pureclinica 20 vitamin c serum reviews

pureclinica 20 vitamin c serum reviews

Ferulic Acid (1%)

20% Vitamin C Serum (with 4% Hyaluronic Acid, 2.5% L-Arginine, 2.5% Vitamin E, & 1% Ferulic Acid) – 30ml / 1 fl oz

Our maximum strength formula is packed full of active ingredients in market leading concentrations. The massive 20% Vitamin C alone would make this serum one of the most potent formulas available, but to ensure spectacular results we filled our serum full of the most scientifically advanced anti-aging ingredients. With a massive 4% Hyaluronic acid, 2.5 L-Arginine, 1% Ferulic acid and 2.5% Vitamin E this serum is the ultimate fountain of youth for your skin!

The Power of 20% Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenates aged and photo damaged skin. It’s amazing anti-oxidant properties provide enhanced protection against environmental aggressors and will help to destroy the damaging free radicals responsible for signs of aging. Unfortunately, very little of the vitamin manages to reach the skin when ingested orally. As we age, the levels in the skin decline. Using our serum will replenish these levels and combat oxidative stress and collagen degradation. By optimizing skin health, 20% Vitamin C serum will keep your skin firm and clear, with a radiant glow!

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces fine line and wrinkles
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Rejuvenates photo damaged skin
  • Provides enhanced protection against UV exposure
  • Fades darks spots

Featuring a comprehensive formulation of the most scientifically advanced anti-aging ingredients in the highest possible concentrations!

REPAIR, RESTORE AND REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN! To look your best you need to use the best ingredients and this is why we packed our serum full of scientifically proven anti-aging nutrients that work in synergy to enhance and compliment the amazing effects of Vitamin C. This powerful infusion will further increase collagen production, restore moisture content and promote skin cell regeneration to leave your skin firmer, clearer and plumper, with a healthy, radiant glow!

The All-Star ingredient profile includes:

Hyaluronic Acid (4%)

When it comes to restoring the moisture content of skin, hyaluronic acid is beyond any comparison. Just 1 gram can hold up to 6 liters of water! It is no wonder that hyaluronic acid is considered by many to be the fountain of youth!

Aloe Vera (6%)

Regarded by many as a super plant due to its numerous health giving properties, and known for its moisturizing, soothing and anti-microbial effects. The high zinc content within Aloe Vera tightens pours and reduces wrinkles.

MSM (4%)

MSM has an outstanding ability to enhance collagen bundles and restore connective tissue. MSM helps to keep the skin healthy, smooth and youthful!

Vitamin E (2.5%)

Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals to protect your skin cells from damage and help your skin retain its natural moisture revealing a naturally vibrant glow. It has been scientifically proven to repair healthy skin cells.

Witch Hazel (3.5%)

Commonly known for its strong antioxidant and astringent properties. This versatile ingredient is renowned for killing bacteria that live within skin’s pores. It is also highly effective at preventing cellular damage, reversing signs of aging, and speeding up healing.

Gotu Kola (2.5%)

This plant is rich in beta carotene, fatty acids, amino acids and numerous potent phytochemicals. This miraculous extract has been found to stimulate new cell growth, build collagen, improve circulation and calm inflammation.

Ferulic Acid (1%)

Research has shown Ferulic acid has the formidable ability to seek and destroy several types of free radicals. In blasting them away, ferulic acid will reverse signs of aging. When combined with vitamins C&E it has been shown to double their photo protective capacity on the skin and provide a massive 10x boost to your skin’s natural UV/UVB protection!

L-Arginine (2.5%)

L-Arginine is a powerful amino acid that plays an important role in sustaining the beauty and vitality of the skin. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties will protect the skin from environmental aggressors and promote a youthful look.

Jojoba Oil (4%)

Jojoba oil is liquid that comes from the seed of the jojoba plant. It’s rich iodine content helps fights harmful bacterial growth and is an excellent cleanser and protectant. Although it is called an oil it is actually a wax which means that it is perfect for skin care because it absorbs easily into the skin delivering hydration and moisturization.

Green tea (2%)

Revitalizing the skin on a cellular level, it will fight free radicals, naturally detoxify your skin, and boost production of collagen and elastin. The result is softer, smoother skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

20% Vitamin C Serum Offers:

  • 400% more vitamin C than other serums.
  • The most Scientifically advanced active ingredients.
  • Highly concentrated formula- Get results faster!
  • Unrivaled value and strength – more active ingredients per ml / fl oz than our competitors.

Try ALL NEW 20% VITAMIN C SERUM today and unlock the secret to younger looking skin!

Ensure that skin is both clean and dry. Gently massage a small amount onto the skin with long upward strokes until absorbed. For best results, apply twice daily.

Short answer: it’s great dupe for pricier options like Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Paula’s Choice C15 Booster. But the super high Vitamin C content makes me think twice before recommending it to everyone.

What’s In Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum?


L-Ascorbic Acid is the pure form of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that:

  • Fights the free radicals that give you wrinkles
  • Boosts the production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin firm helping to keep skin hydrated
  • Brightens skinand fades away hyperpigmentation

If you’re serious about antiaging, you need this baby in your skincare routine. But be careful! L-Ascorbic Acid has a couple of side effects you should be aware of:

  • Unstable: It goes bad quickly when exposed to light and air. Timeless guarantees its effectiveness for only 3 months. Buy it only when you’re ready to use it daily. If the serum has turned brown, it’s too late. It’s useless. Throw it away!
  • Irritation: High concentrations of L-Ascorbic Acid – especially at the low pH (below 3) it needs to work its magic – can irritate skin, especially if it’s sensitive.

Irritation is the reason why I don’t recommend Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum to just anyone. I have clients who can use 15% Vitamin C without problems, but the second they up their dose, their skin turns into a red, flaky mess.

The trick to using Vitamin C is to start small. Begin with a 10% concentration, move on to 15% and then upgrade to 20+% doses. Even then, if your skin is sensitive, it may not like anything above 10-15%.

Both Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Paula’s Choice C15 Booster use 15% Ascorbic Acid. For most people, that’s more than enough. But if your skin can take the extra load and you’d like to save some $$, Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum is a great step forward.


Vitamin C is an antiaging superstar, but that doesn’t mean it should play alone. Studies show it works even better when paired with fellow antioxidants Vitamin E and Ferulic acid.

Ferulic acid itself is an antioxidant on steroids. While most antioxidants only destroy one type of free radicals (that’s why I always say, the more the merrier), ferulic acid fights THREE different types on its own! How cool is that?

But it’s when paired with Vitamin C that Ferulic acid (and Vitamin E) really shines. Here’s what they do together:

  1. They boost one another’s effectiveness (they don’t become ineffective as quickly as they would on their own) , helping you fight sun damage and premature wrinkles

Whatever Vitamin C serum you go for, make sure these two are in it, too.


Sodium Hyaluronate is a form of Hyaluronic Acid, a moisture magnet on steroids.

Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture into the skin and binds it there. It’s so powerful, it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water!

All that extra moisture plumps up your skin, makes it softer and gives it a dewy glow.

Struggling to put together a skincare routine that minimises wrinkles, prevents premature aging, and gives your complexion a youthful glow? Download your FREE “Best Anti-Aging Skincare Routine” to get started (it features product recommendations + right application order):

I ordered Ultracoll, a high strength collagen supplement. It was out of stock initially but as soon as it was in again (not long afterwards) my order arrived, well packaged.

There are loads of companies on the market which claim to be selling/producing high quality product. but after having tried so many of them I have come to the conclusion that only Pureclinica (at least so far) have more bioavailable form of Co-Q10 in the form of ubiquinol than any other company- which, to put it simply, has an ENORMOUS EFFECT on the whole system- I have been buying Pureclinica's Co-Q10 for many years now and I can honestly say they have never let me down in terms of quality and the price of this product- it is actually so effective that when I presented it to my family members (scattered across the globe) they never leave me alone as they want me to keep buying Pureclinica's Co-Q10 for them- and as I see it this is probably the only negative side of the company ;).
My dad himself (in his 70s) after trying this is full of energy as if he was 16 once again! Would never think that one pill can have such a noticeable positive effect on the whole body?! 🙂
IF YOU WANT A PRODUCT THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE AND WORKS – Pureclinica already has it ready for you, the company is also brilliant in terms of delivering it to your doors- all in all 5 stars . Keep it up Pureclinica.

received my order very quickly and at a decent price compared to other sites. would recommend.

20% Vitamin C Serum (with 4% HA, 2.5% L-Arginine, 2.5% Vitamin, & 1% Ferulic Acid) – 30ml / 1 fl oz ALL NEW 400% STRONGER VITAMIN C SERUM! Our maximum strength formula is packed full of active ingredients. The huge 20% Vitamin C alone makes this serum the most potent formula available. To ensure spectacular results we filled our serum full of the most scientifically advanced anti-aging ingredients. With a massive 4% Hyaluronic acid, 2.5 L-Arginine, 1% Ferulic acid and 2.5% Vit. E, this serum is the ultimate fountain of youth for your skin! THE ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING POWERHOUSE. Formulated using the most effective anti-aging ingredients. This powerful anti-oxidant serum will neutralize free radicals, reverse DNA damage and protect against signs of aging. Our serum will improve the appearance of photo-damaged skin and blast away fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a more youthful complexion. REPAIR, RESTORE AND REVITALISE YOUR SKIN! To look your best you need to use the best ingredients and this is why we packed our serum full of scientifically proven anti-aging nutrients that work in synergy to restore your skin to maximum health. Our serum will increase collagen production, restore moisture content and promote skin cell regeneration to leave your skin firmer, clearer and plumper. Healthy, glowing and radiant, your skin will look and feel younger than ever! WHY BUY FROM US? – We are a family-owned business with over a decade of proven track record providing high strength beauty products and health supplements. To bring you the strongest hyaluronic acid serum you wanted we partnered with industry leading skin care experts in France and Switzerland. Working with cutting edge research facilities enabled us to produce a product of unrivalled quality and strength. Made in the UK. PARABEN FREE.

Return & Refund Policy

If the item you ordered arrived in a physically damaged or defective condition or is different from their description on the product detail page , or has missing parts or accessories, it will be eligible for a free replacement, provided the exact item is available with us.

Few items are eligible for free replacements. If an eligible item is out of stock from us it cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the returned item will be issued.

What are the conditions for Free Replacement?

Items within return window and in stock (exact same item) us are eligible for free replacement. The free replacement order will be shipped through standard shipping once the original order is returned. Free replacements can be requested if the following conditions apply:

  • Item received is physically damaged;
  • Item received has missing parts or accessories;
  • Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on our website
  • The Item received is defective.


  • A free replacement cannot be created for an item that was returned and replaced once earlier.
  • If the item has missing parts or accessories, you may try to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturer contact information can usually be found on the item packaging or in the paperwork included with the item.


Vitamin C Serum Comparison

Over the past 9 months I’ve tried 3 different Vitamin C serums to see how they differ and which one I like best. The 3 products I tried were Timeless 20% C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum, Paula’s Choice Resist C-15 Super Booster, and Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C + E Serum Advanced Formula+.

Timeless Skincare 20% C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum, Paula

Timeless Skincare 20% C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum, Paula’s Choice Resist C-15 Super Booster, Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C + E Serum Advanced Formula +

You’ll notice that the big daddy of C serums (Skinceuticals) isn’t one of the 3 I tested for this post. That’s because I used it years ago when it was the only game in town, but I was appalled by the $140 price tag and was really NOT happy when it turned brown after I’d only used 1/3 of it. Five years later, there are so many Vitamin C serums to choose from and at much more reasonable price points too! I’d been using the serum from Timeless for about a year when Paula’s Choice came out with their C-15 serum and I decided to give it a try because so many viewers asked me about it. Then, because I can never test just 2, I decided to try Cosmetic Skin Solutions C serum as well.

Oxidized Vitamin C Serum is yellow or brown in color. Fresh Vitamin C Serum is clear or slightly cloudy whitish.

Oxidized Vitamin C Serum is yellow or brown in color. Fresh Vitamin C Serum is clear or slightly cloudy whitish.

To learn more about why vitamin C serums oxidize and how to make it last longer, click here:

Let me start off by saying that the 3 products I chose are more similar than they are different. That’s because I prefer a C serum that uses L-ascorbic acid combined with vitamin E and Ferulic acid. I like L-ascorbic acid over other forms of Vitamin C because it’s been clinically proven to be effective for collagen synthesis, neutralizing free-radicals, fading brown spots and reducing surface roughness. Unfortunately, it’s also the least stable form of Vitamin C so it deteriorates quickly when exposed to light and air. I like the serum to also contain Vitamin E because it increases Vitamin C’s ability to protect the skin from sun damage, and I prefer a C serum with Ferulic Acid because it can increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C and E 8-fold.

After ingredients, the other important factors are price, stability, efficacy, and feel. I’ll do a head-to-head comparison of the 3 products in each of those 5 categories. I already know which one is the winner for me, but you can get a pretty good idea which one you might like based on that information. So, here we go!


These are all water based formulas with slight differences in carriers and conditioning ingredients.

TimeLess Vit CTimeless

20% L-ascorbic acid, 1% Vitamin E, .5% Ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

Paula’s Choice

15% Ascorbic acid, 1% Vitamin E, .5% Ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid.


15% Ascorbic acid, 1% Vitamin E, .5% Ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid.


CSS Vit C SerumTimeless

Paula’s Choice

$45 for .67 oz. = $67.50 per ounce (but it’s usually on sale for $36)



PC C15 SerumTimeless

Guaranteed fresh and effective for 3 months. I’ve never had it oxidize before 90 days, and if I divide it into 2 smaller bottles and refrigerate one, I’ve gotten it to last for 5 months.

Paula’s Choice

Has a rubber gasket in the bottle to decrease the amount of air getting to the product. This really works! My bottle lasted for over 4 months before starting to turn yellow.


Oxidized rapidly after only 1.5 months



Looks and feels like water going on. Non-oily and fast absorbing. Doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Paula’s Choice

Slightly thicker and more viscous. Feels silky smooth but doesn’t spread as easily as the others. Sits on the surface longer and leaves a slightly sticky residue.


Very light weight, easy to apply. Slightly oily feeling, but fast absorbing. No sticky residue.


To judge efficacy, I took pictures after using each product for 3 months (or until it oxidized). I concentrated on the large age spot on the right side of my face. For comparison, I used a photo of the age spot from before I started using any Vitamin C serum.


Worked to fade age spots and keep new ones from forming.

Orig vs Timeless

Left: Before; Right: Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum

Paula’s Choice

Age spot was starting to darken around the edges and a new one started forming just above it .

Orig vs PC

Left: Before; Right: Paula’s Choice Resist C-15 Super Booster


Worked quickly to fade age spots and keep new ones from forming.

Orig vs CSS

Left: Before; Right: Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C + E Serum Advanced Formula +


TimeLess Vit C

The Winner! (and still favorite)

Timeless won on ingredients, price, feel and most importantly, efficacy so Timeless is the winner!

Paula’s Choice tied Timeless in stability was almost as good on ingredients but loses on price, feel and efficacy.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions tied Timeless in efficacy, was almost as good on price, ingredients and feel, but loses big in the stability department.

Links to purchase the products featured in this post:

$5 Off at Timeless Skincare use this link: https://www.timelessha.com/discount/HOTANDFLASHY ($5 discount will automatically be applied at checkout, no code needed)

* There are no up-front paid product placements in this video. All products were purchased with my own money for my personal use. My reviews always contain my honest opinion about the products shown. I’ve included links to where the products may be purchased and some may be affiliate links. If you click the link and buy something, I receive a commission for the sale, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. You are free to use the link or not as you choose.

In This Article Timeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C + E Ferul.

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