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ForsLean also includes a carrier or excipient, which is designed to improve the oral bioavailability of the product when taken as a dietary supplement.

ForsLean Supplement Review, Benefits for Weight Loss & Side Effects

ForsLean® is a nutritional weight management supplement, purported to increase the metabolic rate and thermogenesis. It contains a proprietary version of forskolin extract from the Coleus forskohlii plant found in parts of Asia.

Forskolin is a root extract that has been used by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal issues and other health problems.

Research demonstrates that forskolin may have benefits for weight loss by increasing the cellular levels of cyclic AMP (cAMP), a messenger molecule that is involved in thyroid function and metabolism.

Sabinsa Corporation developed a globally-patented version of forskolin known as ForsLean in 2001. This product is supported by a U.S. patent and has patents pending in Japan, Canada and Europe. [1]

ForsLean contains standardized concentrations of forskolin extract that can be used for supporting weight loss and promoting lean body mass. This product has been studied for its effects on decreasing body fat in multiple clinical trials.

Weight Loss
Cognitive Function

  • Boosts thyroid function & lipolysis
  • Promotes energy, stamina & concentration
  • Supports weight loss & appetite suppression

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More proof needs to be given to help show whether or not this ingredient would be safe or effective to take. There’s a lack of accountability, and it’s impossible to determine what strength would be an optimal dose per person. There’s no information available to determine what would be a good potency to start with.

ForsLean Review: Does it Work?

What is it?

ForsLean is a patented weight loss ingredient used to help trigger enzymes that help burn fat. Other intended benefits are promoting lean muscle mass growth, improving circulation, increased testosterone in men, and to help provide weight loss support alongside healthy eating and exercise.

It’s made from the roots of a non-GMO Coleus Forskohlii plant. The manufacturers don’t sell this ingredient themselves, but they do allow for other companies to add it to their supplements in varying strength. So is this truly an effective tool for weight loss? What do people experience, and is it safe to use? In this ForsLean review you’ll read about what customers have experienced, and the real truth about its weight loss effects.

ForsLean Ingredients and Side Effects

Every brand containing ForsLean adds their own formula. A standard dose can vary, as the amount and potency of the extract can change There’s many different variations of this ingredient depending on the supplement, therefore reading the ingredients label is important:

ForsLean (It can range from 90% to 10%, with different milligram strengths.

ForsLean: Patented extract of the Coleus Forskohlii plant. Forskolin itself is known to increase heartbeat, and widen blood vessels.

The patented form of ForsLean is made by the Sabinsa Corporation, and the company claims it’s effective for:

“promoting lean muscle body mass and treating mood disorders”

Coleus Forskohlii itself has been reviewed in multiple studies. mentions:

“Forskolin is still being researched for its effects on testosterone and fat loss”

More information is needed to help determine its true effects. Though the manufacturers do have clinical studies for their patented form, but there’s a possibility for bias.

A study performed by Baylor University showed that the ForsLean:

“does not appear to promote weight loss”

This study was performed on overweight people in a trusted double blind study, which is considered the most reliable form of clinical studies. In it, people were given high amounts of this ingredient in repeat dosages.

“supplementation had no significant effect on diet”

“No significant differences were observed in appetite, hunger, energy”

No hunger loss was listed, increased energy, or change in eating habits.

The effectiveness of this supplement had none of the claimed benefits made by the maker. The Sabinsa Corporation also paid for this clinical study, so even their own funded studies show no benefits for weight loss or mood. The study ends with:

“This study was funded in part by a research grant from Sabinsa Corporation” mentions some of the possible side effects from the plant extract:

“Clinical trial data are generally lacking. Adverse events reported with the use of… (a Forskolin derivative) include rapid or irregular heart rate.”

So there have been case reports of people experiencing symptoms with this ingredient. Even though the official website mentions:

“No serious side effects nor adverse side effects have been reported”

Though other studies have shown a possible side effect with the plant extract. It’s unknown if the makers formulate this ingredient in a way to help reduce its possible side effects.

Another review by the Science-Based Medicine group found:

“Its clinical efficacy and safety have not been established”

“we don’t have good enough evidence to know ether it does or not (help with weight loss)”

So determining whether or not for sure this ingredient works is still unknown. There’s a lack of evidence to help prove this ingredients worth. Without being able to determine more information, it might be unnecessary to use this additive.

Typically in clinical studies, there’s some sort of an effect. However, in many studies there has been a lack of benefits. The company fails to mention the study they paid for which showed no effects.

The intended benefit of this ingredient is to increase the functioning of cyclic AMP, which is used to stimulate the creation of the hormone lipase. This in turn helps to break down triglycerides, which are known as the building blocks of fat tissue.

Though due to the lack of quality studies, and the information available about the lack of effects, it’s still not yet proven to be an effective weight loss ingredient.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

ForsLean Quality Of Ingredients


Each brand adds their mixture of ingredients alongside the main additive, which is ForsLean. Therefore, it’s important to make sure to read the supplements facts list to see what else is included. Some brands may add large amounts of filler and inactive ingredients.

Also, each manufacturer can add their extract strength and total amount to this. Some extracts are offered around 90% to 10%, with different milligram strengths.

Still, the available data shows that this ingredient has no proven weight loss properties. There was a lack of any of the claimed benefits made by the creators. Since returns aren’t allowed directly from the producers of this ingredient, one might lose out on money depending on the individual return policies.

Some studies have shown that Forskolin may be a potentially harmful ingredient as well.

The Price and Quality of ForsLean

Each brand sells their formula where ForsLean is the main active ingredient in varying prices. One brand sold on featuring this ingredient sells for $21.98, offering a months supply.

This is from Nature’s Plus, though this price can vary depending on what specific supplement is purchased. Typically, the brands offered are sold at an inexpensive price.

Since studies have shown ForsLean to not have a weight loss effect, there’s really no reason to supplement with this ingredient. Even a clinical study funded by the company showed no results.

More proof needs to be given to help show whether or not this ingredient would be safe or effective to take. There’s a lack of accountability, and it’s impossible to determine what strength would be an optimal dose per person. There’s no information available to determine what would be a good potency to start with.

Business of ForsLean

The Sabinsa Corporation has patented this ingredient. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (732) 777-1111

The company offers no returns; one has to deal with brands that feature this ingredient individually. Since each supplement company has their own policies, it’s important to look at what kind of return policy is offered, if any.

This company holds the only US patent of the plant extract Coleus Forskohlii. Though this patented ingredient is made in a GMP certified facility to help track quality, it’s not FDA approved.

The official website also only showcases one study to show the effects of this ingredient. It was also only performed on 6 women. So the judgment of whether or not this ingredient works is only provided by a flawed study. Many more people need to be tested in order to prove this company makes a actually reliable ingredient in ForsLean.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of ForsLean

Here are some customer reviews from brands containing this ingredient:

“It didn’t seem to do anything in relation to weight loss”

“I see no results of any kind”

“Don’t bother wasting your time, energy, or money”

“Not sure if it actually has helped”

There’s not much support for this ingredient. Though there are very few issues with side effects, there’s also a majority consensus that brands containing this ingredient have no effect. People mention they took a full bottle amount alongside diet and exercise, while still failing to see any weight loss benefits.

There were some people who claimed they think they experienced a change, but overall, the consensus was completely underwhelming. None of the intended benefits occurred for most in terms of lean muscle mass growth, body fat loss, increased energy, or increased testosterone.

Some listed side effects included gastrointestinal effects, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. Though it’s unknown if this is due to the other added ingredients, or perhaps ForsLean itself.

How Does ForsLean Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Sletrokor (Editor’s Choice)
  • 94/100

Conclusion – Does ForsLean Work?

ForsLean is a GMO free natural extract that’s been studied thoroughly. Some clinical studies have shown it to be effective, but the majority of studies done on the plant and the patented ingredient haven’t shown weight loss benefits. Also, since the manufactures sell this brand to other companies, they are allowed to add whatever they want other blends. No quality control is guaranteed once the ingredient is sold to other brands. Better options for well-rounded weight loss are available, which have only studied ingredients that routinely contribute to weight loss.

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ForsLean Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

This is a weight loss product that delivers results through the following ingredients:

  • Coleus Forskohlii – This is an ingredient which helps you get lean body muscles [2] . It makes sure that you build an attractive and desired body figure.
  • Gelatin – This is used to helpful in boosting your energy levels for burning of more fats and calories for the slimmer figure.