Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel (MSERRP)

The mission of the Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel (MSERRP) is to review and recommend sexuality education and HIV prevention curricula and resources for use in schools and communities. The panel consists of 40 members with expertise in sexuality education and HIV prevention, who represent community-based and statewide organizations, including teachers, public health professionals, health educators, youth workers, and religious leaders.

Panel members adhere to the mission of the panel and support the following definition of comprehensive sexuality education.

  • Effective Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) begins with parents or other primary caregivers as the primary sexuality educators of their children.
  • CSE is the provision of accurate, factual and developmentally appropriate information and training on human sexuality topics.
  • CSE understands sexuality as a positive, healthy part of life and teaches behavior that is respectful, responsible, non-exploitative and non-violent.
  • CSE recognizes and respects individuality and a wide range of community norms, cultures, cultural beliefs, and language regarding healthy sexuality.
  • CSE is designed to encourage and support youth in developing their identities.
  • CSE recognizes the importance of communities, institutions and individuals working in partnership with families to raise sexually healthy children.

The Review Process

Panel members convene on a quarterly basis. Panelists receive materials to review in advance of each meeting. Meetings include small and large group discussions that allow panel members to share their specific comments and gain a broad overview of the resources under review. Following the discussions, each panelist completes a written assessment of the resource using a 7-9 point criteria scale. MOAPPP serves as the coordinating agency for MSERRP. MOAPPP’s role includes: identifying and recruiting panel members; providing orientation training sessions; planning agendas for meetings; selecting materials for review; organizing mailings and site arrangements; staffing the meetings; compiling the completed assessment forms; writing review summaries; and disseminating the completed summaries.

Resource Reviews

Listed below, are the titles of the resources reviewed to date. To download the review summary of a particular resource, simply click on the title of the resource. These reviews are printed in a booklet entitled, “Sexuality Education Resource Reviews: A Resource Guide for Educators, Parents and Communities” (see table of contents below). To request a copy of the guide contact: Kathy Brothen, Coordinated School Health, MN Department of Children, Families & Learning; 1500 Highway 36 West, Roseville, MN 55113; Phone: 651-582-8842; Fax: 651-582-8495; e-mail:

If you have any questions about MSERRP, please feel free to call Marilyn Colby Rivkin, MOAPPP, 651-644-1447 or email.

Sexuality Education Resource Reviews: A Resource Guide for Educators, Parents and Communities

Table of Contents

Background Information

Sexuality Education Resource Reviews