TestoTek Reviews

Testotek Reviews – A Thorough Look at this Test Booster!

A common concern for many men after they hit 30 is the progressive decline of testosterone levels in the body and for those who deal with Low T, the idea of taking supplements might seem a quick fix. If you’re one of those men who is also concerned about synthetic chemicals and unnatural ingredients, TestoTek could be the product for you.

This product is said to contain 12 natural ingredients that have been clinically researched to help combat the issues related with Low T, as well as trigger the natural production of testosterone the safe and easy way. Let’s take a closer look at this supplement and the claims that it will take you back to your twenties, in terms of testosterone production.

The benefits you’re looking to get from this could vary from person to person, but here are some of the pros that most people appreciate:

  • TestoTek comes with a money back guarantee
  • Increases concentration, strength, libido and sperm count
  • There are no dangerous side effects
  • It boosts testosterone with all-natural ingredients
  • Overall health is enhanced through boosting the immune system

Nothing’s perfect, to take a look at these ‘cons’ and decide for yourself whether or not you still want to give it a try.

  • It’s similar to cheaper products on the market
  • The high levels of zinc could make you ill if you’re sensitive to it or already getting a lot in your diet
  • You can only order it from the official store

For this reason, our team believe TestoFuel’s four-capsule serving is more appropriate. While Testotek v2.0 does make an effort to distribute throughout the day, TestoFuel is more staggered. In our experience this shows signs of a more constant supply of ingredients to the body. Plus, with four capsules, there’s the ability to fit more testosterone boosting compounds into each one.

Ingredients and research

TestoFuel label next to a Testotek v2.0 label

Here we will inspect the five main ingredients from both testosterone boosters. Our team will reference scientific research to see how effective each ingredient should be, and if the serving size is safe and potent.


According to the manufacturer, TestoFuel is an all-natural testosterone booster. It is also free from proprietary blends, which means the formula is transparent from the start. This signals trust and quality to our review team.

TestoFuel works through a four-capsule per day system. While it might seem excessive, this pattern allows for more of the ingredients to enter the body per serving.

In total TestoFuel has nine ingredients. Our team consider this a smart amount, as each one is potent, without being overfilled. We’ve seen more powerful formulas before but TestoFuel seems to cover all bases without spreading their formula thin.

TestoFuel Ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid (2300 mg) – This amino acid is important for regulating testosterone synthesis, growth hormone production, and therefore lean muscle mass [1]. Studies have indicated short-term DAA supplementation with higher levels of testosterone. As a result, it is often used to treat infertility in men or athletes looking to increase lean mass and strength [2].

Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) – Referred to as the ‘sixth steroid’ and ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D is proven to support male hormones. Research also suggests that 3332 to 5000 IU is effective at boosting both testosterone and strength [3][4]. TestoFuel delivers on both quality and quantity with this ingredient.

Oyster extract (100 mg) – One ingredient that sets TestoFuel apart from most competitors is oyster extract. This is an incredibly bioavailable source of zinc, which promotes healthy hormone levels. One study into the effects of this mineral showed that men with low testosterone are likely deficient in it [5].

Ginseng (100 mg) – This is an ancient herb used to improve mood, cognition, and the immune system. However, scientists say it also increases testosterone and it’s derivative DHT [6], while helping regulate blood sugar [7].

Fenugreek seed (100 mg) – Commonly used in cooking, Fenugreek holds impressive testosterone boosting properties. Inside TestoFuel it acts as an aromatase inhibitor, which should slow down the negative effects of estrogen. This process allows testosterone to operate more freely [8].

Testotek v2.0

TEKnaturals™ say Testotek v2.0 can help support your body’s natural testosterone levels through a plant-based ingredient formula. At the time of writing though, we found this to be a contradiction. The ingredient label clearly states this product contains Oyster Body Extract, which is not plant-based.

However, all 12 ingredients do appear to be natural and free from proprietary blends. A formula that is transparent like Testotek v2.0 tells our team that it has high potential for trust.

But at 12 ingredients strong, Testotek v2.0 is not as potent as TestoFuel. Yes, there is greater variety, but a two-capsule per day serving doesn’t create much space for optimal servings. While we believe most of the ingredients are impressive picks, a few could have been left out.

Testotek v2.0 includes the main players we’d expect. But the lower servings may hinder performance.

Testotek v2.0 Ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid (2000 mg) DAA plays an important part in stimulating the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which encourages testosterone production [1]. Studies show it can boost male hormones in impotent men, as well as improve strength and muscle mass in athletes [2]. Despite all this, at 2000 mg it’s a smaller serving than TestoFuel.

Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) – This vitamin has been shown to have a close relationship with healthy testosterone levels [3]. According to research, supplementing with 3332 to 5000 IU have shown positive testosterone boosting [5]. However, the 2000 IU serving found in TestoTek is only 40% of that present in TestoFuel.

Oyster Body Extract (70 mg) – Commonly used as an aphrodisiac, Oyster contains high amounts of the essential mineral Zinc. This is an element proven to benefit healthy testosterone production [5]. Plus, Oyster extract is also one of the most bioavailable sources of Zn too, but at 70 mg, it’s only 70% of TestoFuel’s more generous serving size.

Mucuna Pruriens (175 mg) – Unlike TestoFuel, this supplement contains mucuna pruriens. This is a compound that research shows raised testosterone levels in men with low sperm parameters [9].

Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate) (10 mg) – Also known as vitamin B5, this is another ingredient exclusive to Testotek. Studies have indicated that deficiencies in it can negatively impact testicular function in mammals [10] [11]. While the studies weren’t on humans, the evidence is positive to support its place in the product.

One of the reasons why we rank TestoTEK as the #1 testosterone booster is because formula is made up of 12 total ingredients. Tied only with Prime Male, this is the most we’ve seen. In addition, we believe each ingredient is potent enough to really make a difference. Here’s the key ingredients in TestoTEK.

What’s Under the Hood? TestoTEK Ingredients

One of the reasons why we rank TestoTEK as the #1 testosterone booster is because formula is made up of 12 total ingredients. Tied only with Prime Male, this is the most we’ve seen. In addition, we believe each ingredient is potent enough to really make a difference. Here’s the key ingredients in TestoTEK.

Ingredients for Natural Testosterone Boosting

TestoTek V3 Supplement Facts

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA): D aspartic acid is perhaps the most commonly utilized testo-boosting ingredient by manufacturers. And for good reason, because several studies have suggested that DAA may trigger natural testosterone production. It also may help produce human growth hormone (HGH) and increase fertility in men. As far as we’re concerned, every T-booster should have DAA. **

Vitamin D3: Another proven testo-booster, vitamin D3 is by its very nature a hormone rather than a vitamin. It is so important to overall health that it’s used in over 1,000 bodily functions. Vitamin D3 deficiency is suffered by millions of people, particular in cold climates during the winter when garnering vitamin D from sun exposure is challenging. We believe most people stand to benefit from supplementing with vitamin D3… especially men who hope to increase their T levels.**

Zinc: Many studies have suggested that Zinc is absolutely critical for testosterone production. It has also been considered a key ingredient for men’s sexual health in general for many years. Studies suggest it may improve erection quality, boost immune function, and may allow the cells to metabolize nutrients more efficiently, which can increase overall health and energy. The body is unable to produce zinc, so it is critical that men ingest foods that contain it or supplement with it…that is, if they want to experience the potential benefits. **

Mucana Pruriens: Mucuna Pruriens is a relative new comer to the world of testosterone, but is an amazing ingredient because some studies suggest it may inhibit prolactin and estrogen in the male body. These “female” hormones are the enemy to testosterone boosting. By limiting them, it can provide a green light to free up testosterone production.**

Stinging Nettle Root: Nettle root can potentially aid in the production of testosterone by halting “sex hormone binding globulin” or SHBG, as has been suggested by several studies. SHBG causes a protein to attach itself to hormones, which in effect makes the testosterone unavailable to be utilized by the body. Compounds in nettle root may be able to prevent this from happening.**

B-Complex Vitamins: B-complex vitamins are important for so many things, and studies have suggested that they may help create free testosterone in men. They are also generally believed to be important for increased energy and overall mood stability. TestoTEK contains the “big three” b-complex vitamins including vitamin B6, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5).**

Oyster Extract: It almost seems a little cliché to have oyster extract in a testosterone booster because of the historical reference to it being a natural aphrodiasic. But the fact is, studies have suggested that oyster extract may produce testosterone and support men’s sexual health, probably because oysters contain such a high amount of zinc.**

What Are Consumers Saying About TestoTek?

Some TestoTek reviews show that the product works. And if combined with the right diet plan and exercise, the result is going to be better. Most consumers that sent negative TestoTek reviews hadn’t used the product for up to three months.

With countless male enhancement supplements available on the market today it seems impossible to find “the right one.” Sexual performance declines naturally as men age, which may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. Male enhancement supplements should be based on four key factors: active ingredients, ability to support sexual stamina, enhance arousal, improved* sexual desire, and backed by clinical studies.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective male enhancement supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

There are a couple of ingredients we would like to have seen them use. Magnesium is one of the most effective ingredients out there for testosterone and is in most testosterone boosters, I’m not sure why they didn’t include it, it would be a better product if they did.

TestoTEK Review Conclusion

TestoTEK has a great ingredient list – it contains many of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients. But here’s the problem – some of the ingredients have been under-dosed (especially the Vitamin D3).

Basically, it doesn’t matter how good an ingredient is if it’s under-dosed. You need an optimal dosage of key ingredients to experience benefits (in this case, raised testosterone levels).

TEK Natural’s fat burner made our top 3 list, but unfortunately TestoTEK doesn’t make the cut. We believe there are better alternatives, with better dosages of key T-boosting ingredients.

If you’re going to spend $69.99 for one bottle, you might as well make sure you’re getting the one of best testosterone boosters on the market.