Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews

Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews – Does Sleep Support Formula Really Work?

Harmonium Sleep Support is a dietary supplement for improving your sleep. It ensures that you fall asleep fast and stay asleep without interruptions.

The product is not one that is addictive or contains stimulants. It’s safe and natural such that you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the morning, not groggy. The formula is one that has been designed to be used on an every-night basis without causing negative side effects.

There are millions of people around the world who struggle with sleep problems, stress and blue light from screens being the top blame holders. If you too have a hard time peacefully drifting into sleep and find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night, perhaps you should consider buying Harmonium Sleep Support supplement.

If you’d like to know more about it, read this review which will cover its working, and more.

Harmonium Sleep Support Review

Do find yourself the only one awake at night with no one to talk to? Do you keep looking at the wall wondering if its too late already and time has won against sleep once more? And when you do manage to find some sleep, do you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting your mind to pause its stories?

If you nodded your head yes to these questions, you’re definitely among the scores of folks who face sleep problems. Most would shove their sleep issues under the rug which is a wrong move. That’s because your sleep determines different aspects of your health. When you’re well slept, you’re better able to focus. Your brain is able to process things sharply, aptly and quickly.

Your immunity is strong, and your energy levels are up. These are only some ways sleep is related to your health. That being said, Harmonium Sleep Support is a viable, GMP-certified product for improving your sleep. As per the manufacturer, Harmonium Health, you don’t have to prepare a drink or follow a deep sleep routine with this product. You just have to gulp down capsules with water. And no! These pills are not at all drugs.

What Makes Harmonium Sleep Support Better?

There are so many ways you can improve your sleep. You can take a warm bath at night or start exercising regularly. You can also take those typical sleeping pills. But none of the techniques and products for better sleep are as effective. Why is that? You see, natural remedies take a while to show results. They can also be inconvenient, and hence, difficult to stick with.

Then there are sleeping pills which people commonly use. But the chemicals in them can make the drugs addictive and you can overdose on them which either takes you to the hospital or the grave. Harmonium Sleep Support seems like a way better alternative. This is because it is not inconvenient to include in your routine or harmful which makes it the best choice. This supplement is also fast acting so you don’t have to waste any night’s sleep.

How Does Harmonium Sleep Support Work?

You need to understand what the main cause behind your inability to enjoy restful sleep is to know what this supplement does to solve your concern. First of all, you need to know that ‘stress’ is the culprit that steals your sleep and keeps you awake at night. When at night you’re worriedly wondering about school or office work, about achieving your dreams, trouble with loved ones, finances or anything at all, there is an increase in your cortisol levels.

An increase in cortisol markers directly decreases melatonin production in your body which becomes an obstacle in your ability to sleep. Now sleep loss keeps heightening your stress whereas stress keeps causing sleep loss. This means the sleep-stress cycle can be vicious and difficult to break unless there is an increase in melatonin. This supplement provides you more melatonin by naturally increasing it in your system.

Another thing that you need to get is this – there’s such a thing as a glymphatic system. It’s like the brain’s lymphatic system. Think of it as an arrangement of pipes that empty your brain of the toxins that compile in it during the day. Your glymphatic system is most active at night when you’re sleeping. If you don’t sleep enough, it’s easy to guess what happens.

Your brain is not able to rid itself of the toxins that have been collected amply. This leads to a slow and steady collection of toxins in your brain which directly impact its working and your ability to sleep. This supplement ensures that toxins are emptied from your brain so that you can sleep better and your cognitive working benefits. This is how Harmonium Sleep Support works.

Why Do You Need a Sleep Supplement?

Do you know what lack of sleep does to your health?

  • It makes you dumber as your skills of problems solving, concentration, alertness, and memory consolidation suffer
  • Your sex drive lowers with men facing ED and women also struggling to feel aroused
  • Poor sleep also takes a toll on your skin accelerating wrinkle and fine lines’ formation. It also causes dark circles and dulls your skin
  • Your risk of death also climbs higher as sleep deficiency compromises on your cardiovascular health

As per the official website, by including a sleep supplement such as Harmonium Sleep Support in your routine, your health may substantially improve. Your immunity is strengthened, productivity and focus increase, cognitive functioning is improved, and so much more. To this end, this supplement:

  • Helps you fall asleep faster
  • Ensures that you stay asleep and don’t wake up uselessly in the middle of the night
  • Makes certain you wake up the next morning feeling fresh and in a good mood

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Harmonium Sleep Support Ingredients

This dietary supplement has a fully natural making which ensures that it doesn’t have any negative effects on your health. Take a look at the agents that have been included in Harmonium Sleep Support pills:

1 – N-Acetyle-5-Methoxy

This is melatonin, which is already made in the body, but its production can decrease due to increase in the hormone cortisol. Melatonin protects against the harmful effects of stress and reduces cortisol production.

2 – Hydroxytryptophan

5-HTP is an amino acid that formulates serotonin in the body. Lack of serotonin can affect your mood negatively, making you feel anxious and stressed. By increasing serotonin production, not only does this ingredient improve your mood but it also increases melatonin markers.

3 – Magnesium

Magnesium plays many key roles in your system. One of the things that it does is that it relaxes your mind as well as body. It helps with the regulation of neurotransmitters which exchange signals between your nervous system and your brain. It also decreases cortisol levels.

4 – Lemon balm leaf

This agent in Harmonium Sleep Support formula is known for its anti-anxiety and stress relieving properties. It’s addition in this formula increases GABA levels which enables it to improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

5 – Passionflower extract

Passionflower extract reduces anxiety, fights insomnia, and also decreases certain types of pains as it can increase the levels of GABA which is a neurotransmitter.

6 – Astaxanthin

Research shows that the inclusion of this ingredient in your routine can improve cognitive functionality as well as boost your concentration, and motivation. Moreover, it can also boost your mood and relieve you of stress by reducing levels of cortisol.

7 – Bioperine

Bioperine has been added to the formula because of its ability of increasing nutrient absorption. This means that you can get more benefit out of the nutrients that you consume. Furthermore, this ingredient also has a positive effect on dopamine and serotonin levels. It also increases the production of melatonin and reduces stress.

How To Use Harmonium Sleep Support Pills?

As mentioned on harmoniumsleep.com, you are supposed to take three capsules of this product every day. Just take all three capsules 30 minutes before going to bed. One bottle of Harmonium Sleep Support supplement contains 90 capsules.

You’re recommended to try the product for at least 30 days before giving up on it. Even though it is a natural and safe supplement to add to your routine, if you have any doubts or if you are on any sort of medication, it’s best that you consult your doctor before incorporating this supplement in your routine.

Where to Buy Harmonium Sleep Support? Pricing and Refund Policy

There are three different packages available on the official website here. Choose from:

  • One bottle of this supplement for $49.95 + shipping charges
  • Three bottles with each for $39.95. Free shipping
  • Six bottles with each for $30. Free shipping

Use this product 100% free of risks for 60 days. Individual results may vary, so if you find it unsatisfactory, contact the customer support team, request a refund, return the product, and get your money back.

You also get two bonuses that are instantly downloadable and completely FREE. These guides are:

  • Your Guide to Better Sleep
  • Healthy Eating for Better Sleep

Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews – The Verdict

Harmonium Sleep Support is a sleep supplement that’s natural and of a high quality. It enables you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rejuvenated. The product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and is also GMP certified. You can conveniently and safely use it which means you have no reason to hesitate.

Who won’t benefit from using Harmonium Sleep Support?

Harmonium sleep support reviews

Homewood, IL – ( NewMediaWire ) – September 01, 2020 – Harmonium Sleep Support is a nighttime supplement that helps consumers to rest more easily while promoting better alertness in the morning. The remedy eases stress to make sleep easier to come by while improving how impactful the rest can be for the brain and body.

What is Harmonium Sleep Support?

Sleeping is just as important to the health of the body as eating a healthy diet or brushing teeth. Unfortunately, whether the cause is stress or medical issues, there are millions of people every night that end up staying awake for hours on end in the hopes that sleep will come. Sleeping problems can usually be solved with a few natural solutions, like a warm tea or using valerian root. However, if an individual can’t stop thinking about everything that they need to get done that day, it’s harder than ever to get a minute of peace. With Harmonium Sleep Support, everything becomes a little easier.

Harmonium Sleep Support reduces the amount of time that consumers spend awake when they try to rest. Even though it is not a medication, users can take this formula to help them “fall asleep in minutes” with natural and safe ingredients. Furthermore, the supplement continues to work in the body after the user falls asleep, keeping their rest consistent for hours on end. After a good night of sleep, consumers can wake up in the morning with more energy and a fresh take on their day.

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The creator of the formula – only known as James – states that he’s worked with a team that has over six decades of experience between them in making supplements that can work. All the stress of launching a new product made Harmonium Sleep Support a helpful option for him as well since it improves both the ability to sleep and the quality of the sleep that users get. When many consumers do their best to survive on the minimal amount of sleep, the debt for rest will come due at some point.

Harmonium Sleep Support helps consumers to catch up in a way that medication doesn’t, as it addresses “the stress sleep-cycle.”

The only way to gain control is by getting better sleep, and Harmonium Sleep Support focuses on every ingredient and benefit on this change.

How Harmonium Sleep Support Works

To understand if Harmonium Sleep Support is the right remedy for the user’s struggle, creator James urges consumers to take a brief “stress-sleep quiz” that will determine if the cause of their restless nights is stress. He asks if the individual spends hours awake worried at night, as well as how their disposition is throughout the day. If someone is frequently exhausted during the days but suddenly alerts when they are sleeping, then this formula may be a helpful option.

To make sure that consumers can interrupt this ongoing cycle of stress and irritation , this formula includes:

  • Melatonin
  • 5-HTP
  • Magnesium
  • Lemon balm leaf
  • Passionflower extract
  • Astaxanthin
  • Bioperine

Melatonin plays a major role in sleep, as it is the naturally occurring hormone in the body that is directly linked to sleep. The body usually produces it when the body needs to rest, but high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) tend to interrupt the release of this hormone. Many studies encourage consumers to take a small amount of the hormone at bedtime to regulate the body once more.

Though it could be easy to get better sleep with melatonin alone, the creators include six other ingredients to help the process, starting with 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTTP). This amino acid triggers the production of serotonin, which is known for its mood-boosting qualities. Without the right levels of serotonin, the body can become stressed and anxious. However, the right amount keeps the mood balanced and melatonin levels where they should be.

Magnesium is used for relaxation and regulation of the mine, supporting the nervous system and the brain. It may reduce the amount of cortisol in the body, which makes the release of serotonin even more effective.

The use of lemon balm leaf has been linked to reduced stress and easing anxiety since it increases how much GABA is released into the body. GABA is directly linked to the mood regulation of the user, inherently reducing anxiety, and it is also increased with the use of passionflower extract.

Astaxanthin focuses primarily on reducing cortisol levels, making room for serotonin to ease the stress on the brain and body. With this benefit, Astaxanthin also has been linked to improvements in mental acuity and focus.

Bioperine, a black pepper extract, doesn’t directly affect the user’s sleep. Instead, this ingredient helps all the other ingredients to become more bioavailable for maximum absorption.

Buying Harmonium Sleep Support

Every bottle contains enough of the Harmonium Sleep Support formula to last through an entire 30 days of use. Consumers can choose their package by how long they are willing to try out the remedy. Orders of at least three bottles will see a bigger discount on the purchase than as a single bottle .

  • One bottle for $49.95
  • Three bottles for $119.85 ($39.95 each)
  • Six bottles for $198.00 ($33.00 each)

Along with the supplement, consumers will get two guides as gifts as further support – “Your Guide to Better Sleep: Unifying Mind and Body” and “Healthy Eating for Better Sleep.” Both guides can be downloaded right after making the purchase, giving users a little time to go over the principles as they weight for their product.

While the company recommends taking Harmonium Sleep Support for at least 30 days to see long-term benefits, the company offers a 60-day window to return the formula if it doesn’t work for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harmonium Sleep Support

What happens to the body without deeply sleeping?

Referencing a study by the Chicago Medical Center, the creators of Harmonium Sleep Support state that the body compensates for the lack of sleep in many unhealthy ways. Namely, even young adults can see greater insulin resistance after lacking deep sleep for just three days, putting the body at risk for weight gain. Other studies show that poor-quality sleep can be linked to rapid aging in the body, a lack of sex drive, worsening memory, lackluster skin, and even decreased lifespan.

What is in Harmonium Sleep Support to improve sleep?

Focusing primarily on reducing stress, Harmonium Sleep Support includes melatonin, 5-HTP, magnesium, lemon balm leaf, passionflower extract, astaxanthin, and Bioperine.

Who is Harmonium Sleep Support meant for?

Consumers that will see the biggest change with Harmonium Sleep Support are primarily people who are staying away as the result of stress and worries. The formula is meant to calm the mind, leaving individuals less stressed out and more relaxed when they go to bed. Without all the stress from the day, consumers can relax much faster.

Who won’t benefit from using Harmonium Sleep Support?

Even though Harmonium Sleep Support can calm the mind in a busy and exhausting day, individuals who struggle with problems like chronic insomnia, frequent urination, and sleep apnea won’t likely find relief. James recommends speaking to a medical professional to get help with these issues.

How should Harmonium Sleep Support be taken?

Users will need three capsules daily to get the sleep benefits that this supplement allows. For the best results, users need to take it about half an hour before planning to sleep, keeping up with the remedy for at least a month to see the changes.

Customer service can address any other concerns via email ( [email protected] ) or phone (1-855-246-8852).

Harmonium Sleep Support allows users to eliminate the stress that keeps them up at night . Most of the ingredients don’t specifically cater to the need for sleep but instead focus instead on reducing the many worries and concerns that can keep someone from relaxing. The formula can be taken at night, but it doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that tend to be habit-forming like medication might. Though it is not the best solution for individuals with medical concerns, it is extremely helpful to individuals that just can’t seem to wind down.

The website recommends having it before bedtime because this will help to calm and relax your mind. The dosage is once a day and not more than that. Each bottle of Harmonium Sleep Support consists of 30 servings. So, each bottle of Harmonium Sleep Support will stray up to a month.

How does this powdered supplement work?

Harmonium Sleep Support consists of a unique blend of ingredients that helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep for a long time. After starting Harmonium Sleep Support you will feel refreshed after every nap and not more tired.

Harmonium Sleep Support is naturally flavored and is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit. You start losing sleep when your body reduces the production of GABA and increases the production of glutamate.

Lower levels of GABA can lead to more anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Harmonium Sleep Support helps to increase the levels of GABA that helps induce better sleep.

The supplement helps to fill the GABA gap and provides better sleep.

Magnesium: This mineral can reduce anxiety and improve healthy sleep. It boosts GABA levels and reduces glutamate naturally.

Harmonium Sleep Support Reviews: New Deep Sleep Support!

Lack of sleep or insomnia is not a simple issue as it might result in several mental and physical illnesses. As the proverb says, “A good laugh and long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book,” it is necessary to have deep and restorative sleep, which holds the key to healing the body from specific problems. But due to advanced technology, work shifts, modern devices, and even health discomforts, people nowadays experience a lack of sleep. Though you intend to use sleeping pills, home remedies, meditation, and more practices, you may not attain the deep sleep that supports you. Hence, the review here is done about the Harmonium Sleep Support formula, which works unlike any other sleeping support solution to provide you 8-9 hours of regular healthy sleep. If this sounds incredible to you, then you can keep reading the rest of the review and know what exactly Harmonium Sleep Support is, how it works, and its pros and cons before relying on the product.

What is Harmonium Sleep Support?

Harmonium Sleep Support is the potent herbal 7-second routine made as an easy-to-mix powder to induce deep and restful sleep. Harmonium Sleep Support is a simple nighttime tea made delicious to increase natural sleep by triggering the sleep-supportive chemicals (GABA and Glutamate) present inside the brain. This discovery helps you attain deep restorative sleep in a few minutes by managing the strange chemical hidden inside the brain. Drinking this Harmonium Sleep Support mixture 6-8 ounces a day helps you to prevent the causes of insomnia like stress, anxiety, and worries. You might stay asleep faster and makes you wake up refreshed every morning without any disturbance in the middle of sleep. Harmonium Sleep Support formula includes a natural flower extract and unique herbs that can support healthy sleep cycles and is added in precisely to ensure a safe dosage.

The Harmonium Sleep Support powder is made as an efficient tea mixture that can enhance healthy sleep and is made precise with natural extracts. The creator has made the formulation under strict safety standards to ensure a safe dosage.

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How does the Harmonium Sleep Support formula work?

There are a lot of information signals transmitted through brain neurons that deliver the information between brain and body. These signals are called neurotransmitters, and GABA and Glutamate are two essential brain chemicals that function as neurotransmitters. There is a virus infection that affects these two neurotransmitters in the brain. It lowers the GABA levels and increases glutamate levels in the brain, disrupting regular sleep cycles. Because the GABA levels stop your brain from thinking and make it relax, when it gets lowered, it awakens your body in the middle of the night or makes it impossible to sleep. At the same time, glutamate tells your body to get excited and makes your brain think. An increase in glutamate might make you think more and make your body restless. Besides virus infections, aging also paves the way to these varying neurotransmitter levels that naturally lower GABA and increase glutamate that hindering the sleeping cycle.

Hence, it is necessary to increase your brain’s GABA production before going to bed and decrease glutamate chemicals for calming your mind and getting deep sleep. Therefore, the manufacturer has made the Harmonium Sleep Support solution with the potent inclusions that can make it possible. Harmonium Sleep Support is the breakthrough sleep support solution made as a fantastic bedtime routine for stimulating a healthy sleep. The manufacturer has made Harmonium Sleep Support a safe and natural way to increase the sleep cycle that gives you satisfying sleep and waking up with full energy.

Ingredients added in Harmonium Sleep Support formula:

The Harmonium Sleep Support ingredients list includes the powerful and unique blend of natural extracts proven by science to manage healthy sleep by fixing its underlying cause. There are no harmful chemicals or fillers added to the formula to support safe sleep results.

Passionflower is the calming herb used to prevent insomnia, increase GABA levels, and lower stress and anxiety. It makes you feel relaxed and induces restful sleep.

KSM-66: It is the highest concentrated ashwagandha extract that stimulates GABA production and increases better sleep. It controls stress and prevents anxiety and panic attacks.

Lemon balm leaf: It has life-enhancing properties and anti-stress capabilities. It eases negative thoughts and supports calmness and alertness.

Chamomile is a calming herb that acts as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety and insomnia. It also controls blood pressure and induces deep sleep.

Astaxanthin: It is a reddish antioxidant that comforts you with confidence when you feel down. It detoxifies your body, improves sleep, and lowers stress.

Griffonia seed extract: It is the natural source of 5-HTP that boosts serotonin in the body and makes you feel good with a happy mood and feelings of well-being. It improves melatonin and regulates sleep better.

Magnesium: This mineral can reduce anxiety and improve healthy sleep. It boosts GABA levels and reduces glutamate naturally.

Asian Ginseng extract: It is one of the sleep remedies that lowers the frustrating sleep issues and triggers melatonin for improving sleep quality.

You can also find ingredients like Melatonin and BioPerine to boost sleep results.

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Benefits of Harmonium Sleep Support formula:

  • Harmonium Sleep Support solution helps you achieve deep restorative sleep in a few minutes.
  • It makes you calm, relaxed, and attain peace of mind with healthy sleep.
  • You may not include expensive mattresses, harmful pills, or meditation hours to induce sleep.
  • It makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every morning and supports better focus.
  • You may overcome issues like dizziness, stomach upset, blurred vision, and tinnitus.
  • It calms your mind, relaxes your body, and makes you alert and active throughout the day.
  • It is made 100% natural, safe and effective to deliver healthy sleep results without causing any adverse effects.
  • Harmonium Sleep Support tea gives you higher energy levels and keeps you cool and calm.
  • It prevents abnormal weight accumulation and unbalanced hormone levels.
  • The harmonium tea is made 100% safe with precise ingredients, and thousands of positive user reviews back the results.
  • A 90-day refund guarantee is offered, which makes you feel risk-free.


  • The Harmonium Sleep Support product is made for purchase only on its official website and is not found in any stores near you.
  • It is necessary to consult with your medical professional before using it in your routine if you are already under medication or pregnant.

How much should I spend to get Harmonium Sleep Support product?

The manufacturer has made a special deal with exclusive discounts that last for a limited time, making the purchase enjoyable. The product is made inexpensive and involves a one-time investment with no hidden fees.

  • You can buy a 30-day supply of 1 Harmonium Sleep Support bottle for $49.95 with a small shipping cost.
  • Buy a 90-day supply of 3 Harmonium Sleep Support bottles for $39.95 per bottle with a small shipping cost.
  • Buy a 180-day supply of 6 Harmonium Sleep Support bottles for $33 per bottle with free shipping.

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Harmonium Sleep Support risk-free guarantee!

Every package purchase is backed by the 90-day money-back guarantee, where you get three whole months to try the benefits of the Harmonium Sleep Support solution and attain deep sleep. If you think the Harmonium Sleep Support does not satisfy you, then you can contact the customer support team and claim the 100% refund within three months of your first purchase. It makes you feel 100% risk-free and protected.

How to take Harmonium Sleep Support?

It is a simple method made to support anyone in achieving deep sleep. You can mix one scoop of Harmonium Sleep Support powder into 6-8 ounces of water and drink each night before bedtime. It is made delicious with a natural lemon tea flavor that will help your mind and body relax and attain healthy sleep.

Is Harmonium Sleep Support tea safe? – Final thoughts!

The Harmonium Sleep Support formula is an excellent method of altering your brain chemicals to normal range and helping you attain deep restorative sleep naturally. It takes control of your sleep and stops you from worrying and other stress, making you feel active and happy with a rejuvenated body every morning. The manufacturer has made Harmonium Sleep Support safe to use with a natural formulation that might not cause any Harmonium Sleep Support side effects. It is safe, simple, and effective to use than any other sleeping solution. You can stay asleep for eight complete hours without any disruption and maintain a healthy body, as thousands of positive customers reveal. Also, the 100% 90-day money-back guarantee makes you feel worth trying the product.

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