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List of Proven Programs

Advocates For Youth Programs That Work – Advocates for Youth provides descriptions of school-based, community-based and other model programs. Information provided includes program descriptions, evaluation results and methodology, and contact information. Child Trends – What Works: Programs and Interventions that May Influence Outcomes for Youth and Young Children – Provides a list of all of … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

April 2009 Announcements A special invitation for those working with adolescent parents and their children… We hope you will join us for MOAPPP’s 18th Annual Conference—two days of dynamic speakers, challenging workshops and multiple opportunities to network with Minnesota professionals committed to teen pregnancy prevention and support for pregnant and parenting teens, including a teen parent … Read more

Helpful Tools for Implementing Science-Based Approaches

Risk and Protective Factors In order to reduce the rates of adolescent pregnancy and STI/HIV, it is important to address two primary questions: What factors influence adolescents’ decisions about sex? Which of these factors can be altered? There are numerous risk and protective factors (individual, environmental, peer, partner, family and culture) that have been shown … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

July 2009 If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet: how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person. -Fred Rogers In the News Have you seen the … Read more

Annual Conference

MOAPPP’s 14th Annual Conferece May 5-6, 2005 Earle Brown Heritage Center Brooklyn Center, MN Registration information will be available in February. If you would like more information before then, please contact Marilyn Colby Rivkin 651-644-1447 ext. 15 or via email at [email protected]

Plain Talk | Hablando Claro

A Neighborhood-Based Strategy for Improving Adolescent Reproductive Health Introduction Plain Talk is a four-year, neighborhood-based demonstration program developed by The Annie E. Casey Foundation as part of its broader strategy to improve child, youth and family outcomes. With this initiative, community residents partnered with neighborhood organizations and institutions to address underlying factors endemic to entrenched … Read more

2001 Legislative Agenda

Adolescent pregnancy is a complex issue requiring prevention and intervention strategies at all stages of a childs and adolescents life. In order to address adolescent pregnancy prevention, pregnancy care and parenting in a comprehensive manner, Minnesota policies should support collaborative initiatives that effectively promote personal responsibility, ensure academic completion, and lead to long-term self-sufficiency. Prevention … Read more


Teenwise Minnesota understands the importance of keeping professionals, policy makers and the public informed about the issues relevant to adolescent pregnancy prevention and parenting. To help you stay informed this section provides online versions of Teenwise Minnesota’s quarterly newsletter and monthly email newsletter. Related links include press releases, as well as news coverage of Teenwise … Read more

Legislative Agenda

2005 Legislative Agenda 2004 Legislative Agenda 2003 Legislative Agenda 2002 Legislative Agenda 2001 Legislative Agenda

MOAPPP January 2004 E-Monthly

Table of Contents MN-ENABL Evaluation Released Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel recommends two curricula Call for Exhibitors for MOAPPP Conference Teens and TANF: How Adolescents Fare Under the Nation’s Welfare Program “Breaking Ground” Lessons Learned About Effective Policies and Practices for Out-of-School-Time Programming “Preventing Teen Pregnancy: What Works and What Doesn’t” “With One Voice … Read more

Past MOAPPP Conferences

Table of Contents 2010 MOAPPP Annual Conference 2009 MOAPPP Annual Conference 2008 MOAPPP Annual Conference 2007 MOAPPP Annual Conference 2006 MOAPPP Annual Conference 2005 MOAPPP Annual Conference Annual Awards 2010 MOAPPP Annual Conference Conference Brochure (PDF) Selected Presentations Pauline DeMairo, Faye Zemel, Karlos Heleno, Marie Sylvestre Adolescent Health Care Communication Program Sandi Lindgren, MSW, Certified Professional … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

January 2010 Parents don’t make mistakes because they don’t care, but because they care so deeply. –T. Berry Brazelton Announcements Teen Parent Connection Networking Groups Starting Up in Washington and Ramsey Counties MOAPPP is facilitating the start-up of two new Teen Parent Connection groups where professionals working with teen parents in Washington and Ramsey counties … Read more


Thank you to everyone who attended MOAPPP’s 20th Annual Conference. Over 325 participants left inspired and re-energized after learning new skills to bring back to their communities and meeting with others committed to improving the lives of youth and families. We are also thrilled to announce our name change! As of May 5, 2011, MOAPPP … Read more

Resources for Parent Educators

• If parents aren’t talking to their kids about sex and sexuality…who is? • Parents with a strong connection to their children are more likely to see positive results when they model/teach positive behaviors, values and messages.1 • A growing body of research suggests the importance of fostering “parent-child connectedness” as a protective factor for … Read more

Helpful Tools for Implementing Science-Based Approaches

BDI Logic Models The BDI Logic Model was developed by Dr. Doug Kirby specifically for programs focused on adolescent pregnancy and/or STIs and HIV. A BDI Logic Model can be an easy and useful tool for program design, planning, implementation and evaluation. The BDI logic model is used to: Identify the overall health goal Specify … Read more

MOAPPP February 2006 E-Monthly

Support MOAPPP and become a member today! MOAPPP is a member-supported organization that relies in part on modest annual membership dues from individuals and organizations so that we may provide the many programs and services that you, and others who work with and care about youth, have come to depend on. Additionally, the larger MOAPPP’s … Read more

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2008 – 2009 Annual Report 2007 – 2008 Annual Report 2006 – 2007 (PDF) Annual Report 2005 – 2006 (PDF) Annual Report 2004 – 2005 (PDF) Annual Report 2003 – 2004 (PDF) Annual Report 2002 – 2003 (PDF) Annual Report 2001 – 2002 (PDF)

Adolescent Parent Programs

Teenwise Minnesota supports people and programs working with adolescent parents by advancing evidence-based programming and public policies, because research and practice indicate that providing support to young parents helps them and their children thrive. Teenwise Minnesota’s Adolescent Parent section includes: an on-line directory of adolescent parent programs in Minnesota easy-to-read data and fact sheets the … Read more

MOAPPP February 2009 E-Monthly

MOAPPP Welcomes Two New Staff Members Please join us in welcoming Sue Fust to the MOAPPP staff. Sue started in January as the Adolescent Parent Program Manager. She is a developmental psychologist, and has worked with infants, young children, adolescents, parents and families for many years. In addition, she brings non-profit management and advocacy experience … Read more

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Other Educational Resources List of Proven Programs Recommended Curricula and Manuals MSERRP (Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel) Characteristics of Effective Programs (PDF) Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD/HIV Education Programs (TAC) (PDF) Teen Pregnancy Puzzle

MOAPPP February 2008 E-Monthly

MOAPPP Welcomes New Staff Member Julie Schultz Brown has joined the MOAPPP staff as Development Director, bringing with her a strong background in grant writing and donor relations. Julie has worked with a number of non-profits, and has many connections in the youth development field. Please join us in welcoming her to MOAPPP. Call for … Read more

MOAPPP January 2010 E-Monthly

Federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Funding Information Sessions February 17 – afternoon (final time to be determined) Twin Cities (location to be determined) March 3 – afternoon (final time to be determined) Conference call Funding for science-based teen pregnancy prevention programming will be available this coming spring from the new, federal Office of Adolescent Health. MOAPPP … Read more

Community Connections

Teenwise Minnesota works closely with communities most impacted by teen pregnancy. In addition to ongoing training for professionals who work with youth, we provide individualized assistance to community-based agencies to increase their program effectiveness. Adolescent Parent Programs Community Connections Latino Outreach Let’s Talk Month (October) National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (May) Plain Talk | Hablando … Read more

School-Linked Services for Adolescent Mothers, Fathers and their Children

Teenwise Minnesota supports programs and services that keep adolescent mothers and fathers enrolled in school. Adolescent parents who stay in school have much lower rates of repeat pregnancy and improved health and academic outcomes as compared to adolescent parents who are not in school. 10 A study from the Minnesota Department of Human Services reports that … Read more

Access to Family Planning

Teenwise Minnesota supports family planning funding to meet the reproductive health needs of adolescents. Research shows that among sexually active adolescents, knowledge of and access to contraception can successfully reduce adolescent pregnancy. 10 Research also shows that providing adolescents with access to contraceptives does not increase sexual activity. 2 Teenwise Minnesota’s Vision State subsidized family planning is funded … Read more

MOAPPP April 2011 E-Monthly

Minnesota Minors’ Consent Statute Rescinded Senate File 1017 (PDF) passed out of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, and moved on to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. It has not passed out of that committee at this time, but it includes many elements that MOAPPP has grave concerns about, including: Health care providers may … Read more

MOAPPP August 2004 E-Monthly

Table of Contents ¡Vive Tu Juventud! Live Your Youth! MOAPPP is named a finalist for nonprofit award Star Tribune columns about teen sexuality Do you know an exceptional teen? STD resources in Spanish New research on effectiveness of peer education 10 tips for successful school-based collaboration New survey finds gap between teen’s perceived and actual … Read more

MOAPPP April 2006 E-Monthly

May 4-5, 2006 MOAPPPs 15th Annual Conference “15 Years of Bringing the Pieces Together” Earle Brown Heritage Center Brooklyn Center, MN Join us for two days of dynamic speakers, challenging workshops and many opportunities to network with Minnesota professionals committed to teen pregnancy prevention and support for pregnant and parenting teens. Early registration deadline is April … Read more


Table of Contents 2007 Presentations Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage Framing the Issues We Care About: Talking America’s Second Language Media Advocacy: A Strategy for Action Countering Normalization of Sexual Harm: Strategies for Teen Pregnancy Prevention What’s Up with the Guys? Sexual Decision-Making Issues for Teen Males 2006 Presentations … Read more

MOAPPP March 2010 E-Monthly

Thanks to these generous sponsors for their support of our 19th Annual Conference! Leader Level Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Funding made possible in part by cooperative agreement #U58/CCU524993-05 Children’s Trust Fund, Minnesota Department of Human Services The 2010 conference brochure will be here soon, and you know what that means…get ready to … Read more

Recommended Videos by Topic

Table of Contents Abstinence Decision Making HIV/AIDS STIs/STDs Other Topics Abstinence Sex Smart for Teens: Abstinence (2004) (PDF) Decision Making All Falls Down (2005) (PDF) Angel of Mine (1997) (PDF) From an Objective Point of View (2001) (PDF) Just Like You Imagined (2002) (PDF) Silence Ain’t Sexy (2004) (PDF) Toothpaste (2005) (PDF) What is Love? What is Sex? (2005) (PDF) HIV/AIDS A Tale … Read more

Research and Reports Regarding the African Community

       Adolescents’ views of and preferences for sexual and reproductive health services in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda (2007) Annual Summary: 2007 Minnesota STD Statistics Coerced First Sex among Adolescent Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prevalence and Context (2007) Does Community Clustering Mitigate the Negative Effect of Poverty on Adolescent Condom Use in … Read more

MOAPPP April 2008 E-Monthly

Register Today for MOAPPP’s Annual Conference – May 1 – 2, 2008 Early Registration Deadline is April 11, 2008 The 2008 conference brochure is available on the MOAPPP website. This year’s conference will challenge us to Broaden Our Perspective—to reflect on old assumptions and conventional wisdom about the youth we serve and the work we do—and Refine Our Approach to better … Read more

Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel (MSERRP)

The mission of the Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel (MSERRP) is to review and recommend sexuality education and HIV prevention curricula and resources for use in schools and communities. The panel consists of 40 members with expertise in sexuality education and HIV prevention, who represent community-based and statewide organizations, including teachers, public health professionals, … Read more

Access Resources, Links, and Logos

Let’s Talk Month LTM logo English LTM logo Spanish LTM poster English LTM postcard Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign – Shoulder to Shoulder is a campaign for Minnesota parents of teens. They provide real advice for real parents about how to navigate through the teen years, and by connecting parents together to share stories and swap … Read more

MOAPPP November 2003 E-Monthly

Table of Contents Adolescent Parent Provider Survey Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Gain Attention Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel recommends two new resources. Research shows impact of HIV/AIDS on women is disproportionately high NEW video on Fatherhood engagement available Adolescent Parent Provider Survey MOAPPP is very concerned about the loss of funding for … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

Dear MOAPPP Adolescent Parent Network: Welcome to the first MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews! This monthly newsletter is designed specifically for professionals who work with adolescent parents and their children. It serves as a supplement to the comprehensive communication you receive from MOAPPP each month (the MOAPPP e-monthly). We will keep it brief—only including the news, … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

May/June 2011 It means a great deal to those who are oppressed to know that they are not alone. And never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is insignificant. -Bishop Desmond Tutu Announcements Have You Heard the News? MOAPPP Has Changed Its Name to Teenwise Minnesota Our new website address is … Read more

For Policy Makers

eenwise Minnesota is committed to ensuring that evidence-based public policies to prevent teen pregnancy and that support adolescent parents are adopted and implemented at state and local levels. Teenwise Minnesota provides policy makers with resources, current statistics, model programs and curricula, national and state resources, and the latest research on what works to promote adolescent … Read more

MOAPPP Adolescent Parent eNews

September 2010 Dear Governor, Our kids need a safety net. –Gail Rosenblum Announcements Access to Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students: Title IX and Beyond September 30 at MN Department of Education This is a must for anyone working as an advocate for teen parents and for anyone working at a school that includes (or attempts … Read more

MOAPPP Complete Calendar

September 15, 22, 29, October 6, 13 Using Evaluation Strategies to Strengthen Programs U of MN College of Education and Human Development Evaluation doesn’t have to be intimidating! Learn how to make evaluation work for you and your program. Examine how program outcomes and indicators can be developed to reflect family strengths and explore a … Read more

Action & Advocacy Tips

Meeting with Your Legislator Make an appointment. Take along another constituent. If possible, meet in your home district. Plan what you are going to talk about. Your personal story is what makes a difference. Be on time to your appointment, but do not be surprised if the meeting is rushed or delayed. Respect the legislator’s … Read more

MOAPPP February 2010 E-Monthly

Federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Funding Information Sessions – Same Information, Two Dates February 17 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Brookdale Area Library Brooklyn Center March 3 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Conference call Call in number: 1-866-212-0875 Passcode: 184928# Funding for science-based teen pregnancy prevention programming will be available this coming spring from the new federal Office … Read more

MOAPPP June 2008 E-Monthly

Thanks to MOAPPP’s Benefit Celebration Sponsors Sincere thanks to each and every one of the sponsors of MOAPPP’s Benefit Event in May! Their support makes it possible for MOAPPP and its partners to reach, educate and support Minnesota’s teens. Diamond Sponsors ($4,500) Kraus-Anderson Construction Company Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc. Travelers Gold Sponsors ($3,000) Brookfield Properties Hines … Read more

2007-08 Teenwise Minnesota Annual Report

View Report Now (Scroll to the document below, then click on the arrows to change pages, and zoom in or out to change letter size.) Download Report in .PDF Format Email Teenwise Minnesota to have a copy of the Annual Report sent to you via Mail  

Advocacy Tools

Find Your Legislators Who are my state representative and senator? MN House of Representatives 651-296-2146 • 1-800-657-3550 MN Senate 651-296-2146 • 1-800-234-1112 Meeting with Your Legislator Tips for meeting with your legislator Writing Your Legislator Tips for writing your legislator Where do I send my letter? Write a Letter to the Editor Legislators are likely to be reading … Read more

Parents Let’s Talk Month

What do you mean talk about sex? I already explained the birds and bees! Aren’t my kids too young? What will I say? HELP! It’s not always easy to talk about sensitive topics like sexuality and relationships, but it is always important. Luckily there are a lot of resources out there to help you find … Read more

For parents

“What do you mean talk about sex? I already explained the birds and the bees! Aren’t my kids too young? What will I say? HELP!“ It’s not always easy to talk about sensitive topics like sexuality and relationships, but it is always important. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there to help you find … Read more

Download Factsheets Let’s Talk Month

2004 MN Adolescent Health Report Commonly Asked Questions by Adolescents Commonly Asked Questions by Young Children Don’t Be Puzzled – English Don’t Be Puzzled – Spanish Facts to Share with Your Teens About…. Help Your Child Walk Wisdom Involving Males LTM Professional Resource List Parent Child Communication – General Resources for Trainers and Educators Sexuality … Read more

Contact the Media, Templates Let’s Talk Month 2004

Spread the word, families should start talking today! Below are media templates that you can download and use to raise community awareness. Your community needs to know that the messages parents and primary caregivers share with their families can impact adolescent sexual behaviors. Sample press release Sample proclamation Sample letter to the editor Sample Op … Read more

Make a Display Let’s Talk Month

Creating a visual display is a fun way to draw attention to Let’s Talk Month. The possibilities for promotional materials like a table top display are endless. Below are some examples that Minnesota professionals have found effective in their community. We have also included steps on how to make a display with materials available on … Read more

Understand the Research Let’s Talk Month

We look to research to determine what works best to promote healthy adolescents. One thing is clear; parents and primary caregivers have a large impact on adolescent’s sexual attitudes and behaviors. Below you will find a fact sheet that explains the research on parent-child communication and its affect on healthy sexuality. Research fact sheet Parent … Read more

Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the American Indian Community

    Adolescent Sexual Health and the Dynamics of Oppression: A Call for Cultural Competency – 2003 Barriers to Health Care for Youth of Color – January 2004 Briefly – Policy Brief: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Teen Pregnancy – 2008 (PDF) Cultural Competence and Social Justice – January 2004 Fast Facts: Minority Teen Birth … Read more

Professionals Let’s Talk Month

Thank you for sharing your information and helping us evaluate our outreach efforts. What can I do to support Let’s Talk Month? During the month of October, professionals around Minnesota will be promoting parent-child dialogue about healthy sexuality and relationships. MOAPPP supports these efforts by providing information and resources on our website, maintaining a LTM … Read more

Teens Let’s Talk Month

What do you mean talk with my parents about sex? It may not be easy, and your parents may not seem comfortable, but talking about sexuality and relationships with your parents or a trusted adult is important. It’s great to get advice and information from someone who cares about you. Remember that they were once … Read more

Calendar of Fundraising Events

May 13, 2004, MOAPPP 2004 Fundraising Event Please mark your calendars for the MOAPPP 2004 Fundraising Event to be held on Thursday, May 13th, 6 to 9 PM. We will be at the Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant and our featured entertainment will be Nachito Herrera. Nachito Herrera is described as a “dazzling pianist” – … Read more

Donate by Mail or Fax

Your fully tax-deductible gift to MOAPPP will: Provide information and resources Train educators, community members, and health professionals Train teens to be peer advocates and leaders Inform the public and educate policy makers To make a donation via mail or fax, click HERE for a printable donation form. Thank you for your donation to MOAPPP.

Become a Member By Mail or Fax

Membership makes you a part of the only organization in Minnesota that is dedicated to strengthening policies and programming for adolescent pregnancy, prevention and parenting! Membership entitles you to advance notice of upcoming workshops and training events, discounted registration fees to MOAPPP’s annual 2-day regional conference and a subscription to the quarterly MONITOR, the only newsletter in … Read more

Support Us

MOAPPP is a 501 (3) non-profit organization and relies entirely on financial support from individuals, foundations and corporations. Special fundraising events are scheduled throughout the year for the community to participate in as well. We need your help to sustain the important work that MOAPPP does! Consider becoming a MOAPPP member, donor or volunteer. Exlore … Read more

MOAPPP September 2007 E-Monthly

October is Let’s Talk Month Let’s Talk Month is a community campaign that supports parents in their efforts to talk to their children openly and honestly about sexuality and relationships. Let’s Talk Month is an excellent opportunity for you to involve parents in your sexual health education work with youth. What will your agency do … Read more