PrematureX Reviews

PrematureX contains natural ingredients of the finest quality that can help men who are struggling with PE. PrematureX is a dietary supplement said to treat premature ejaculation. The product was released by a company called PrematureX inc that is located in New York.

Unlike many other sexual health supplements, PrematureX promises to give you near-instant results.


However, considering that the product is made with natural ingredients, we doubt that this is true. I’m writing this PrematureX Review to share my experience with you and to help you understand what you can expect from taking PrematureX in the short, medium and long term.

PrematureX Review: Living with Premature Ejaculation

Living with Premature Ejaculation is terrible, take it from me. It’s an embarrassing, depressing condition to have. The inability to satisfy your partner can create doubt and uncertainty in an otherwise healthy relationship.

I’m writing this PrematureX Review to share my experience with you and to help you understand what you can expect from taking PrematureX in the short, medium and long term.

When I first self diagnosed myself with premature ejaculation, I thought it was a temporary thing that happens to everyone. It took 6 months for me to realize that I’ll most likely be stuck with this condition for the rest of my life if I don’t do something about it. I finally mustered up enough courage to speak to my doctor. He reassured me and gave me a prescription for an antidepressant called Paxil. Once I got home, I immediately started researching the side effects of Paxil. I found an endless list of possible side effects that included depression and “suicidal tendencies”. I would have rathered live with Premature Ejaculation the rest of my life then multiply my problems and make things worse. I was depressed enough as it was.

I started looking for alternatives to treat premature ejaculation and I found all sorts of different solutions. Everything from penis pumps to sprays and pills. I also found a product called PrematureX. The website was very informative and the science behind the product made sense. PrematureX also came with a very convincing money back guarantee.

At this point I had two choices; a prescription drug that may or may NOT help my premature ejaculation, had a list of serious side effects and could potentially lead to me killing myself or.

PrematureX, an all natural supplement that comes with a money back guarantee and no side effects. Needless to say, the choice was easy.

PrematureX targets the core causes of premature ejaculation. That’s why it works better than some of the other pills that advertise to do the same.

PrematureX Ingredients

PrematureX guarantees the use of only natural ingredients within its formulation.

The active ingredient in PrematureX is an extract of the blue passion flower. A completely natural extraction, blue passion flower can enhance blood flow and sexual appetite.

Other active ingredients in PrematureX contain Folic Acid, L-Arginine, Pyrodoxine and Chrysin.

It is the total combination of these ingredients which gives PrematureX the advantage above other products you’ll find on the market.

PrematureX also contains Vitamin B6, an important added boost that is known to enhance libido and promote the all-round positive effect of the product.

Many people can also be sensitive to the preservatives found in over-the-counter medicines. PrematureX guarantees that ALL their ingredients are natural, including what holds their pills together.

The ingredients present in the product might help maintain a healthy immune system and get rid of depression and stress.

PrematureX Ingredients

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the development and maintenance of a healthy immune system. The overall wellness benefits that Vitamin B6 provides, lead to healthy sexual functioning.

The presence of vitamin B6 in PrematureX may increase blood flow which could lead to increased erection time, high stamina and decreased anxiety.


It is an important ingredient of the product as it can be necessary for healthy male fertility. Folate is folic acid and folic acid can be a remedy for premature ejaculations. The effects of Folate can intensify when it combines with other ingredients present in PrematureX.

Blue Passion Flower

PrematureX contains Blue Passion Flower as it can help reduce anxiety. Anxiety can be an important reason for premature ejaculation, therefore this ingredient plays an essential role in the product.

The extracts of the flower present in the ingredient can increase testosterone levels and also relax the body, enhancing sexual performance.

L-Arginine HCL

The ability of L-Arginine to increase the effects of nitric oxide, supplying more blood to the penis, thereby leading to stronger erections, makes it an important inclusion in the product.

Griffonia Seeds

The seeds of this plant can decrease anxiety, depression, and stress, all of which can be harmful to sexual performance. The extracts of Griffonia seeds in PermatureX can act as a natural mood booster allowing men to have a stable and healthy mental state, leading to better sexual performance.

It has been found possibly effective for depression as per this governmental article.

Pyrodoxine HCL

Pyrodoxine is a part of Vitamin B6 and is essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system. The ingredient used in PermatureX can be important for muscle strength, vitality, and overall physical and mental wellness that can lead to lasting longer in bed.


It plays an important role in the production of testosterone. Chrysin can stimulate semen production, lead to stronger erections, and more intense orgasms, because of which it can be an essential inclusion in PermatureX.

Other Ingredients

Rice flour, Silicone, Gelatin, Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and water are all other ingredients that are present in PrematureX. Every ingredient has the potential to improve sexual performance in men.

Yes, the product is safe for consumption. It does not come with adverse side effects and is formulated with natural ingredients.

What Are Consumers Saying About PrematureX?

PrematureX reviews reveal that the formula has not been very effective as it claims to be. Although the reviews on the official site are mostly positive, the ones on retailers say otherwise.

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