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Neuro Health Reviews: Does It Live Up to Its Claim

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Best Nootropics for Brain Fog

Feel as if you are losing your focus? Can’t seem to concentrate enough on your work? Suffering from brain fog? You should take a look at the best Nootropics for brain fog that will help you focus, concentrate, and excel in your life!

Nootropics are featured as both pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical supplements and the ones in question today are a kind of nutraceutical supplements. Being a part of nutraceuticals, they contain natural and low potency synthetic ingredients that affect the chemical composition of the brain in an elevating manner.

In reality, we are surrounded by way more nootropics than we realize. An element that improves cognitive functionality is classified as a nootropic which includes our daily sources of caffeine as well. Brain fog, on the other hand, is a symptom and medical condition of its own identity as it renders the ability to focus and think, useless in a human being.

In common terms, brain fog represents the inability of a person to retain information, think, clearly, or focus. Often it appears as a symptom of another disease but sometimes it is just the aftermath of a stressful and mentally exhausting life.

Essentially it is a condition that should be paid heed to before it becomes a permanent part of your personality. The nootropic supplements contain just the right elements to stop the brain fog from progressing and often they are the entire treatment of this condition.

As nobody would prefer to live in a constant state of forgetfulness, let’s explore the different options of nootropics present in the market for the treatment of brain fog.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Mind Lab Pro

Mind LAB Pro

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Energizes cognitive activities
  • Release stress
  • High potency

The brain is the most delicate and complex part of your body. It is very important to take care of the brain. As people grow old, they tend to develop different drain disorders. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, loss of focus, and memory.

It is better to start taking essential supplements before your condition gets worse. There are many natural supplements available in the market for brain fog. It is a very complex brain condition in which you face the loss of memory and focus.

The 10 Best Nootropics Comparison Chart

Image Name Ranking Price
Mind LAB Pro ★★★★★ Check Latest Price
Performance Lab Mind ★★★★ Check Latest Price
Performance Lab Caffeine + ★★★★ Check Latest Price
Adrafinil ★★★★ Check Latest Price
Future Kind + Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) ★★★★★ Check Latest Price
Brain Pill No Reviews Yet Check Latest Price
Natures Craft’s- Neuro Health ★★★★ Check Latest Price
Brain Plus ★★★★ Check Latest Price

10 Best Nootropics for Brain Fog – Product Reviews

In this section, we review the Top 10 Best Nootropics for Brain Fog.

Mind LAB Pro

Mind Lab Pro

The brain is the most delicate and complex part of your body. It is very important to take care of the brain. As people grow old, they tend to develop different drain disorders. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, loss of focus, and memory.

It is better to start taking essential supplements before your condition gets worse. There are many natural supplements available in the market for brain fog. It is a very complex brain condition in which you face the loss of memory and focus.

The supplement has 11 nootropics and 6 bio-pathways. These mixings work together to enhance brain activity. It will provide energy to your brain and create an immunity wall against diseases. The bio-pathways work to boost cognitive activity and critical thinking.

The supplement promotes the healing and repairing of brain cells. As we grow old, the brain gets weak and loses its immunity. Mind Lab Pro will work to enhance, repair, and heal the immunity wall. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom in the supplement works perfectly in restoring and repairing cells, as we grow old.

The supplement when taken regularly promotes a healthy brain, improved focus, and enhances memory. Bacopa Monnieri is the best additive for the relaxation of muscles. Mind Lab Pro is also perfect for maintaining blood sugar levels and the digestive system.

The supplement is vegan-friendly and best for vegetarian people. It is free of gluten, lactose, dairy, and is non-GMO. There are no synthetic or artificial additives present in the supplement. It is an effective, healthy, legal, and safe supplement for brain fog.

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Energizes cognitive activities
  • Release stress
  • High potency
  • Increases critical thinking
  • Improved focus
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Support immunity system
  • Support the digestive system
  • Exclusive memory support
  • None as such

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind

The brain is the most complicated and delicate organ of the human body. It controls most of our body functions and plays a major role. Emotions, creativity, memory, and intelligence are a few traits that are governed by the brain.

A stage comes when you do not feel yourself. It will ruin your routine and other tasks. Mind Lab Pro is a very efficient and effective Nootropic for brain fog. The ingredients are safe, clean, and natural. It is easy to consume and will not leave any side effects.

Performance Lab Mind is a safe, clean, and efficient brain supplement. It helps in healing and repairing brain cells. Anxiety and depression are sometimes the cause of brain disorders. The supplement increase brain activity, immunity, focus, and releases stress.

The supplement is packed with wholesome ingredients that create a strong immunity wall against diseases. It promotes a healthy brain and a calming mood. Rice Concentration, NuFlow, NutriCaps, and Pullulan Capsule in the supplement protects the nerve system.

It is a plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO supplement. There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients present in the supplement. It controls heart rate, improves the sleep cycle, releases stress, and enhances a calm mood.

  • All-natural
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Release stress
  • Increases focus
  • Healthy sleep cycle
  • Support the nerve system
  • No additives
  • No artificial flavors
  • Controls blood circulation
  • None as such

Performance Lab Caffeine +

Performance Lab Caffeine +

The brain controls most of our body functions. It is very important to maintain its health. There are many effective nootropics for brain fog. The brain tends to get weak, as we grow old. It develops a lot of complexities including loss of memory, and focus.

Performance Lab has introduced a lot of brain supplements that promote a healthy brain. These supplements enhance brain activity and strengthen the immunity wall against diseases. It is the best way to improve focus and memory.

People are leading a hectic life and they have very little time to focus on their health. Taking natural supplements is a safe way to promote a healthy brain. Performance Lab Caffeine + is specially manufactured for the brain. It supports the nervous system and promotes a healthy brain.

Pre-biotics, nutrients, and minerals help in healing and creating a strong immunity wall. Fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia tend to trigger loss of focus and memory. It is a fact that a healthy brain works 10 times better than an ill brain.

The best thing about the supplement is that it is plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It is packed with the most researched mycological species that will boost brain energy levels, clarity, and immunity.

  • Plant-based
  • Support nervous system
  • Improve brain clarity
  • Promotes calming mood
  • Improve digestive system
  • Release stress
  • Provides energy to the brain
  • Supports immunity system
  • Enhance concentration
  • None as such



Adrafinil is a prodrug for incredible brain functioning. The brain is a complex yet very delicate part of the human body. You must take care of your brain. There are a lot of natural supplements available in the market that will help in developing a healthy brain.

The supplement is one of the best and it directly affects the central nervous system. It has a deep science behind the formula and a lot of chapters are yet to discover. The amino acids in the supplement enhance the brain’s focus and memory.

It creates a strong immunity wall against diseases and removes the weakness of the brain without affecting other functions. Adrafinil when consumed is turned into modafinil. It kicks to start the procedure of healing and repairing.

The researchers are working on the supplement to dig deep and come forward with more benefits. It regulates and maintains brain systems including dopamine, GABA, and histamines. The supplement is originally manufactured as an anti-narcolepsy drug.

It helps the brain to maintain focus even under severe conditions. The militaries largely use the supplements during complex, hectic, and long operations. Adrafinil is one of the best, clean, and effective supplement for improving mental health.

It works perfectly in treating the brain’s fog that develops due to insomnia, stress, and overwork. The supplement is a sharp short-term substitute for a healthy brain.

  • Promote positive mood
  • Enhance focus
  • Improves sleep cycle
  • Release stress
  • Promote alertness
  • Increases attention
  • Eliminates weakness
  • It is expensive

Future Kind + Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3)

Future Kind + Vegan Multivitamin (B12 + Omega 3 + D3)

Lack of clarity and mental fatigue symbolizes brain fog which is one of the common problems faced by many people nowadays. The reasons can be several, ranging from depression to lack of sleep but we bring our singular solution to it – Vegan Multivitamin.

We have found it to be a step ahead of all other nootropics, owing to the premium blend of essential nutrients it supplies. They have formulated the best blend of reliable and pure constituents that fight around 92% of vegan depletion.

This makes it one of the best nootropics to battle brain fog. The product is safe for consumption. We have full confidence in its efficacy due to the third-party certifications and high safety/quality protocols followed during product manufacturing.

All products undergo quality testing before hitting the shelves so you don’t have the slightest of doubts while opting for Future Kind.

  • Boosts brain clarity
  • Supports mental fatigue
  • Improves moods
  • Vegan and pure
  • Eco friendly
  • Some users may dislike the citrus flavor.

Brain Pill

Brain Pill

Brain Pill is an effective and efficient nootropic for brain fog. The main ingredients of the supplement are Cognizin and Synapsa. These two are paired as the best and prevalent nootropic ingredients. You will find these two mixings in many high-quality and premium nootropics.

The best thing about Brain Pill is that they fulfill their claim. As we age, our brain also grows old. So, it is evident that we need supplements to promote a healthy brain. On the other hand, students work day and night.

The hectic routine, pressure, and stress lead to a loss of focus and concentration. Brain Pill is an excellent drug for enhancing mental clarity, productivity, energy, and memory. People consume the supplement to fight against brain fog.

It has 13 nootropic ingredients that promote a healthy brain and mental performance. Ginkgo Biloba is an effective cognitive enhancer that works to improve brain blood flow. The body needs vitamins for proper functioning.

It delivers a decent amount of vitamin B12 to your body. Phosphatidylserine maintains cellular function and Folic Acid creates red blood cells in the brain. Brain Pill gives you energy and enhances your focus.

  • Kills Brain Fog
  • Fight with Mental stress
  • Ensures improved memory
  • Boost Rapid Recall
  • Continues Cognitive Energy
  • Improves Learning Abilities
  • Enhance focus
  • Steady concentration
  • It is expensive

Natures Craft’s- Neuro Health

Natures Craft's- Neuro Health

The brain is a complex part of your body. It is very important to take care of the brain. As people grow old, they tend to develop different drain disorders. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, loss of focus, and memory. Students on the other hand deal with hectic routines and stress.

There are many natural supplements available in the market for brain fog. Nature’s Craft is one of the best brain supplements. It is high potency brain health nootropic and offers a natural boost to your cognitive ability.

The supplement fights against memory loss and builds a strong immunity wall. If you want a sharp and healthy brain, then this is a worth trying supplement. The body needs minerals and vitamins for proper functioning.

Neuro Health contains safe, clean, and effective ingredients. It is packed with herbs, minerals, and vitamins. These will support the brain’s proper functioning and health. It will enhance mental clarity and reduces brain fog.

If you are dealing with a loss of concentration, the supplement is perfect for boosting your focus. The best thing about the supplement is that it is non-GMO and plant-based. It is strictly checked in labs to meet the quality standards.

  • Enhance focus
  • Improves concentration
  • Fights brain fog
  • Promote healthy brain
  • Support the nerve system
  • Plant-based
  • None as such

Brain Plus

Brain Plus

The brain is a complicated organ of the human body. It controls most of our body functions like Emotions, creativity, memory, and intelligence are governed by the brain. A stage comes in life when you do not feel yourself and have lost your focus.

Brain Plus is a very effective Nootropic for brain fog. The ingredients are safe, clean, and natural. It is easy to consume and will not leave any side effects. The supplement is scientifically formulated and contains 41 ingredients.

The ingredients work together in promoting a healthy brain, enhanced focus, improved memory, and mental clarity. It is perfect for students. They have to deal with hectic routine, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Brain Plus has plant-based nootropics that support cognitive activity and memory. The ingredients help in regulating blood flow in the brain, cells, and neurons. You will recall things more effectively and think better without brain fog.

The supplement is designed to support the central nervous system. It will enhance brain performance and promote a calm mood. Once you start taking the supplement, you will feel energized, increased focus, and high mind clarity.

It has 41 herbs combined with multivitamins for a high potency dose. Other ingredients are GABA, Bacopa, DMAE, Grape Seed, Olive Leaf, and more. It is a reliable supplement because of its third-party testing for safety.

  • Elevates mind-set
  • Improves learning
  • Supports nervous system
  • Remedy to stress
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves intellectual capacity
  • None as such

Best Nootropics for Brain Fog – Buying Guide

Here we have discussed some of the potential factors that must be evaluated before picking a nootropic brain supplement for brain fog. As you will read the detail, it will become clear to you that you must nitpick on every detail, as matters regarding brain health cannot be decided in a hurry.


Life these days is stressful for everyone, even if you are hearty and healthy, and your job doesn’t demand much from you, the current pandemic situation and the constant fear of life takes it out of you.

Stress is the deadliest of diseases as it spares no organ system and not even the brain, which is responsible for mediating stress. At some point in life, everyone falls prey to being maxed out with stress because of various things life throws at us.

But one of the main side-effects of stress is the creation of reactive oxygen species in our body. And reactive oxygen species or ROS are the root cause of hundreds of diseases as they spare no cell in their pathway.

The current pathology under discussion i.e. brain fog is one of the many effects imposed by the active oxygen species on our organ system. The oxidants fog out the brain breaking neural networks by destroying lipid cell walls and depressing the brain by overexertion.

The only solution to reduce anti-oxidant stress in our body, apart from destressing our life, without the help of psychiatric drugs, is by regularly introducing anti-oxidants to our system. The anti-oxidants counter-attack the oxidants by stabilizing them and stopping the chain reaction on its way.

As the circle of destruction is broken by the stabilizing and nurturing effect of anti-oxidants our body starts to recover the damage through its natural processes. Even brain fog, caused by stress, is cleared away once the oxidants are kept at bay and stopped from further damaging the cells of the nervous system.

Some of the nootropics in the market contain an extensive list of vitamins and minerals that act as natural anti-oxidants. Unfortunately due to our poor dietary habits, it has become necessary that you must take supplements containing anti-oxidants to retain your normal organ functionality.

Even nootropics are focused on including special anti-oxidants in their composition to reduce the brain fog. It is necessary to check out the composition table for the presence of anti-oxidants or anti-oxidant precursors. This way, your body receives extra benefit from the supplements even if your brain fog is not caused by stress, as a bunch of anti-oxidants never hurt anyone.


Basic foods are beneficial for human beings because they provide a daily dose of nutritional benefits including them being the basic power source for humans. But some food components contain the ability to provide additional benefits apart from the nutritional benefits.

Essentially any edible item found in nature or a common food item that can impose a physiological change in the body or interfere with the metabolic processes in such a way to improve health condition and provide additional benefits other than the given nutritional benefits can be included in the category of nutraceuticals.

Often such food items undergo manufacturing processes that extract the functional portion of the element and the process brings about a synthetic element capable of producing a physiological response without imposing any negative side-effects in the body.

Such elements when combined to provide an array of physiological benefits in place of pharmaceutical drugs, are often regarded as nutraceutical or bioceutical supplements.

Are nootropic supplements nutraceuticals?

The question pertains, whether these nootropics can be classified as nutraceutical supplements or not? Most of the nootropics mentioned above contain only natural elements in their composition, on the other hand, some nootropics contain a mixture of synthetic chemicals as well as natural elements capable of producing a physiological response.

So, as it turns out most of the nootropics that are sold under the category of dietary supplements can be regarded as nutraceuticals whether they contain synthetic elements in addition to natural elements.

Because the essential factor is that amidst the composition there must be a natural element capable of producing a physiological response. Often, we include many nutraceutical and nootropic elements in our diet without pertaining to their full benefits.

Such as our daily intake of coffee, as caffeine is one of the main nootropic elements in our diet as well as in dietary supplements.

Nootropic Benefits

Any element that holds the ability to produce a change in cognitive functionality is termed as a nootropic. There are way too many types of nootropic drugs present in the market ranging from hard psychiatric drugs to basic nootropic dietary supplements.

The main type of nootropic in question here is dietary supplements which also reside under the category of nutraceuticals. There are many elements in the composition that can have a nootropic effect, particularly a beneficial one, on our brains.

Vitamins & Minerals

Starting from the common vitamins and their nootropic benefits. The B vitamins are an extensive range of water-soluble vitamins that need to be replenished daily. And so, it happens to be that some of the B vitamins have a direct relationship with the stability of neurochemical demand in our body.

This is because they are either precursor or base material for the conversion process of ordinary elements into neurochemicals and neurotransmitters. For example, vitamin B6, B9, B12, B2, and choline are directly related to the metabolic process of serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine.

Now all of these neurochemicals have transcendental effects on our brain health, cognitive functionality, focus, memory retention, and overall maintenance of the pre-frontal cortex. So, these vitamins, since are lacked in our daily diet, must be taken with the help of nootropic dietary supplements.


Secondly, one of the most common additions to our daily dietary routine happens to be a source of one of the most potent nootropics i.e. caffeine. Let’s just all agree that a normal workday cannot be passed without a dose of coffee, tea, or any other beverage containing high doses of caffeine.

Studies have shown that caffeine is an excellent nootropic as it upregulates cognitive functionality by providing a boost of energy that helps us focus on relevant tasks. But those same studies also come bearing bad news, as the same element, which is caffeine, and other elements present in caffeine, happen to impose a suppressive action on our brain cells.

In conclusion, while coffee does provide a boost of energy it is only temporary as in the long run the same coffee causes difficulty in memory retention and activates addiction problems. But the caffeine added in nootropic supplements is done under careful regulation.

Other elements that have the ability to negate the suppressive action of caffeine are added making a perfect combination where our body only receives benefits of these naturally found elements.


Omega-3 is a type of good fat usually found in fish oils and fish meat. There are several benefits of these low-density lipoproteins but the most important ones involve the cranial and cardiovascular system.

The further division of omega-3 fats gives us DHA, EPA, and ALA out of which the DHA is of particular importance as a nootropic. In many studies, it has been concluded that the intake of DHA can have substantial improvement in the cognitive health of individuals suffering from high-stress and demanding work lives.

Other than DHA, EPA is known to impose anti-inflammatory benefits which are vital for the overall functionality of all the organ systems of our body. But anti-inflammatory elements such as EPA can keep a lot of brain abnormalities and diseases at bay by keeping the pressure at a normal level in meninges.


Most of the human beings around the globe are ladled with allergies due to environmental factors or genetic predisposition. This one factor alone contradicts a lot of nutraceutical supplements in the market as they are based on natural elements which are often the cause of popular allergies.

Now, the companies and the manufacturers have been more aware of this situation holding their product at bay as most people refrain from supplements due to allergen incorporation in the composition.

So, most nutraceuticals mentioned above in the product reviews are cleared off of most common allergens disrupting the normal biological processes of a man. The most common allergy-causing agents include wheat because it contains gluten, soy, milk, peanuts, and synthetic compounds.

Before purchasing the nootropic supplement be sure to check the composition table for even a small amount of any allergen can send you immune system under an adverse attack.