cerebral success smartx reviews

cerebral success smartx reviews

But generally, most of the people who have used SmartX haven’t reported any adverse side effects making us trust its safety and effectiveness despite a lack of research evidence. But we strongly advise our readers to consult their medical care provider before using this brain enhancer.

SmartX is an herbal supplement manufactured by Cerebral Success Company. It is a supplement that is designed to improve overall alertness and concentration and also to increase mental energy. Standardized drinks and caffeinated drinks help to boost people energy but not focus or memory.

SmartX Cerebral SuccessSmartX Cerebral Success – Brain Supplementation

This where SmartX comes in to fill the gap left by these drinks. It is an brain supplement that is packed with ingredients that have been clinically tested and proved to improve memory and increase focus.

Our team here at BrainEnhancementAdvisor.org decided to test the pills only for one week because of the overwhelming amount of customer reviews available online. With hundreds of different experiences shared on Amazon.com, we didn’t feel that it was necessary for two extra people to try the product for an entire month. Besides, it’s better to assess the results in general since each person may react to the product differently.


Along with the stresses of life comes the difficulty to remain focused, keep calm and stay productive. The first step to tackle a problem like this is to understand the underlying problem. Whether it may be work-related issues, struggles in school or relationship difficulties, we all go through problems that make a huge impact on your lives. The trick is to be able to maintain a healthy and dynamic lifestyle despite any challenges we are going through. This may require a bit of meditation every morning or maybe an extra cup of that green tea latte to soothe your soul. While these great tricks could work for a day or two, some of us need a lending hand that will bring successful long-term results. This is where cognitive enhancing supplements come in – the bad boys that are designed to help you reach your fullest brain potential and maximize your cognitive functions such as focus and memory. SmartX is one out of thousands of these supplements available in the market today. The product became much in demand after getting positively reviewed on ABC’s Shark Tank. SmartX aims to increase the brain metabolism by providing needed vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. Let’s see what this popular product is all about.


SmartX is manufactured by Cerebral Success ­– an American supplement company established in 2014. Despite its young age, the company has managed to do very well for itself particularly after receiving quite a huge chunk of money from the investors on Shark Tank. We also found out through research that the company is considering selling their product in GNC retail stores. This would be a huge step for SmartX as it would introduce the product to a wider audience of customers who are loyal to GNC and trust its products.


Niacin 10mg
Vitamin B6 5mg
Folic Acid 200mcg
Vitamin B12 10mcg
Proprietary Blend 510.05mg
L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Ginkgo, Bacopa,
DHA, DMAE, Ginseng, Schizandrol-A, L-Glutamine,
Phosphatidylserine, Vinpocetine, Huperzine A

A lot of great compounds immediately caught our attention. Vinpocetine works well to boost memory by increasing blood flow to the brain while Huperzine A can improve both long and short-term memory. Caffeine is a great substance to increase mental alertness and energy during work hours. Cognizin is also a great substance that improves neural communication and maintains nerve cell health.

However, we must point out that this formula still has room for improvement. DMAE, for instance, is a substance that has recently been banned in the U.S., Canada and Australia as research has proven it to be fatal towards nerve cell health when used in the long term.


Our team here at BrainEnhancementAdvisor.org decided to test the pills only for one week because of the overwhelming amount of customer reviews available online. With hundreds of different experiences shared on Amazon.com, we didn’t feel that it was necessary for two extra people to try the product for an entire month. Besides, it’s better to assess the results in general since each person may react to the product differently.

Back to the trials! For the entire week, we did notice that an increase in focus was present. Our two testers could concentrate for 3-4 hours without feeling the need to take breaks or cool off. This was very impressive particularly because the results came within the second day.

Other Reviews

“easiest way to describe it…… it works. especially when ive been at the office toooo long. brings me right back to my work and helps me get focused on what i need to get done.”

  • JAZ on Amazon.com

“I work IT and am a student so I’ve been looking for something to help me out. Really been struggling with my energy and just feeling burnt out. Smart x was recommended to me by a friend and honestly it’s helped so much. I highly recommend it to anyone for energy and focus.”

  • Travis Davey on Amazon.com

“WAY better than coffee/energy drinks. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in for me and I feel like I can focus on anything. Even if I get interrupted I feel like I can dive right back into what I was working on. kinda pricey but i bought off their website using a Shark Tank coupon.”

  • jenny on Amazon.com

“I notice a significant difference when I am studying on SmartX. It adds that extra boost of concentration and focus. I definitely recommend it.”

Caffeine is an unnecessary addition. It leads to temporary stimulation and a crash afterward. It may also lead to some unwanted side-effects in people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Are SmartX Cerebral Success Ingredients Safe And Effective?

The company is honest to mention that slight side-effects may appear like nausea and headaches. This entirely depends on the individual’s tolerance.

Caffeine may lead to some unwanted reactions. Having said that, we do not see any significant threat with the majority of the ingredients. We only wish there were fewer fillers and more active nootropics in it.

It’s best to consult your healthcare practitioner before including a new supplement in your diet.

In addition to it, we suggest some users avoid nootropic supplements altogether:

This trevor hiltbrand shark tank products Cerebral X having a bottle that contains 60 capsules. The official website sells it for $65. Buying two bottle you can save $15 by paying $115. Three bottles will cost you $150. You will save $45. The product can be also purchased on Amazon, GNC, Walmart and some other retail stores.

Does Smart x Cerebral Success Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Cerebral Success tries to be honest when speaking about the side effects of their brain booster. They say that side effects are possible. As the supplement increases the blood flow to the brain, it can possibly worsen headaches.

Sometimes, this supplement may cause depression, jitters, nausea, and appetite suppression. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. That is all, but in reality, the number of side effects seems to be unlimited if you take a look at each of Cerebral Success ingredients.

Huperzine A can slow the heart rate which can be a great problem for patients with the condition, thus, this ingredient is prohibited to people with heart disease. Huperzine A influences brain chemicals, so it can make epilepsy worse. Its usage might make GI blockage worse.

It should not be used by patients with a GI tract blockage and sores in the stomach. The same concerns people with peptic ulcers, lung conditions such as asthma or emphysema, as well as a urinary tract system blockage.

Another ingredient in the supplement, vinpocetine, should not be used by people who have a problem with blood clotting. This component might increase the risk of bleeding. It should not be taken at least two weeks before and after surgery, as well as by people with a weakened immune system.

Vinpocetine has a negative impact on the immune system by reducing the body’s ability to combat infections. Phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia and stomach upset, particularly at higher doses. As it is produced from animal sources, Phosphatidylserine could transmit mad cow disease .

Theanine may interact with medications for high blood pressure, stimulant drugs, etc. For this reason, you are recommended to consult your doctor if you are taking any medication on a regular basis before using samrt X.

Let us have a look at some of the real users’ reviews.

Summary: While SmartX is a Bump Up from Cerebral Success, It Still Underperforms.

Congnizin: a new addition

One of the newest addition to SmartX’s formula since it’s been introduced is cognizin.

Cognizin is basically, as they mentioned, their branded form of citicholine.

However, the problem with this is that their initial premise is already wrong.

Citicholine is a cheaper form of a better, more effective Alpha GPC, which is present in many of the best brain pills out there like Alpha Brain.

With this addition to their formula, it isn’t exactly much better than it used to be.

And revisiting our old review of Cerebral Success, when it first came out, it wasn’t all too hot either.

SmartX supplement facts and ingredients label

Now though, we’ve noticed that SmartX has seen quite a lot more negative reviews on Amazon, mostly noting about their blatantly deceitful marketing strategies.

While we won’t say too much about it, you can read some more of those reviews on Amazon.

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Pro’s and Con’s

– Still a good formula
– New addition to the formula, Cognizin
– Revamping of new website brings more information

– Cognizin is basically Citicholine, cheap
– Still not as effective as other newer similar nootropics
– Long term effects could still be harmful

Summary: While SmartX is a Bump Up from Cerebral Success, It Still Underperforms.

Despite the new revamping of both the product and the website, we find that Cerebral Success’ SmartX is still not all that good.

While we said in our old review of Cerebral Success that it was quite good, revisiting it now, SmartX, despite its improvements, can no longer hold up with the majority of the competition.

Marketed towards students, if you don’t want an overly potent nootropic, SmartX might be a good starting point before you move onto bigger things.

Total Score: 3 out of 5 stars(3 / 5) Effectiveness: 3 out of 5 stars(3 / 5) Ingredients: 3 out of 5 stars(3 / 5) Side Effects: 3 out of 5 stars(3 / 5) Value for Money: 3 out of 5 stars(3 / 5)

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Cerebral Success SmartX uses Huperzine A, Cognizin®, and B-Vitamins as its three main ingredients. This nutritional cocktail may boost brain activity and cognitive senses, as well as improve the way the rest of your body functions, decreasing tiredness and improving concentration. But no clinical trials have been conducted on the product.

Our Top Choices of 2022


Provasil Significant improvement in mental clarity, focus & memory within the first 4 weeks!


  • Improves the memory, alertness, and recall ability
  • Drastically reduces brain fog
  • Supports better levels of focus and concentration
  • Protects the long-term health of the brain
  • Increases circulation to the brain
  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • Reduces the risk of further cognitive decline
  • Provasil was found to be highly effective for 99% of customers
  • All ingredients have been clinically tested
  • The online ordering process is 100% secure
  • Provasil produces no harmful side effects
  • The formula is natural, with no dangerous stimulants
  • The customer service department is accessible and well-informed
  • Customers can try the Quick Starter Travel Pack before making a full purchase
  • The company doesn’t make customers sign up for an auto-shipping plan
  • Provasil can only be purchased from the official website
  • Stock is sometimes low due to high demand

The Bottom Line

Provasil is a powerful nootropic supplement designed to improve several aspects of cognitive function while also protecting the long-term health of the brain and preventing further decline.

The formula uses a blend of all-natural extracts, that unlike some products of this type, doesn’t rely on chemical-based stimulants or potentially addictive ingredients to produce results. Numerous clinical studies attest to the multiple benefits of this doctor-developed supplement, and it has been proven effective in quickly and safely improving the memory, eliminating brain fog, and increasing focus, concentration, and the attention span when used as directed on a regular basis. Indeed, in consumer trials, the results of Provasil have been incredible, with over 99% of users stating that they experienced drastic improvements in their cognitive function within just a short period of time. Many users also mentioned the fact that they had greater peace of mind knowing that Provasil was giving them the complete nutritional support they needed to keep their brain healthy and protected as they aged, thus reducing the risk of cognitive decline and severe impairment.



When you look at the scientific data backing the Provasil formula key ingredients, it’s easy to see why this supplement produces such powerful effects, especially as each one has been included in its optimal concentrated amount and selected based upon its ability to work synergistically for maximum benefits. Many of the active extracts also have additional health benefits too, such as reducing stress and helping to support a stronger immune system.

Because Provasil is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, consumers can purchase it with confidence, knowing that there is no financial risk should it not live up to their expectations for any reason. However, from the remarkable results we’ve seen during our own in-depth analysis and research process, we have no doubt that Provasil will do all that it claims to and ensure that you enjoy complete cognitive health and function for years to come.