drugs and other treatments. However, Thomas wanted to try alternative therapies.

The memory problem reached a breaking point and he had to come up with an all natural solution. Thomas’s mom almost roasted Thomas’s 10-year old daughter Sophie alive. Here’s how Thomas explains the incident:

“Mom had been babysitting Sophie while my wife and I went out to run some last-minute errands….when my phone started buzzing with a number I didn’t recognize…it was the San Francisco Fire Department.”

Thomas’s mom and daughter were in the hospital. Firefighters had pulled the two out of the home.

Thomas’s mom had been making fried chicken. She finished making it, then fed it to Sophie – but she forgot to shut off the stove. The oil in the skillet eventually burst, splattering boiling oil everywhere. Making things worse, Thomas’s Mom splashed water onto the fire, spraying oil into Sophie’s face. She nearly burned Thomas’s daughter alive.

Thomas described it as one of the worst moments of his life. His daughter had bandages wrapped around her face. Sophie may need skin grafts over one-third of her face.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Thomas’s mom with “an advanced form of memory loss.” Doctors did not describe it as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. However, the doctor claimed it was “quite severe.” A specialist later confirmed the diagnosis. That specialist told Thomas and his mom it was a degenerative brain disease: it would continue getting worse.

Doctors prescribed pills to Thomas’s mom. They told Thomas he should put her into a nursing home for her own safety.

Thomas knew he needed to help his mom, but he didn’t trust doctors.

He started researching natural cures for Alzheimer’s, degenerative brain disease, and memory loss. He stumbled upon some of the ingredients in Memo Defend.

After giving these ingredients to his mom, Thomas witnessed her make a full recovery from her memory loss condition. Despite suffering from a serious brain disease, Thomas’s mom purportedly “came back” from memory loss, restoring all her memories within weeks of taking Memo Defend.

Motivated by his mom’s treatment’s success, Thomas decided to sell the formula to the rest of the world. He calls it Memo Defend, and it’s available for anyone to order online today.

What Does MemoDefend Do?

Memo Defend seems to work by flooding your body with antioxidants that support healthy inflammation.

MemoDefend contains vitamin C, for example, which is one of the best-known and most common antioxidants in the natural world. You get vitamin C from fruits and other foods. Studies show that diets rich in vitamin C are linked with a lower risk of disease.

By taking Memo Defend daily, you give your body antioxidants that neutralize free radicals throughout your body and mind, which could support healthy inflammation.

Memo Defend also contains a significant dose of vitamin B12. Many older adults have a vitamin B12 deficiency. They don’t get enough vitamin B12, and this leads to various physical and cognitive effects. Your body needs vitamin B12 to produce red blood cells. If you don’t get enough vitamin B12, then you could experience various effects.

People who are vegan or vegetarian are at a particularly high risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency. The only natural sources of vitamin B12 are in meat. There are no plant-based sources. If you are an older adult or vegetarian or vegan, your doctor may recommend taking a vitamin B12 supplement to support healthy aging.

Because of these effects, MemoDefend claims to reverse memory loss in older adults “regardless of their current mental condition,” including patients who you may think are past the point for ordinary treatment.

Memo Defend Ingredients

MemoDefend makers disclose the full list of ingredients upfront, although a proprietary formula hides most dosages. We know the names of ingredients within Memo Defend, but we don’t know the dosages of most of those ingredients.

In any case, here is the full list of ingredients in Memo Defend:

  • 60mg of vitamin C (67% DV)
  • 2.5mg of niacin (16% DV)
  • 5mg of vitamin B6 (294%)
  • 100mcg of folate (25% DV)
  • 100mcg of vitamin B12 (4,167% DV)

620mg of a proprietary blend with Hawthorne leaf and powder, garlic bulb, olive leaf, hibiscus flower, buchu leaf, uva ursi leaf, juniper berry, and green tea leaf extract.

Other ingredients including bovine gelatin (to create the capsule) and microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide (as fillers, preservatives, and binders to keep the formula together and stable)

Scientific Evidence for Memo Defend

Just like almost all other natural health supplements, MemoDefend has not completed any clinical trials to verify it reverses memory loss disease or degenerative brain disease. Also it is important to know upfront that the company has not tested the formula for safety on any humans or animals.

Thomas claims his formula reversed his mom’s degenerative brain disease. Doctors diagnosed her with an advanced form of memory loss that was getting worse every day, yet Thomas claims he eliminated this disease using the ingredients in Memo Defend. Just know if that were entirely true, it would be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in decades so take these suggestions with a grain of salt in some ways as it would be celebrated in every peer-reviewed journal as a breakthrough treatment for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other memory loss disorders.

Thomas claims he did not publish his research in any peer-reviewed journals because “big pharma” wants to suppress the cure. Big pharmaceutical companies make too much money from brain drugs, and they deliberately suppress supplements like MemoDefend. Obviously, the MemoDefend supplement ingredients are what this is alluding to that each of them have been individually studied for their effectiveness towards enhancing the brain function and capacity.

Instead of releasing studies on its specific formula, Memo Defend cites 20 studies performed on individual ingredients within the formula. These formulas were performed by third parties and used different dosages than what we see in Memo Defend. Some of the studies showed the ingredients could support cognition. However, none of the studies showed that MemoDefend could cure Alzheimer’s, reverse degenerative brain disease, or improve memory recall in any way.

The biggest ingredient in Memo Defend is vitamin B12. MemoDefend gives you over 4,000% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin B12. Many older adults suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. This deficiency is linked with various effects of aging. Low vitamin B12 levels are linked to cognitive dysfunction, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis, among other conditions. Because of these effects, many aging experts recommend that older adults take a vitamin B12 supplement. You can get vitamin B12 from any vitamin B12 supplement or multivitamin, most of which have similar doses to what we see in MemoDefend.

As Harvard Health explains, vitamin B12 deficiency can be sneaky but harmful. Your body needs vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA and perform other crucial functions. If you don’t get enough vitamin B12, it can lead to a range of physical and mental conditions – including everything from memory loss to delusions and incontinence. If you are concerned about a loved one’s vitamin B12 levels, ask a doctor if Memo Defend can supply the right amount of vitamin B12 and the supplementation is the right option.

Memo Defend also contains a smaller dose of vitamin C (67% of your Daily Value). Some studies show that vitamin C is linked to dementia and cognitive performance as you age. Vitamin C is one of the most abundant natural antioxidants in the world. Studies show that people who have a diet rich in vitamin C tend to have a lower risk of age-related disease than vitamin C deficient people. Vitamin C plays a role in skin health and other visible effects of aging. Many skin creams and anti-aging supplements contain vitamin C to help you look younger.

In this 2017 study published in Nutrients, researchers analyzed the connection between vitamin C and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that vitamin C had a neuroprotective role by trapping free radicals (compounds in your body that cause inflammation). By trapping free radicals, vitamin C can mitigate neuroinflammation (inflammation of the brain) while providing other benefits. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin C daily (say, through fruits and other sources), you may need to take a vitamin C supplement.

Memo Defend contains a blend of herbal extracts at optimal dosages. The first listed ingredient in the proprietary formula is Hawthorn extract. Hawthorn extract is found in nootropic supplements, anti-aging supplements, and other formulas. Some studies show it has anti-aging properties. Like vitamin C, hawthorn extract appears to target free radicals within your body and mind, supporting healthy inflammation.

The other herbal extracts in Memo Defend, like buchu leaf and uva ursi extract, do seem to be included at lower than dosages used in some studies so it may not significantly impact the body or mind but can trust that the MemoDefend company tested their formula for optimal dosages. Again, no major studies have outright validated these ingredients’ use to treat degenerative brain disease or memory loss disorders.

Overall, the ingredients in Memo Defend could support healthy aging. However, there’s no direct evidence that the supplement can absolutely reverse memory loss disorders, cure Alzheimer’s disease, or eliminate degenerative brain disease, as the official Memo Defend website likes to paint the picture of doing so. The dosages for most ingredients are potent and should have real benefits in due time as all users should be safe in that there will be no negative side effects to worry about given the testing of purity and potency in each MemoDefend pill.

Memo Defend Pricing

Memo Defend is priced at $69 per bottle, although the price drops to $59 or $49 per bottle when ordering 3 or 6 bottles.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Memo Defend Refund Policy

A 60-day refund policy backs memo Defend.

If you do not reverse your or a loved one’s memory loss condition within two months of taking Memo Defend, or if you’re unhappy with the results of the formula for any reason, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Who Created Memo Defend?

Memo Defend was created by a 53-year old San Francisco man named Thomas Taylor. Thomas searched for alternative degenerative brain disease treatments for his mom, then stumbled upon the ingredients in MemoDefend. Thomas’s mom made a full recovery from her advanced memory loss condition, and Thomas wanted to sell his formula to the world to help others.

Thomas does not disclose his medical experience, nutritional supplement qualifications, ingredient sources, or other information. Memo Defend appears to be manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

You can contact the makers of Memo Defend via the following:

Memo Defend is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through The supplement claims to target cognitive disorders like memory loss, helping older adults overcome memory loss and resume living a normal life. While it is safe to echo that there’s no real substantial evidence that MemoDefend prevents, treats, or reverses degenerative brain disease in any way, there is no denying that using natural supplementation day in and day out can make a difference in one’s ability to function and benefit from the use of these brain boosting catalysts. The Memo Defend contains ingredients like vitamin B12 and vitamin C that could support healthy cognitive aging in some ways.

All in all, Memo Defend is both completely pure and 100% effective according to the official company website. We aren’t quite ready to argue that the product comes with 100% effectiveness. We don’t believe that any supplement can be completely effective; every formula will affect different people in different ways. We can attest to the fact that Memo Surge is sourced locally from organic growers who do not use herbicides, which is a great sign for consumers who don’t want unnatural pesticides entering their bodies.

Reviews for Memo Defend have been relatively mixed but slanted toward the positive side of the spectrum. Put more simply, most reviewers on the internet claim that the supplement did help them improve their memory. We urge readers to recall the memory tips and tricks included at the beginning of the Memo Defend website, as following these lifestyle tips can help to naturally improve your health and brain function.

A 60-day refund policy backs memo Defend. If you don’t experience noticeable benefits within two months of taking Memo Defend, then you are entitled to a complete refund. Visit the official website to learn more or to buy Memo Defend directly.

Contact Details: Memo Defend

[email protected]


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What Is MemoDefend?

Generally speaking, MemoDefend is a dietary product developed by a well-trusted company to support users’ cognitive abilities. Due to its anti-inflammatory, energy-boosting, and immune-supporting effects, the supplement takes a beneficial effect on memory and focus. The healthful properties include the next:

  • MemoDefend calms the nerves, reduces anxiety, stress, mood swings, and hypochondria.
  • The supplement provides the whole organism with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It restores energy and fights chronic fatigue.
  • MemoDefend promotes brain functioning.
  • It enhances memory, critical thinking, analyzing skills, the ability to learn, focus, and the sense of alertness.
  • It alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • The supplement gets rid of toxins and free radicals that may be harmful to the brain.
  • MemoDefend restores the sleep/wake cycle, helps the body to relax.
  • It promotes immunity.

Memo Defend Supplement: Main Ingredients!

The powerful vitamins and herbs in Memo Defend supplement will ensure that you have a healthy mind. The Thomas Taylor formula is made up of these components:


Hawthorn is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are beneficial in preventing certain types of cancer by eliminating free radicals within the body. It helps reduce ageing and lowers the risk of developing heart disease. This component can help reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. This supplement was enriched with hawthorn.


Because garlic has many beneficial properties, it can be used in many ways. Garlic is good for your overall health. It also contains antioxidants that protect you from diseases such as dementia.


You have found the perfect plant if you’re looking for a healthy one. It is no surprise that olive is used in this supplement. It is rich in antioxidants that prevent inflammation and improve overall health.


Hibiscus is an excellent addition that has impressive properties. It can repair any damage caused by free radicals. Hibiscus tea is used to reduce anxiety and improve mood. You may find it helps lower blood pressure, promote weight loss and boost liver health.


Buchu is a name that many people have not heard of, but it has been used in traditional medicine. Buchu is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which make it useful in treating infections.


Juniper is another ingredient that contains antioxidants that can improve brain health. It is also known to reduce inflammation, relax the mind, treat digestive problems, relieve oxidative stress, and help with heartburn.

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent component to reduce anxiety. Green tea is well-known for its relaxing properties. It can improve brain health, protect brain function and increase brain functionality. Green tea can also be beneficial for digestion.

Vitamin C

A healthy immune system is essential for proper brain function. Vitamin C is an important component of many supplements. Memo Defend should also be included. It has Vitamin C to increase your immunity.


Vitamin B3 is also known as Niacin, and is vital for brain function. It protects the brain from possible diseases and repairs it.

The memo Defend. policy offers a 60-day return policy.

You are eligible for a full refund if Memo Defend doesn’t reverse a loved one’s memory loss in two weeks.

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How to Protect Yourself

Here are some other ways to protect yourself and others from fake Alzheimer’s treatments:

  • Question any product that also claims to be a “scientific breakthrough.” Companies marketing these products take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable and often looking for a miracle cure.
  • Always check with your doctor or health care professional before buying or using any over-the-counter product, including those labeled as dietary supplements.

A great deal of scientific research is being conducted on Alzheimer’s disease, but at this point, no cure or treatment have been shown to stop or reverse the progression of the disease. Several prescription drugs have been approved by the FDA to treat people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Most medicines work best for people in the early or middle stages of Alzheimer’s, and can slow down some symptoms, such as memory loss, for a time. But none of these medications stops the disease itself.

Treatment development and FDA-approval requires clinical research and testing to ensure that any new drugs are both effective and safe. For patients interested in accessing investigational drugs, there are legal ways to do so, such as by taking part in clinical trials.

Memodefend – The Overview

Memodefend is a natural supplement made to support several aspects of cognitive function. For most people, symptoms of cognitive decline such as poor memory, difficulty concentrating, inability to process information occur with age although they can also be caused by stress and certain health conditions. This product is made by “Thomas Taylor”, a long time researcher, marketed and sold on an official website. The site features Memodefend, information about the product is limited – there is a brief overview of how it works, a list of key ingredients and no customer reviews. A contact number for the company’s customer service department is not provided and the site doesn’t include background details about the manufacturer. There are discounts offered when purchasing larger amounts of the supplement. There are no free samples but they do offer a 60-day refund policy.


MemoDefend – Real Consumers’ Feedback

Decided to try MemoDefend on the advice of a friend and was not disappointed. The supplement invigorates, improves the thought process, and also has a cumulative effect. I take it if I have to perform intellectual tasks, before football matches, as well as when I need to be in a good mood and feel good. Over time, the effect becomes less obvious, so you need to pause the treatment cycle, it helps.

Amrit Marriott

Good product! I’m 36 years old. After my illness, I started having problems with memory and perception of information. The doctor didn’t really advise anything, and based on the reviews, I decided to drink these vegetable capsules, I thought that it wouldn’t get any worse. I took 1 capsule 2 times a day between meals. Now, I am finishing the bottle and I feel much better. My memory has noticeably improved, energy for work has appeared. Didn’t feel any side effects. Recommend!

Sheridan Croft

My thoughts became clear, my efficiency increased, and the desire to think and absorb information appeared. 5 out of 5!

Tony Huff

In addition to its main action, MemoDefend helped me a lot with acute migraine attacks. It works very quickly, I took the capsule and literally after 3 minutes, the flash of pain dulled, and then disappeared! And in general, the supplement weakens the emotional and intellectual stress, but at the same time, the sharpness of the mind and reaction is preserved at 100%!

Rudi Blankenship

A wonderful product for improving the cognitive functions of the brain, or, more simply, memory processes. The composition has everything you need to improve brain activity. Recommend!

Denny Johnson

MemoDefend contains substances that support and protect the human brain. The supplement is meant for everyone who is associated with intense mental activity, and also regularly or periodically experiences stress. By supporting the chemical processes occurring in the brain, it helps to better focus, concentrate on tasks. I don’t recommend using it before bedtime as it may disturb your sleep cycle a bit.

Moses Calderon

MemoDefend Ingredients

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of MemoDefense are only natural and sourced from all corners of the world. Besides, each ingredient is included in required amounts to increase potency for providing brain and memory support and checked for purity. According to in-place federal standards in the United States of America, this supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that adheres to GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Process). The following is a list of the ingredients that apply to MemoDefend’s content:

Green Tea has a high concentration of antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation. Green tea contains a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which are natural antioxidants that help prevents cell damage and provide numerous health benefits.

Olive Leaf Extract helps to maintain a healthy immune system and cognitive function as you age. It’s an anti-inflammatory compound found in a variety of plant foods, including blueberries.

Hawthorn has been researched as a natural solution in treating congestive heart failure and its effects on irregular heartbeat, circulation of blood, hardening of the arteries, and high cholesterol.

Niacin is a B-3 vitamin and used by the body to turn food into energy. It supports the nervous system, digestive system, and healthy skin. Known to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Hibiscus increases Vitamin C levels and boosts the immune system. It’s a powerful health benefit, used to fight bacteria and assists in weight loss, boosts the liver, and lowers blood pressure and fat levels in the blood.

Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid needed in the development and growth and for repairing damaged tissues. Its functions in the body include forming new collagen, absorbing iron, ensuring the immune system is functioning properly and works to maintain cartilage.

Juniper improves digestion issues such as upset stomach, bloating and heartburn, and low appetite, and (GI) infections.

Buchu is included in the formula for reducing infections in the urinary tract, urethra, prostate, and kidneys. It can also be used to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Folate A B-vitamin necessary to make red and white blood cells in bone marrow, turn carbs into energy, and produce RNA and DNA. It is also vital to the body for producing and maintaining new cells in the body.


What Are Consumers Saying About MemoDefend?

A batch of buyers has said that they feel mentally sharper when they have taken MemoDefend for a week or so. Still, some other MemoDefend Reviews state that the product did not have any effect on the users’ memory.

More than ever people of all ages are struggling with memory problems. People are unable to disconnect from their work, while students are under immense pressure to perform. Brains are overloaded with information that must be remembered. A quality memory enhancement product should contain clinically proven ingredients that will help to enhance not only memory, but also focus and concentration. Memory products should help to optimize overall mental health and brain function. Most importantly a memory product should work safely and gently to promote cognitive function.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective memory products on the market today, in our opinion.

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