viril xl reviews

viril xl reviews

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This content may contain all or some of the following – product information, overviews, product specifications, and buying guides. All content is presented as a nominative product overview and registered trademarks, trademarks, and service-marks that appear on Health Web Magazine belong solely to their respective owners. If you see any content that you deem to be factually inaccurate, we ask that you contact us so we can remedy the situation. By doing so, we can continue to provide information that our readers can rely on for truth and accuracy.

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One of the most impressive aspects of this clinically proven supplement is that the formula has a cumulative effect on the body, so the already-potent benefits become stronger with continued use. This means that the individual never has to worry about whether they’ll be able to perform or not – they can feel confident that in addition to having a rock-hard erection whenever they want one, they’ll also have an abundance of sexual stamina that will allow them to perform for hours on end, without the need for long periods of recovery. Naturally, this enhances the quality of the individual’s overall sexual activity and will often also improve their intimate relationships.

Overview Of Viril XL

Has your sexual desire started declining? Have you been feeling short on vitality levels when you’re about to get wild with your partner? Well, don’t worry.

According to several Viril XL Reviews, the formula features a blend of herbal ingredients that help you regain your sexual power. One of the ingredients included in the supplement is Horny Goat Weed, an aphrodisiac that stimulates blood flow and zaps your nerves to improve your stimulation.

It’s also proven to boost your libido and improve your sexual performance for a leading sexual experience.

Viril X also offers a 100% no-risk promise, allowing you to receive a full refund within 90 days of your purchase.

Miura Puama

Muira Pauma is a powder made from the roots of a special Brazillian tree and acts as an incredible all-natural libido booster.

It has an extensive history of being used to treat general sexual issues that are present in both men and women. (Source)

Tribulus Terrestris

The fruit of the Tribulus Terrestris has been used for many years to treat a variety of conditions that are linked to sexual dysfunction or poor sexual performance.

It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to boost physical performance, both in and out of the bedroom.

It also helps with kidney stones, high blood pressure, acting as a diuretic, and reducing erectile dysfunction. (Source)

Kola Nut

The kola nut has been used around the globe to help relieve the effects of fatigue, depression, melancholy, and lack of muscle tone, as well as many other benefits.

It is also used to combat headaches, toothaches, ulcers, and low sex drive.

Taking kola nut as a supplement can help the libido to return or to improve from a relatively dormant state. (Source)

Maca root is an incredibly popular ingredient in many men’s sexual supplements, due to the effects it can have on the male sexual system and semen.

The incredible boost to libido that it provides is not the only sexual benefit its users can reap, but it also helps increase the quality, volume, and motility of the semen. (Source)


Also known as Siberian ginseng, though not related to other varieties of the same name, Eleuthero has long been used to improve the general health of individuals.

Consuming eleuthero as a supplement can boost the ability of the muscles to work, leading to longer physical workouts, and longer bedroom athletic sessions.

There are also the secondary benefits of blood sugar stabilization, helping to reduce reliance on insulin for some diabetics. (Source)


Growing natively in Peru and Brazil, this rare and fairly unknown tree has bark that the locals have used for countless generations to make traditional healing substances and herbal medicines that claim to add significant increases to male sexual health.

Catuaba bark helps to pump up the sex drive, the libido, and even the appetite while working to reduce panic and anxiety feelings and staying out of the way of your normal sleep cycles. (Source)

Avena Sativa

Extracting the concentrate from oat straw can provide the body with several health benefits, starting with an increased mental ability and power, mood enhancement, and anti-inflammatory powers that help reduce swelling. (Source)


A common plant that grows on nearly every continent has been harvested and consumed as a health supplement and herbal medicine farther back than the written word goes.

Well-known as a massive concentration of nutrition, with high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B, along with several minerals that are vital to physical health like iron, magnesium, and sodium.

One other benefit that nettles have is being able to help shrink the prostate, which may increase sexual performance in men with previously enlarged glands. (Source)


Pumpkin seed extract is super high in many vitamins and minerals, many known for boosting the male sexual system significantly when taken as a supplement.

Known to help nearly every aspect of digestive and sexual health, pumpkin has high levels of zinc as well, which is required for testosterone and sperm production. (Source)


Ginger has been used in herbal medicine for centuries and can help with nausea, immune deficiencies, and body fat elimination. (Source)


Not much is known about Sarsaparilla, beyond claims of digestive system improvement, kidney health, and sexual health. (Source)

L-Arginine HCL

One of the vital amino acids in the body, L-Arginine is needed at every age and stage of life to keep up the production of hormones, sustain athletic performance, improve sexual performance, and help keep the thermogenic fat burning processes going.

It is useful for athletes as well as the average person that wants to extend their endurance and build more stamina for important activities like working out and sex.

L-Arginine also prompts the body to pack on huge amounts of muscle tissue. (Source)


Also known by many people as horny goat weed, Barrenwort or epimedium sagittatum has been used for many years to treat a variety of illnesses, including sexual dysfunction, fatigue, premature ejaculation, and even circulatory problems.

Not only does it ramp up the libido, it also helps send blood to the penis for strong erections. (Source)

Korean Ginseng

Famous in Asian medicine, and used for countless centuries for its general health tonic effects, ginseng is responsible for a number of benefits including reducing inflammation, raising antioxidant levels, blood sugar modulation abilities, mental process improvement, and a source of natural and headache-free energy that can last for hours. (Source)

American Ginseng

American ginseng is related to the Asian varieties and holds many similar beneficial effects on male sexual performance.

Not only can it help improve male fertility by helping to modulate the hormonal system, but it promotes spermatogenesis.

Ginseng can also enhance both the quality and stamina of the erection, leading to more enjoyable sexual encounters. (Source)


L-Citrulline is crucial in increasing the flow of blood to the male genitals, helping to decrease occurrences of general erectile dysfunction.

It also boosts the body’s ability to maintain an erection once achieved.

Found to naturally occur in watermelons, L-Citrulline supplements are available as over-the-counter remedies, but no reliable dosing studies have been performed to date. (Source)

Orchic Substance

This extract from bovine testicles is thought to help the male sexual system and is used in some medicine production. (Source)

Boron Citrate

Boron citrate is a bioavailable form of supplemental boron.

Boron helps the body most effectively metabolize the vitamins and minerals that it takes in through diet.

Some cognitive functions are also improved via boron supplementation, such as memory and hand-eye coordination.

It can also help significantly improve blood flow to the areas of the body that best contribute to healthy sexual performance, as well as balance many hormones such as testosterone. (Source)


The extract of some peppers can act as a vasodilator, enabling easier erections and a boosted libido. (Source)

Viril X – just like our top male enhancement pill VigRX Plus – focuses on improving sexual function using a blend of 21 ingredients.

The company states that Viril X is free from harmful products

But, natural ingredients can also cause side effects.

Moreover, it contains many ingredients, and some users might be allergic.

For instance, one user reported that they experienced stomach upsets due to cayenne.

Also, another reported that they were allergic to niacin and iodine.

Most users reported headaches and stomach upsets.

The stomach upsets were mainly because the pills were taken on an empty stomach.

L-Arginine: A form of amino acids that are used in male enhancement supplements because of their link to erectile health. When L-Arginine enters a person’s bloodstream the body converts it into nitric oxide – one of the chemicals responsible for controlling how wide our veins become.

Viril X Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

+ –

What is it?

Viril X is a male enhancement supplement that has been specifically designed to increase testosterone levels in its users.

Its advertising promises a number of beneficial effects including larger, harder erections, increased libido levels, and the stamina to last longer before reaching climax.

The product that has consistently scored the highest in our experts’ trials is Viritenz.

They’ve outperformed other brands of male enhancement products in almost every category including erectile quality and sexual satisfaction.

Viril X Ingredients and Side Effects

Viril X does not publish their ingredients panel. They do not list their specific additives or dosage amounts anywhere online, however their promotional materials do highlight some of the more effective ingredients for male enhancement supplements. There is no guarantee how much, or even if, any of these chemicals are in Viril X, however their advertising mentions the following:

L-Arginine Tribulus Terrestris
Korean Ginseng Maca

L-Arginine: A form of amino acids that are used in male enhancement supplements because of their link to erectile health. When L-Arginine enters a person’s bloodstream the body converts it into nitric oxide – one of the chemicals responsible for controlling how wide our veins become.

This is relevant to erectile health because proper circulation is one of the most important factors in the arousal process. In order to achieve maximum rigidity the body needs to be able to divert a certain amount of the blood that it normally uses to the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Wider veins leads to easier blood flow, which leads to larger, harder erections.

L-Arginine is also useful because it can increase the levels of insulin and human growth hormone in the body. These are precursors to testosterone production, which is one of the most important factors in maintaining proper sexual responsiveness.

Tribulus Terrestris: A plant once considered an annoyance that is now one of the more sought after male enhancement products on the market.

Tribulus is visually distinctive for its spiny exterior that often gets caught in clothing and can even puncture bicycle tires, which lead its common nickname “puncture vine.” Chemically it is known as a testosterone booster that helps increase the power of the brain’s androgen receptors.

As mentioned above, testosterone is one of the primary hormones for male sexual responsiveness. What that means is that it is responsible for helping maintain libido levels, the ability to achieve and maintain erection, and a number of other important sexual processes.

Some advertising claims that tribulus can increase the amount of testosterone in a person’s body, however this is not exactly accurate. It helps activate the brain’s testosterone responsiveness, maximizing the effectiveness of the body’s preexisting testosterone and the testosterone generated by other supplement ingredients.

Korean Ginseng: An herb that is taken most frequently as a mental functioning and mood enhancement supplement, but also thought to have some applications as an aphrodisiac. Korean ginseng, also known as panax ginseng, has historically been used to treat a number of different conditions including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • COPD
  • Influenza
  • Multiple sclerosis symptoms

It is thought to have a variety of benefits for men sexually, including the fact that it may help prevent erectile dysfunction. As a mild stimulant, ginseng increases heart rate and circulation, which as mentioned above can help users achieve and maintain erections.

It has also been shown to increase sexual arousal levels, but decrease instances of premature ejaculation. This means that users are more likely to engage in sexual fantasies, however their heightened arousal levels will not prevent them from being able to perform.

Maca: A plant found originally high in the Andes mountains where it was used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac by the native Peruvians. Maca is known to increase testosterone levels in men, which, as mentioned earlier, can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Maca improves erectile quality, libido levels, sexual stamina and both the quantity and the sperm count of users’ semen. It is especially useful in people experiencing sexual function due to depression, as well as ED due to depression medication.

EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Viril X Quality of Ingredients

If it could be guaranteed that these addatives were included in Viril X, in substantial but healthy dosage levels, and that there were no other unhealthy or lower quality ingredients included in their blend, then it would be easy to say that Viril X had a very high quality ingredients mix. Unfortunately, this is not the case. None of those conditions are guaranteed and ultimately the chances that they are all met are quite slim.

The most reputable companies in this industry make sure that they publish their full ingredients panel, including dosage information, with all of their promotional materials. When you invest the time and effort into creating a high-quality product, you want people to know that.

Publishing your full contents allows for easy comparison between brands, and it helps consumers make a fully-informed choice that is right for them. The companies that try to avoid such comparisons usually do so for a reason.

Sometimes they do it because they use very small amounts of more expensive higher quality ingredients, and then round out the pill with cheap fillers. Sometimes companies are trying to hide the fact that they are using ingredients that seem effective in the short term but in the long term can have serious consequences. It is not even unheard of for companies to illegally use controlled ingredients such as yohimbine or sildenafil without labeling them.

These practices are not just unethical or illegal, they can also be dangerous for consumers. Without the ability to know what you are putting into your body there is no way to know that you are safe from allergic or medicinal reactions, long term health effects, or that the product you are taking will even be effective at all.

The Price and Quality of Viril X

It can be hard to find retailers that still offer Viril X, as many have discontinued the brand. There are still some outlets online that carry it, and their prices tend to be similar to these:

  • 1, 50-count bottle of Viril X capsules: $52.99

The instructions for Viril X are to take two pills daily for maximum efficiency, which means that each bottle is about 25 days’ worth of product. Once shipping and handling is factored in, that means that users would be paying over $70 per month, which is well above normal price levels for a product of this nature.

Business of Viril X

Viril X is one of the brands from Naturopathica, an Australian herbal supplements and personal care products manufacturer. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: 02 9997 1466

Address: 18 Jubilee Ave.

Warriewood, NSW 2102

There are no outstanding formal complaints against Viril X at this time, nor is there any evidence that they have been involved in any legal disputes in the past.

Customer Opinions of Viril X

There are very few objective reviews of Viril X still left online. The ones that have not been scrubbed off, however, are not particularly positive about their experiences with the product:

“I bought Viril X for my boyfriend as an anniversary present. He took it for almost a month and we never saw any results… I guess we’ll just keep looking for something that can help his little problem.”

“Total waste of my money and time. Not only did I not see erection one, but this junk messed up my stomach, made my head hurt, and I couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

“NOT WORTH IT. Viril X is a BOGUS product. STAY AWAY!”

The most common complaint that was made was that Viril X was ineffective for improving erectile quality. Customers also had issues with side effects, often gastro-intestinal in nature, as well as problems regarding the high price of the supplement and what they got for it.

How Does Viril X Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Viritenz
    (Editor’s Choice)
  • 99/100
Conclusion – Does Viril X Work?

It is impossible to accurately say if a product that does not publish their ingredients will be effective or not for any given user. Their reluctance to disclose their contents, however, is an indicator of how little the manufacturers think of their own brand – and the opinions of past customers confirms those suspicions.

Maca, L-Arginine, tribulus terrestris, and Korean ginseng are all considered high quality ingredients by our team of experts. If we knew that all of these ingredients were actually in the blend, and in reasonable doses, then Viril X would stand a good chance of being effective. There are no guarantees of this, however, and it seems highly unlikely that this is the case based on the negativity seen in their reviews.

The most effective male enhancement product, according to our team of experts, is Viritenz. Their ingredients blend is known to be highly potent and very reliable, and it’s effective for addressing multiple different sexual needs.

The reports from previous customers demonstrate just how successful their blend can be. Click here to read reviews of Viritenz from past and current users.

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There return policy rips you off you won’t get all your money back it doesn’t matter if the bottle is open or not