Orgasmix Reviews: Does This Product Really Work

Orgasmix is an orgasm enhancement gel for women that helps achieve intense pleasure by increasing sensitivity. It describes itself as a multi-orgasmic, passion igniter. Its formula contains l-arginine, a powerful acid that increases blood flow to the targeted area.

Overview of Orgasmix

It’s not unusual for women to lose interest in sex at some point in their life. Women can also experience difficultly climaxing or having an orgasm. There’s no one reason for this. It can be due to psychological factors such as stress, life circumstances, poor body image, or unwanted sexual contact. Physical causes can include vaginal dryness, menopause, medication, or health issues.

Orgasmix is an orgasm enhancement gel made for women. It helps to increase sensitivity on the clitoris to intensify pleasure during orgasm. The gel decreases the time needed to achieve multiple orgasms. The box has a clear warning: may cause screams of passion.

The manufacturer of Orgasmix is Hott Products Unlimited in Chatsworth CA. It claims to be a top-selling adult novelties and toy manufacturing company in the United States.

To find out more about this enhancement gel, check out Orgasmix reviews.

How Does Orgasmix Work?

The main ingredient in Orgasmixs’ formula is l-arginine. L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid. When applied to your clitoris, the amino acid increases blood flow by dilating your blood vessels to stimulate clitoral sensitivity. This helps achieve faster and more powerful orgasms.

Other ingredients used to increase sensitivity are Yohimbe and menthol.

What Are the Ingredients in Orgasmix?

The main ingredients in Orgasmix are:

  • Arginine – It is a type of non-essential amino acid that’s important in maintaining blood flow. L-arginine works by creating nitric oxide, causing your body to widen arteries and blood vessels. This increases blood flow and promotes wound healing.
  • Menthol – A counterirritant, menthol works by making the skin feel cool and then warm. This feeling can distract you from feeling the aches and pains underneath the skin. It also increases skin sensitivity in the area.
  • Yohimbe – This bark is traditionally used as a dietary supplement. Yohimbe is made from the African evergreen tree. It can treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe may also promote the release of nitric oxide, which leads to the dilation of blood vessels and an increased blood flow to sexual organs.
  • Ginseng – Like Yohimbe, Ginseng is thought to help with sexual dysfunction by promoting the release of nitric oxide.
  • Propylene glycol – Propylene glycol is a synthetic food additive that is in the same chemical group as alcohol.
  • Parabens – A preservative that is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Parabens are an endocrine disruptor and may disrupt the function of the hormone system. A 2013 study claims that there’s an insufficient amount of data to suggest any serious consequences from paraben use.

The Science Behind Orgasmix

The research on Orgasmix is mixed.

Arginine, the main ingredient in the formula, helps increase blood flow when applied to the clitoris. However, a 2015 study found that there’s no significant difference between atopical l-arginine and a placebo to help with female sexual function.

Orgasmix uses menthol to stimulate the sensitivity of the clitoris. The use of menthols and other cooling compounds, when applied to the vagina, can evoke a natural lubrication effect. This lubricant can help treat atrophic vaginitis and reduce pain during intercourse.

Yohimbe is used to help with sexual dysfunction in women. A 2014 study shows Yohimbe and other active ingredients in sexual enhancement products can have adverse side effects. These side effects include anxiety, mood swings, and addictive behavior.

Pros and Cons of Orgasmix


  • It might help you achieve multiple orgasms.
  • The formula may induce orgasm faster than usual.
  • Its price is similar to other orgasm enhancement gels.


  • Some of the ingredients in Orgasmix can cause serious side effects such as anxiety, mood swings, and addictive behavior.
  • The science behind the ingredients is weak.
  • Orgasmix reviews suggest that the product isn’t effective for all users.
  • The product contains parabens.
  • The formula is not completely natural.
  • It contains Yohimbe, a controversial ingredient.
  • The company doesn’t seem to offer a free trial or refund policy.

FAQ for Orgasmix Reviews

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Orgasmix.

Is Orgasmix safe? Warnings & Complaints

There have been no complaints about Orgasmix.

How much does Orgasmix cost?

The official website does not offer sales, but there are 3rd party websites which offer a 1 oz. tube for $9.99. This is an average price for a brand like this which is meant to stimulate orgasms.

How should you apply Orgasmix?

To use, massage a few drops of Orgasmix gel onto your clitoris with your fingertip. Start with a small amount. Work your way up until an ideal amount of sensation is reached. This product should only be used externally.

Does Orgasmix provide a free trial or refund policy?

Hott Products, the manufacturer of Orgasmix, doesn’t seem to offer a free trial or refund policy. Orgasmix is stocked by various retailers. Each retailer has its refund policy.

How does Orgasmix compare to other orgasm enhancement gels?

Orgasmix price is similar to other orgasm enhancing gels. The ingredients in their formula are similar as well.

What are the side effects of Orgasmix?

There are no noted side effects of Orgasmix. However, some of the ingredients may have some serious side effects such as anxiety and mood swings, as well as addictive behavior.

Is Orgasmix worth it?

The Orgasmix formula has some evidence to back up its ingredients. But some ingredients in Orgasmix can cause side effects. Also, parabens are used in this product.

Orgasmix reviews suggest that users found this product sensitivity and helped them achieved more orgasms. Others didn’t like the cooling sensation of the gel.

What Are Consumers Saying About Orgasmix?

Orgasmix reviews indicate that some users enjoyed the product. They found that the product did help them reach orgasm. Some users noted that they didn’t like the cooling sensation of the gel.

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  • The website has a detailed product information page.
  • There are discounted membership options available.


  • No ingredient amounts are provided.
  • There is no buyer protection safeguards on this product.
  • Scientific studies regarding results of this serum are not shown.

The Bottom Line

Compared to many other topical female enhancement products on the market, Aloe Cadabra doesn’t appear to be very reputable and there a number of warnings on the product site. It is not likely to be as effective of a brand as the manufacturer alleges, and there is no scientific study data to prove how well or how fast it works.



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  • The website is very informative


  • Ingredients are not explained in detail
  • Clinical testing data is not disclosed

The Bottom Line

Scream Cream is certainly a good quality range of products from a company that is established and reputable. They are all very well-priced, widely available in retail stores and available in sample sizes, allowing users to see how well they work firsthand.

Final Words

Orgasmix is a gel that may enhance orgasms. It might help women achieve orgasms faster and claim it helps with multiple orgasms. While the ingredients do have scientific proof to back their claims, Orgasmix hasn’t been clinically tested. Also, there are synthetic substances in the product.

Orgasmix reviews indicate that some users like the gel and found that did it help with stimulation. Some users didn’t like the cooling sensation of the gel. At any rate, talk to your gynecologist before incorporating a new product into your regimen.

*Result may vary. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as a medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.

† Based on an internal customer response survey of subgroups of individuals. This is a subjective survey and in no way should it be intended to be interpreted as a clinical study. Results may vary.