Prime X Factor Reviews

There are no side effects listed on the Prime X Factor pills website. But that’s not to say you will OR won’t experience any while taking this supplement! At the end of the day, you should talk to your doctor before you start taking ANY new supplement. Because only your doc can really tell you if it’s safe! Even natural ingredients can have dangerous interactions with certain allergies, medications, or conditions! So be sure to give your doctor a quick phone call to make sure this is the right supplement for you! They don’t have to know it also works for male enhancement! It’s simply called Prime X Factor Muscle Growth supplement!

Prime X Factor Ingredients

We searched high and low but we didn’t find a list of ingredients anywhere on the Prime X website. But that’s okay! Because we’ll keep looking and be sure to update this review if we find more information. We DO know that there are 60 Prime X Factor capsules in each bottle! And they say that it delivers MIND BLOWING RESULTS! We can’t wait for you to find out what a supplement like this could do for YOU. And it’s really a no brainer if you think about it! The more fit you are, the more women will want you! The more women want you, the more time in the bedroom you can have! And you don’t want to disappoint! So make sure you have your bases covered by investing in a supplement like Prime X Factor pills! It’s really an investment in YOURSELF. And, if you really think about it, an investment for your PARTNER! And it’s certainly cheaper than diamonds.

MaXimize: Vacuum assisted device to maintain continuous coupling during the treatment for a steady delivery of ultrasound waves to targeted areas for maximal results.

PRIME X Factor


The latest singular non-invasive platform that combines two clinically proven non-invasive body sculpting technologies for the ultimate X-Factor in one device.

Illumia’s Prime X expertly combines both technologies to produce a synergistic effect for body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. With minimal discomfort and short treatment times, it is ideal for those who have problem areas despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Guided Transverse Wave Ultrasound technology (UltraWave) breaks down fat deposits to reduce fat thickness, improve cellulite, decrease body size circumference, and results in overall contouring of the body.

Combined with the power of AlmaWave radiofrequency (RF) energy to further heat the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin to increase collagen and elastin fibers, this provides visible long-lasting and even tightening of the skin to improve laxity and texture.

  • Immediate and visible results in 4 weeks*
  • Significantly reduced treatment time
  • Combined technologies for enhanced, long-lasting results
  • Clinically proven in extensive studies

How Prime X Works

The accumulation of 2 primary types of fat in our body: visceral and subcutaneous fat, can keep us from achieving our ideal body. Visceral fat encapsulates our organs and forms a protective layer around them, and this type of fat is usually only reduced with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine.

Subcutaneous fat lies underneath the skin surface, and this superficial fat creates unsightly bulges and undesired curves on our body. This type of fat can be very “stubborn” and hard to get rid of despite healthy lifestyle choices.

When this subcutaneous fat deposits push up against the deep connective tissue in the skin, it creates the rippling and uneven skin texture of cellulite.

cellulite diagram

The Prime X paves the way in non-invasive body sculpting methods by integrating 2 technologies – UltraWave and UniBody RF thermal energy. This fast-acting, highly selective treatment targets adipose tissue (stubborn fat) within the deep layers of the skin.

unipolar rf

Ultrasound technology disrupts fat cell membranes and breaks down stubborn deposits to release stored fat, while RF thermal energy stimulates the collagen matrix in the skin to produce immediate lifting and tightening effects. This reduces the appearance of cellulite, shrinks the stubborn deposits of fat, and reduces the overall body circumference while tightening the skin.

X-Factor: Redefining modern body contouring

prime sculpt pro-x factor

Completely non-invasive, Illumia’s Prime X uses novel handpieces uniquely designed to promote an even distribution of energy throughout the skin surface, giving unparalleled results to body sculpting and contouring across all body types.

Featuring 3 highly efficient and adjustable modes that address unique body goals using novel Prime X technology.

Classic mode – for complete circumference reduction
Pro mode – for circumference reduction and skin tightening
Premium mode – for all-round body contouring and skin tightening

The UltraWave Boost


The signature handpiece in Prime X, the UltraWave delivers unmatched results with 4 unique features.

prime sculpt pro conex ultrawave

ConeX: A unique cone-shaped applicator for amplifying acoustic waves without creating a central hotspot, allowing for a uniform distribution of ultrasound waves for maximal comfort.

MaXimize: Vacuum assisted device to maintain continuous coupling during the treatment for a steady delivery of ultrasound waves to targeted areas for maximal results.

Impulse: Optimal cellulite reduction by delivering ultrasound waves in pulses instead of continuously, to create minor shockwaves for enhanced efficacy.

ReACCT: For the complete and automatic customization of individual treatment based on tissue characteristics of the treated area.

UniBody Applicator

prime sculpt pro unibody applicator

Transmitting high-energy 40.68MHz radiofrequency (RF) wave with a rotating massage head, the UniBody Applicator can deliver deep dermal heating using patented UniPolar RF technology.

The Unibody application is effective in stimulating collagen modelling to improve the body contours, resulting in circumference reduction and overall skin tightening with no discomfort or pain.

Xcentuate Applicator

prime sculpt pro xcentuate

Enhanced power using patented UniPolar RF technology for the ultimate coverage of large body treatment areas, the Xcentuate Applicator can target the abdomen, outer and inner thighs, and buttocks for a more defined and taut physique.

Knowing the rundown of components utilized in the organization of Prime X Factor Ingredients is a fundamental advance. This enhancement mixes well-inquired about and one of a kind fixings, improving the degree of wellbeing and viability in the organization. How about we experience the rundown of its one of a kind and normally extracted fixings:

Benefits of Prime x Factor

It benefits the body in the following ways:

  • Upgrades your bulk complex
  • Improves your testosterone levels
  • Experience expanded stamina
  • Indeed, even your fat dissemination all through the body
  • Improves RBC creation in the body
  • Resolves issues identified with male fruitfulness
  • Limits recuperation time of any injuries

The third benefit of this formulation is that it endorses higher energy levels. Through keeping your energy levels at high, you will be able to keep forcing yourself and keep working out. With this supplement, you do not need to be worry about exhaustion getting to you and emphasis you to stop your workout routine on midway. Moreover, the energy increasing quality of the formulation will be preceding fine past your workout routine so that you can continue this productive and active product throughout the day.

Effective Ingredients Of Prime X Factor

While selecting a Prime X Factor, it is important to know the components involved. In this case we are here to help you, it is made with all the natural and original ingredients on which you can belief on it. For example, you will discover that the formulation is enriched with amino acids and plant grounded muscle-boosting excerpts that work really well for your entire body and it will help you to attain the eventual development.

Additional, the formulation does not feature any flavors, fillers, chemical elements, artificial substances, or any other damaging compounds that can lessen your fitness level. By selecting all the natural and influential formulation, you will be able to make a solid choice for development and guarantee that you will be meeting your goals as required.

L-Citrulline – limits breakdown of muscles and improves protein digestion to manufacture muscle all through the center.

Epimedium – It accumulates in the anterior pituitary gland in which the production of luteinizing hormone increases – a precursor in the synthesis of testosterone.

L-Arginine – This ingredient is responsible for the secretion of a gas called nitric oxide. This element is responsible for making your blood vessels relax which allows more oxygen-rich blood to flow through the arteries and therefore helps maintain an erection that lasts longer.

All herbs and plant extracts are not mentioned. Similarly, there are many other ingredients used in this supplement like MACA, Saw Palmetto Berry and Boron that help you to gain health muscle mass.

Usually, it takes about two months before you will see the results. However, these results may vary from person to person. Sometimes, it takes a little more to see the desired results, but it has shown positive effects.