ESTROsmart Plus Reviews: Does This Product Really Work

ESTROsmart Plus is a hormone normalizer supplement that may balance hormones, fight premenstrual symptoms, and support healthy ovulation/fertility. It might be available in its new look (Cyclesmart).

Overview Of ESTROsmart Plus

Hormonal imbalances in women may lead to osteoporosis, hot flashes, night sweats, and heavy, painful, or irregular periods. Furthermore, some women might experience mood swings, infertility, and more.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that there is not too little or too much of a hormone in your bloodstream to counter such side effects. Although remedies for hormonal imbalance might vary, using hormone normalizer supplements may help.

For instance, ESTROsmart Plus guarantees to balance hormones, helping stabilize irregular menstrual cycles and fight PMS symptoms.

We have gathered sufficient information about this supplement from ESTROsmart Plus reviews, including from its official website. Let’s see how this supplement works and what are its benefits, cons, and ingredients, among other crucial features.

How Does ESTROsmart Plus Work?

ESTROsmart Plus claims to work to balance a healthy estrogen-progesterone ratio, resulting in healthy, pain-free periods. Also, the product might balance the levels between these two hormones to help regulate menstrual cycles.

It may also support estrogen metabolism as it claims to achieve a higher ratio of 2-hydroxy estrogen (good estrogen) to 16-hydroxy estrogen (bad estrogen). By doing so, the product may prevent premenstrual symptoms and boost bone health.

This hormone normalizer might also fight symptoms linked to recurrent cyclical mastalgia (breast pain). BPA is a toxic chemical associated with causing various problems, including reproductive issues. Hence, by helping with BPA detoxification, ESTROsmart Plus may boost reproductive health.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of ESTROsmart Plus?

Smart Solutions, a company founded by Lorna Vanderhaeghe, is the maker of this hormone normalizer. It claims to be a leading company creating products that empower women to reach their maximum wellness for 10+ years.

The company provides formulations for various health concerns like nutrient deficiency, breast issues, sleep problems, stress, hormone imbalance, etc. Also, Smart Solutions claim to exercise care while selecting every ingredient in their formulas.

Therefore, its products may not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, or any artificial compounds. The company also states to be committed to diversity, inclusion, and black equality.

What Are The Ingredients In Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum

The manufacturer provides the complete list of the ingredients in ESTROsmart Plus, and some of these substances are:

  • Zinc – Zinc is a crucial mineral claimed to exist in one’s reproductive health (both men and women). Thus, reduced zinc levels may cause hormonal acne, PMS symptoms, and more. A study reveals that zinc is vital in the reproductive system as it might offer antioxidant effects, protecting it.

This study also claims that zinc may reduce the intensity of pain caused by menstruation and prevent irregular periods and other symptoms associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

  • Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree berry) – The substance claims to boost progesterone and help normalize the menstrual cycle. Research shows that vitex Agnus-castus has been widely used to fight PMS symptoms and severe PMS, known as PMDD. It states that it prevents infertility in women and men, helps in post-menstrual issues, and its dopaminergic compounds may curb PMS symptoms.
  • Indole-3 carbinol – It is a compound containing sulfur and is present in cruciferous vegetables. It might work to boost the urinary elimination of estrogen metabolites. Also, it may help the liver to clear estrogen/estrogenic chemicals as it reduces them to a harmless state.
  • Calcium-d-glucarate – This antioxidant might reduce the activity of beta-glucuronidase in one’s digestive tract. Based on one research, by inhibiting beta-glucuronidase, this ingredient may reduce the likelihood of developing hormone-dependent cancers, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

This research also claims that it might control estrogen metabolism and act as a lipid-reducing agent.

The Science Behind ESTROsmart Plus

The science behind this hormone normalizer lies in its ingredients. Vitex may offer to balance progesterone and estrogen hormones in your body. Besides, this compound might be helpful in fighting menstrual abnormalities, infertility, menopausal issues, hormonal acne, and PMS.

The nutrients in this formula may work to regulate menstrual cycles. Thus, help women get regular periods. Antioxidants, including green tea extract and calcium-d-glucarate, might offer cellular protection, fighting the damaging free radicals.

Some other compounds may also work to eliminate estrogen/estrogenic substances. The supplement claims to fight other issues like breast pain, PMS symptoms, and more. All these might help women lead better lives.

Pros and Cons of ESTROsmart Plus


  • The product may help keep estrogen-progesterone balance.
  • ESTROsmart Plus might regulate severe PMS.
  • This hormone normalizer may control the menstrual cycle.
  • It might fight PMS symptoms like mood swings.
  • The supplement may fight hormonal acne.


  • ESTROsmart Plus may not offer free trial bottles.
  • Some people claimed that the pills have a foul smell and taste.
  • The return window appears to be limited.

FAQ for ESTROsmart Plus Reviews

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to ESTROsmart Plus.

Is ESTROsmart Plus Safe? Warnings & Complaints

Some consumers claimed that the supplement had a foul smell and taste and did not work. The warnings linked to this product include – Avoid its use if having a bile obstruction, breastfeeding, or pregnancy.

Consult a doctor if one has stomach ulcers, liver disorder, gallstones, excess stomach acid, cancer, iron deficiency, attempting to get pregnant, or taking medications. Stop taking the capsules if symptoms persist or worsen, and consult a doctor.

How Much Does ESTROsmart Plus Cost?

It seems that the product is accessible on its official website and other independent websites at a reasonable price.

How Should You Take ESTROsmart Plus?

Adults should consume 2-3 capsules each day with food. You may also consume the capsules as instructed by a doctor.

Does ESTROsmart Plus Provide A Free Trial Or Refund Policy?

The manufacturer might offer a refund policy if you get unsatisfying outcomes. Ensure to return the product within a few days from the day of purchase.

How Does ESTROsmart Plus Compare To Other Hormone Normalizer Products?

ESTROsmart Plus may be a good product among other hormone normalizer supplements as it utilizes TRU-ID to ensure each capsule contains every active ingredient.

What Are The Side Effects Of ESTROsmart Plus?

It might cause liver troubles, including liver injury.

Is ESTROsmart Plus Worth It?

This product might offer effects that fight PMS symptoms, regulate the menstrual cycle, improve fertility, curb breast pain, and enhance health.

What Are Consumers Saying About ESTROsmart Plus?

ESTROsmart Plus Reviews provided mixed reactions. Some say that the product worked for them, while others claim it did not offer the claimed benefits. They said that it has bad taste and smell and it was not worth their investment.

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Final Words

ESTROsmart Plus, a hormone normalizer supplement, agrees to work to balance estrogen and progesterone. Besides, it may fight issues linked to reproductive health, improving fertility.

The product also might lessen PMS symptoms, including severe PMS. With this product, you may experience regular, pain-free periods.

Even so, ESTROsmart Plus Reviews show mixed reactions from the consumers. Some claim to experience positive changes, and others complain that they did not notice changes.

We did not find information about a free trial. Remember that this product may cause liver issues. Therefore, negotiate with your doctor before using it.

*Result may vary. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as a medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.

† Based on an internal customer response survey of subgroups of individuals. This is a subjective survey and in no way should it be intended to be interpreted as a clinical study. Results may vary.