It’s That Easy! The Caring Adult’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children

It's That Easy! The Caring Adult's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children

If you work with parents of children ages 0-18, you are in a unique position to support them in their role as sexuality educators for their children. Considering that not all parents are comfortable talking about the birds and the bees, it can be a parent educator’s job to answer the difficult questions and help guide the way. To make your job a little easier, Teenwise Minnesota worked with a group of experienced parent educators and community partners* to develop It’s That Easy! The Caring Adult’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children.

This two-day interactive training, led by experienced parent educators, offers tools and techniques for parent educators to use with parents. Through experiential learning, participants explore the theories, research, and best practices that promote healthy sexual development. Specifically, the following core components or topic areas are addressed:

  • attachment
  • parent-child connectedness
  • child and adolescent development
  • sexual violence prevention
  • cultural values, morals and beliefs
  • media and popular culture

Participants leave the training with an increased understanding of the fundamentals of these topic areas and how they relate to raising sexually healthy children. In addition, each participant receives the It’s That Easy resource manual. This comprehensive guide includes sample activities, lesson plans and valuable resources to help educators work with parents in your own community. Learn more at

Find It’s That Easy Parent Educators

Teenwise Minnesota is growing a network of parent educators that are ready to help parents make talking about sex, sexuality and relationships a little easier. To find an It’s That Easy! Parent Educator in your area click here.

It’s That Easy Parent Educator Network

For professionals and educators who have previously participated in the It’s That Easy Facilitator training, there is now a network for educator to share stories and find resources. Teenwise Minnesota invites you to join the movement and join us in believing that It is That Easy to raise healthy children.

For more information on It’s That Easy, contact Jocelyn Broyles at 651-644-1447 x 19, [email protected], or visit

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*Special acknowledgements to our partners for their dedication to the It’s That Easy project: Healthy Youth Development–Prevention Research Center-U of MN, Health Start/West Side Community Health Services, Saint Paul-Ramsey County Department of Public Health, Sexual Violence Prevention Program-MN Department of Health, Teen Age Medical Service, West Suburban Teen Clinic, Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and WellShare International.