Prototype 37-C Reviews

Prototype 37-C is an anti-aging serum that is said to reduce all signs of aging. It is marketed and sold through the manufacturer’s official website which is professional in appearance, easy to navigate and overall informative. In addition to an overview of how the product works in terms of supporting a reduction in signs of aging, the site also includes several other sections including information about the manufacturer including all contact details, videos describing how the product works plus several before and after photos of consumers who have used the serum. There are some customer success stories published on the site. The full list of ingredients is disclosed including descriptions of each.

Prototype 37-C Review – Does Prototype 37-C Work?

I just received my first bottle of Prototype 37-C. Upon opening the box and then the bottle, I had a strange feeling that I had been “taken to the cleaners”. The product has no smell or color and is the consistency of water. In fact, I still can’t convince myself that it is not just that – water. I immediately got online and started researching this product a little more thoroughly and discovered that it is apparently a big scam run by some college guy in Utah. Now that I’ve put the pieces together, it all makes sense. Prototype 37-C can’t be found at any beauty retailor such as Sephora, Blue Mercury, Nordstrom, Saks, etc., and they try to sell you more than one bottle at a time on their website. Frankly, I am outright surprised that Amazon allows this to be sold on their website.

Trust me when I say that there is nothing in this [. ] bottle that is worth your time or money. If you want a good face serum/anti-wrinkle cream, I would stick with Skin Ceuticals, Revive, Kinerase, Dermalogica, Dr. Perricone, etc. These companies give honest depictions of what is in their products, have professional packaging, and are sold by various reputable retailers.

Seriously, ladies, this product is the bomb!

If you’re of an, ahem, certain age, you should use nothing else.

Not only has it firmed and tightened my skin, but the few lines I already had on my face (thanks to my mom’s smooth skin genes) are nearly gone–especially in the eye area. I use this religiously, along with Dr. Perricone’s products. You’ll want to use Prototype 37-C each night while you sleep. This “magic potion” will last much longer by NOT following the manufacturer’s recommended morning/night application (unless for a more serious problem area, then I’d say say go ahead and use it twice daily–totally worth the extra dollars spent.)

Also, I have a swan neck and three “genetic rings” as a result . these never bothered me when I was age 16, but as I grew into adulthood, I realized each decade gone by the “rings” around my neck said one age, and my face said another. lol. NOW, I’ve been applying Prototype 37-C on my neck every day for 9-months (sometimes twice a day), and the lines have softened so much, it almost matches my lovely facial skin.

Or maybe I should say my neck is blending more beautifully with my face now 🙂

If you care to email me privately, ladies, please do at [. ].

I may create a new blog soon for women mid-40’s to mid-60’s (I’m already a published blogger in a different area of expertise). you know, maybe talk about how to keep your skin beautiful pre-and post-menopause (hair and make-up, too.) I have enough beauty tips to last a lifetime, and I would love to share some of yours, too.

Also, I’m dying to reveal one of these days my one big, “stay younger looking longer secret,” I’ve been holding back. Dermatologists around the country would crucify me if I shared (concerning Botox and other injectables.)

Prototype 37-C is an anti-wrinkle serum that might give you young-looking skin. It claims to utilize 99% peptides to encourage collagen synthesis and lead to collagen building. It might reduce wrinkle depth, fight eye bags, and eye puffiness. Besides, it may firm the skin, lift it, and improve necklines.

How Does Prototype 37-C Work?

This anti-wrinkle formula may work to smoothen wrinkles on the skin, giving you a more youthful look. As well, it claims to be firm and lifts the skin. It might help curb the sagging of the skin. In addition, Prototype 37-C seems to work to improve your eye area by reducing puffiness and eye bags. It may also enhance skin elasticity to reduce aging signs like wrinkles, age lines, and sagging.

It is claimed that elasticity keeps the skin smooth, firm, and young-looking. Moreover, this serum might stimulate collagen synthesis. It may help replace and restore dead skin cells and prevent the skin from sagging. Prototype 37-C may also refine your necklines for a youthful look.

Something doesn’t quite add up.

Peptide packed Prototype 37-C who’s counting

Prototype 37-C claims to be the “world’s first wrinkle serum with 99% peptide”. There’s nothing wrong with hubris, but there are a few things that worry me about that statement. First, is it even possible for a serum to be almost all peptide actives – what about some kind of base such as water, or a preservative or two. Secondly, all those power peptides such as Matrixyl 3000 or SYN-COLL seem to be backed up by clinical trials in which they are used in very small doses – a couple of percent or even less. By now I was curious, so I emailed the company for the full ingredients list in Prototype#37, heard nothing back and resorted to buying a bottle for around $136.

Not just curious, also a little suspicious. Especially, when the Amazon product listing said: “When compared to other prototypes and industry leading products, including those that contain Botox, Prototype 37-C out performed all of them by average of 257%! ” For a start, this implies Botox is an ingredient that is found in other products. It isn’t, as everyone knows it is a chemical administered by injection by a licensed practitioner.

Well, when my bottle of Prototype#37 arrived I found that all it says on both the bottle and the package is: 50% SYN-COLL (palmitoyl tripeptide-5), 19% acetyl octapeptide-3, 12% acetyl heaxapeptide-8, 12% pentapeptide-3, 5% Matrixyl-3000 (water, glycerin, butylene glycol, carbomer, polysorbate-20, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7), 1% Eyseryl (acetyl tetrapeptide-5), 1% hyaluronic acid.

Apparently, SYN-COLL and all other peptide ingredients consist of a solvent (often glycerin, plus water or something similar) and a very small amount of pure, active peptide (usually between 0.01-0.3%). So SYN-COLL is glycerin, water and palmitoyl tripetide-5. And let me repeat in case you missed it the first time, the palmitoyl tripetide-5 is usually between 0.01-0.3%.

Matrixyl also appears to listed in its prediluted form and typically products that contain Matrixyl 3000 would have similarly low concentrations of the active. For some reason, the other three peptides – 19% acetyl octapeptide-3, 12% acetyl heaxapeptide-8, 12% pentapeptide-3 – are listed as if they are pure (not prediluted) and they all come to 43%.

Something doesn’t quite add up.

I did a bit more poking around. The package says that the product is made in Korea by Orovo International. I found that Orovo seems to have lots of websites that sell things for weightloss or lowering cholesterol. Orovo’s websites were registered on the same US IP address by a company called Hyun Park, which in turn has the same physical address in Korea as on the Prot0ype#37 box.

The Prototype 37-C site is also selling something called Cellatox. If you go Cellatox, it will reference another product and so on. One name that pops up frequently is Garrett Devore. According to the Better Business Bureau, who gives Garrett Devore Labs an F rating, Mr Devore is an officer of Devmin Research (maker of Cellatox) and Orovo. This labyrinth of companies and products just keeps on going, but you’ve probably got a headache already.

Even though the makers of Prototype 37-C seek to impress (or confuse) consumers with fancy ingredient names and the “science” behind them, the results of consistent use of the Prototype #37-C eye serum are a disappointment. This is not a surprise, of course, to savvy consumers who have read the reviews and done the research into which ingredients work and which do not when it comes to repairing the visible signs of aging around the eyes.

Buy Prototype 37-C

The cost of Prototype 37-C is where the product really becomes shocking and confusing. One bottle of Prototype 37-C eye serum retails for $280, or $150 on sale. This does not include shipping or handling, and is only a one month supply! After reading over the list of ingredients and finding nothing special among them, one wonders if the cost of Prototype 37-C is payment for the clever names and colorful charts, because it certainly is not for the results provided. While Prototype 37-C does offer a 90 day risk free trial and discounts for purchases of multiple bottles at once, the sticker shock remains. With other products geared toward the same results containing ingredients that are proven to work, it is hard to imagine that anyone would pay that sum for cleverly named ingredients instead.

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Does Prototype 37-C Work or is it a Scam

Prototype 37-C is a serum for wrinkles that should dispose of any kinks that you might have all over. There are numerous items like this one yet Prototype 37-C is costly and the cost makes the discernment that the item really works. The extraordinary thing about Prototype 37-C is that the container professes to utilize almost 100% peptides and this should help your skin look more youthful than any time in recent memory. The jug additionally guarantees that outcomes have been seen that were superior to a Botox treatment and this is the thing that sold me on Prototype 37-C. I had been thinking about getting Botox all over for a long time and concluded that I would have a go at something other than what’s expected. Since Prototype 37-C professed to deliver results that were superior to Boxtox I figured I would check the container out. Subsequent to having utilized this item for multi month, many individuals might want to know does Prototype 37-C work or is it a Scam?

In view of my experience I can say that this item is a trick. I paid $150 for the Prototype 37-C kink treatment and I calculated that it would be significantly more affordable than paying for Botox. I applied the serum all around my face consistently and the serum consumed when sitting all over for timeframes. This would have been no issue if the serum worked and did what it guaranteed. The jug went on around 25 days and toward the finish of this period I encountered no outcomes by any stretch of the imagination.

There was no adjustment of the appearance of the kinks all over and nothing had been worked on as guaranteed. The container plainly says that outcomes will be superior to those you would check whether you were to get Botox. If you utilize this item you won’t perceive any outcomes, I can let you know that I burned through a ton of time and cash on Prototype 37-C. I later talked with my PCP and he informed me that Prototype 37-C is a trick. This item doesn’t work and it does not merit the cash. There are numerous good items available for the decrease of kinks however this one won’t deliver results. Try not to be tricked by the excessive cost tag joined to Prototype 37-C. This item is a trick and results won’t be anything close to what you would check whether you were to get Botox.