metabovite reviews

metabovite reviews

Fat burners are usually dietary supplements or related substances that claim to burn excess fat from your body. Metabovite is also a supplement that may help dieters obtain the kind of results they would expect from a weight loss clinic without spending quite expensive fees or experiencing painful injections.

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If you like the cut of our jib over here at The Moving World, please consider kicking a little something our way.

alt=”Author”/>Scott Pfeiffer alt=”Date”/>Monday, December 15, 2014 at 06:08PM

This film is the emotional powerhouse of the year. It is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who made last year’s emotional powerhouse, “Dallas Buyers Club.” Here he’s working from a script by Nick Hornby based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.” It is a story of redemption, admirably free of moralizing. Reese Witherspoon plays Ms. Strayed, a young woman who, in 1995, set out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, that gargantuan schlep which begins on the edge of the Mojave Desert near the Mexico border and stretches all the way up to Canada, up and down and up some more, through California, Oregon and Washington, over spectacular yet punishing terrain.

Cheryl was so low she was busted. Her mother, Bobbi, the “love of her life,” had died suddenly of cancer at the age of 45 a few years before, right when things were looking up: mother and daughter had even been enrolled in university together. She howled with rage and spiraled off the rails towards self-destruction. She cheated on her husband Paul (Thomas Sadoski), “a good man,” and fell in with men who took heroin, which numbed her pain. Her marriage fell apart.

Under the weight of all of her baggage, literally, she hoists “Monster” and begins trudging up the trail, alone and rechristened with the new surname she chose in the wake of her divorce: Strayed. She had to, as she puts it, “walk herself back to being the woman her mother thought she was.” Much of the time she is hungry, dirty and exhausted from the heat and the cold and the terrain. The movie opens with an excruciating scene where Strayed loses a toenail atop a mountain. As a solo woman, she also must live in semi-serious fear of being “raped and dismembered” at any moment.

The film flows like a stream of consciousness, a mix of memory, dream and reverie. Cheryl’s voiceover is droll and often profane. Hers is an internal journey as much as an external one, and the film is masterful at expressing her inner consciousness. The sound design, directed by Ai-Ling Lee, puts us inside this woman’s head. We’re out there in the desert with her, in a tent at night, where every rustle could either be a man-eating wolf or a bunny. Cheryl is a storyteller. She kept a journal, and Vallée skillfully recreates on film the memoirist’s voice, the way memory is a mix of “truth” and a greater, emotional truth. The cinematographer, Yves Bélanger uses beautiful natural light throughout. Bélanger knows how to light memory, if that makes sense.

As she walks her mind’s eye is desultory. Sometimes she gets stuck in a moment: she is haunted by the time she and her brother (Keene McRae) had to put down her mother’s beloved horse. But happy memories stick, too: her mother dancing free-spiritedly, the way her hand accidentally struck a mirror on the wall. Songs flit through her consciousness. There is Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest,” just a suggestion of it: we hear the E Street Band’s music more than Bruce’s vocal. At one point she finds herself walking through a snow covered expanse. Suddenly skiers whip past, startlingly close. Has she lost her way? At last she spots a small sign on a tree: she is still on the trail, still heading in the right direction.

Bobbi is played by a radiant Laura Dern, so full of the life force you feel the outrage when she is torn away. This a woman who has made the choice to be happy in the face of the realities of life. Maybe one can’t really appreciate what that means until you have reached Bobbi’s age yourself, as Strayed herself now has. As Karolyn and I now have (roughly speaking). We see Strayed as a callow youth, when she is sometimes condescending to her mother about, say, her taste in books, or critical of her life choices, like marrying Strayed’s dad, an abusive alcoholic. Dern bears these remarks with a mother’s loving indulgence and patience that absorbs slights and wounds, until she finally replies: you know, I don’t regret marrying an “abusive alcoholic,” because he gave me you.

Certain moments are suffused with the surprising magic of life. She meets a young boy on the trail, walking in the woods with his guardian. In only a few glances and words, we understand that this boy is very ill. He sings “Red River Valley” for Cheryl, and the moment is filled with mortality and beauty. At crucial moments, Cheryl is joined by a fox which may or may not really be there. The fox appears for the last time when she reaches the Bridge of the Gods after hiking about 1,110 miles over three months. These moments do not play as a “device,” but as a reflection, or expression, of mortality. This fox is old and tired and always somewhere just up ahead. and, like Cheryl, stray.

Reese Witherspoon’s performance shows this project meant a tremendous amount to her. We have read about how she read Strayed’s memoir over one weekend and was so moved she moved immediately to make the film. We’ve read, too, of how she was tired of being “America’s sweetheart,” had sat through one too many studio meetings where execs said, we can’t show Reese having sex or taking drugs. This is an actress ready to take a risk, and it is a deeply felt performance.

“Wild” is about acceptance and surrender, love and hope. I kept thinking of that line from Robert Bresson that meant so much to Martin Scorsese: “God is not a torturer. He only wants us to be merciful with ourselves.”

***** (essential viewing)
**** (excellent)
*** (worth a look)
** (forgettable)
* (rubbish!!)

Here are three conclusions I’ve made from these books:

Metabovite reviews

The quick answer: Whole grains are the staff of life. But we need to be careful of—and perhaps tested for—excess dietary sugar and gluten intolerance. (I apologize for the length of this post, but it presents issues of rising importance.)

Wholesome and Toxic Grain Products

In the first post on grains, Staff of Life, Healthy Change #10 said: “Enjoy a variety of whole grains.” It’s good advice but you’ve likely noticed how hard it is to find healthy grain products.

So in past posts we searched the local supermarket aisles. We wanted to see whole grains, more fiber than added sugar, minimal processing, and very limited artificial ingredients/chemicals. My favorite post was Waking Up in the Bread Aisle, but there was also Trouble in the Cereal Aisle and The Chip Aisle? It’s All OK (on national holidays).

We didn’t bother to search the cookie aisle, or the in-store bakery for anything healthy. The reality is very little in these aisles is good for you. The stuff is over-processed and over-priced. Mostly we cook our own grain products—it’s cheaper and healthier. We do like the sourdough bread at the local Sprouts—it’s mostly whole grain and the extra time needed for sourdough to rise helps break down troublesome glutens.

Grain Brain and Wheat Belly

Whole foods are healthy—they’re the stuff of life, but not for all. Peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish are good for nearly everyone, but can be deadly to a few. If you’re allergic to one of these tasty foods, you have to respect that. It’s a harsh reminder that we’re all genetically different.

The Word of Wisdom calls grains the “staff of life” giving special attention to wheat. But some are allergic to wheat; others are sensitive to the glutens in wheat. Two books have raised questions about wheat: Grain Brain and Wheat Belly.

Here are three conclusions I’ve made from these books:

#1 Mankind wasn’t designed for the Modern American Diet (MAD). In particular, we eat too much sugar, and too much of refined grains which quickly metabolize to sugar. Our high dietary Glycemic Index (GI) results in chronically elevated blood sugar, elevated serum insulin, an overworked pancreas, and the risk of diabetes and a host of related diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s that are growing scary fast.

Two themes of Word of Wisdom Living call for slashing sugar intake and minimizing or avoiding refined grains. We’ve got this covered pretty well in the Healthy Changes but they must be taken seriously.

#2 Whole grains, minimally processed, are healthy in moderation for most but not everyone. Take wheat for example: A few are allergic to wheat and others don’t tolerate certain glutens (found in wheat, rye, and barley).

The post-WWII Green Revolution caused new forms of glutens that some—we don’t know how many—can’t tolerate. The effects can be serious, scientists are still figuring this out, but for some it is a grave problem affecting many organs—more extensive than just Crohn’s disease, which is pretty bad by itself.

#3 The factors noted above result in inflammation, free radicals, and advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that accelerate aging, and are common risk factors for the chronic diseases. These diseases have a common origin beginning with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, various cancers, and, worst of all, dementia (including Alzheimer’s).

How Diet Can Protect from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dementia and Other Scary Diseases

The chronic diseases share multiple lifestyle causes, beginning with tobacco and alcohol abuse. Our sedentary life style is also problematic. The Modern American Diet (MAD) presents many risk factors, like factory seed oils (refining byproducts like trans fats, etc.), and a harmfully high Glycemic Index (from excess sugar intake and refined grains), etc.

These lead to the chronic diseases. The chemistry is complex and not fully understood but we know enough to take certain actions. I deduced a five-step process from reading Grain Brain and Wheat Belly. I’m going to discuss it with my doctor but it looks like this:

  1. Be proactive about slashing sugar intake, especially forms of fructose. (We’re doing well on this, I think.)
  2. Minimize refined grains that quickly metabolize to sugar, like store-bought cookies, crackers and chips.
  3. Enjoy whole-grain breads, especially sourdough. I enjoy these with lots of butter, which also slows down the GI response.
  4. To confirm you’re doing enough, take two insulin tests. Basically, your blood sugar can be fine (blood glucose testers are surprisingly cheap at the drugstore) but your pancreas may be working too hard to produce enough insulin because cells are becoming resistant. A fasting insulin test can measure this insulin resistance. The other test is called hemoglobin A1c and it tells how well your blood sugar has been over the last 90 days. Here’s the claim: The A1c test is the best predictor of your future health and longevity, including your risk of dementia.
  5. If you have worrisome symptoms (you can read more here), test for wheat or gluten intolerance. Dr. Perlmutton recommends the Cyrex 3 array to see if you have a hidden intolerance. If you do, you’ll want to know before the damage is (irreversibly) bad enough to force you to a doctor.

Healthy Change #23

Around the world, grains are the staff of life. Whole grains are an affordable source of essential nutrients; without them billions could starve. So we endorse a diet based on whole grains, including wheat. Healthy Change #10, as noted, says: Enjoy a variety of whole grains.

But I think we need a new Healthy Change that reflects the concerns raised in Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. These books, both written by MDs, present preliminary evidence that modern wheat is problematic for some, perhaps many. Until more is known we propose Healthy Change #23:

To confirm you diet has a healthy GI, talk to your doctor about a fasting insulin test and Hemoglobin A1c test. (All should have these tests at some point) In addition, if you have worrisome symptoms, ask about the Cyrex 3 array for wheat/gluten intolerance.

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We have had such a great response from the gaming community with the Rook City Kickstarter that it is likely we will use Kickstarter again in the future to fund the printing of future projects.

Metabovite reviews

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 11:13AM

Last August, I had the exciting opportunity to play and review Greater Than Game’s first published card game: Sentinels of the Multiverse, a non-collectible, cooperative card game based in a vibrant comic book universe. Sentinels of the Multiverse is fun, has awesome pacing, and really captures the feel of the superhero genre.

Now, hot on the heels of the Sentinels release, Greater Than Games is offering the next installment in the Sentinels‘ story: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City. Rook City comes packaged with new villains, new heroes, and new locations themed around the gritty, urban, Rook City.

As Rook City is entering the last week of its Kickstarter Campaign, Design Director Christopher Badell agreed to an interview with about his project – and dispatches our crafty questions with true superhuman skill.

What is Rook City? What secrets are hiding under its urban exterior? And what happens when we play a game of “What If”? Stay tuned for the answers to these, and more exiting questions, starting NOW!

Nerdbloggers: First of all, can you tell me a little about yourself, and your background? I’m always interested to learn about the people who make the games we play.

Christopher Badell: Christopher was born on a dark and stormy night in a dingy hospital in Venezuela . . . oh, that’s probably not the sort of information you’re looking for. Well, I have a pretty lengthy background in all the things that led to this game working. I’m a writer with a history of teaching and tutoring, a game player with a love for cooperative games (obviously), a teacher and storyteller (which is why a strong narrative is so important to Sentinels of the Multiverse), and a fan of comic books. Now, to be fair, our primary comic guru is Adam Rebottaro, the artist of Sentinels of the Multiverse. He knows more about comic books than anyone I’ve ever met, and his knowledge of and love for the medium really led right into this being possible. Greater Than Games, LLC, is just the three of us, Adam, Paul, and myself, and we’re all well suited to making this happen. I mean, this would never have been a company at all if it wasn’t for Paul’s business smarts and ability to make things happen. I’m lucky to be working with such talented people.

Nerdbloggers: I reviewed Sentinels of the Multiverse during it’s initial release, and I was really impressed by the detail and care put into the characters, environment, and gameplay. Sentinels was very successful at portraying unique characters that each played very differently, and it also delivered a roller coaster ride of interaction between the heroes and the villains. With Sentinels’ first expansion, Rook City, how is Greater Than Games planning on enhancing this cinema-like experience?

Christopher Badell: A big part of the way Rook City fits in with the world of Sentinels of the Multiverse is the theme. Every expansion we have planned has a very specific theme, so we’re not just adding more characters and challenges to the game; we’re expanding the “Multiverse” experience, as well. Rook City’s gritty, urban theme shows up in all of the characters and settings, and really sets a definite feel to new games.

The two new Heroes, Mr. Fixer and Expatriette, have some exciting new mechanics and card interactions, and there’s a lot to discover there, both in terms of how their decks work and how they interact with other heroes.

The villains are just awful. They don’t have the vast “world domination” plans that the villains from Sentinels of the Multiverse do, but they are very powerful and have terrible goals. Also, they bring lots of new villain mechanics and flip abilities to the table, so each of the four new villains is an entirely new game.

Nerdbloggers: I noticed in the original games, there were villains who had a hero nemeses that was not included with the base game. In Rook City, are we going to meet some of these heroes?

Christopher Badell: Absolutely! We’ve been keeping that information secret, but I’ll go ahead and lay it all out now. Citizen Dawn’s nemesis is in this set – it’s her daughter, in fact! Expatriette! Several clever fans already picked up on that, so it’s good to finally officially reveal that. Additionally, the Rook City villain The Matriarch is the nemesis of Tachyon, and Spite is The Wraith’s nemesis. The Chairman and Mr. Fixer are nemeses, so that just leaves Plague Rat from Rook City and Omnitron from the Sentinels of the Multiverse Core game. Their nemeses will certainly be in a future expansion. In fact, we have many exciting plans for both of them!

Nerdbloggers: Can you divulge some details about the backstory, and abilities of the new cards, and do you have any personal favorites?

Christopher Badell: Hmmm, there is a lot that we still have yet to release, so I don’t want to say too much. However, I will say there is a ton of background information on the updates to the Rook City Kickstarter here:

Also, in terms of new card abilities, look forward to being able to deal irreducible damage, and for certain villain cards which cannot be destroyed, changing game play permanently when they are played. Also, there is one villain in particular who can play through their entire villain deck in just a few rounds. It’s terrifying.

As for favorites? That’s tough. It’s like trying to pick a favorite child! So, don’t tell the others, but Spite’s deck is probably my favorite of the new villains. Shhh!

Nerdbloggers: In my review of Sentinels of the Multiverse, I had erroneously mentioned that the different environments and villains didn’t appear to share a common “universe”. Since the release of Sentinels, I’ve come to understand that there is actually a very rich backstory behind Sentinels of the Multiverse. Would you mind giving a general overview of the sentinels universe, and how rook city fits into the bigger story?

Christopher Badell: Yikes! That’s a tall order! Well, The primary hero team that drives the Sentinels of the Multiverse story is the Freedom Five, made up of Legacy, Bunker, Tachyon, The Wraith, and Absolute Zero. They fight crime! Baron Blade and Legacy have been nemesis forever, really, as Baron Blade’s father and Legacy’s father (who was also Legacy!) were nemesis back around World War II. So Baron Blade is the primary Freedom Five villain. However, Citizen Dawn’s “Citizens of the Sun” cause a lot of problems for the heroes as well. So much that they have to occasionally recruit help from outside the Freedom Five, which is where you start seeing appearances of other heroes like Ra, Fanatic, and Haka. Tempest first shows up as a precursor to Grand Warlord Voss’s troops assaulting the planet, and it’s only with Tempest’s help that the Freedom Five are able to save the world from Voss’s alien hordes. Baron Blade constantly shows up, regardless of how many times he is “defeated”, and his big story arc, called “Moonfall”, is where he attempts to pull the Moon into the Earth using his TerraLunar Impulsion Beam. Right after that story arc is Citizen Dawn’s big push to take over the world, and that arc is named “Sunrise”. See what I did there? At some point in all this, Omnitron gains sentience and decides to stomp all the humans, and The Visionary shows up from her future to attempt to stop the current timeline from becoming the world she lived through in her book “New Memories”. And that’s just a brief look at the stories of these characters! Whew!
As for Rook City, it’s the hometown of The Wraith, so much of her solo crime fighting takes place there. Unfortunately, crime seems to just attract more crime, and sometimes the villains in
Rook City become a large enough problem that The Wraith calls in her teammates, or possibly other heroes she’s met in her adventures. As mentioned before, the villains in Rook City aren’t trying to take over the world, but their plans are no less terrible, and they must be stopped!

Nerdbloggers: The basic rules for Sentinels were very simple, with the interesting game interactions delivered through the text on the cards themselves. Will Rook City see any changes to the basic rules?

Christopher Badell: Nope! The basic rules will stay the same, because that’s the core of Sentinels of the Multiverse! As a player, you play a card, use a power, and draw a card. On the villain turns and the environment turns, you put the top card of the appropriate deck into play. Follow all instructions. However! Rook City does introduce some new interactions, and all of the villains have unique flip abilities, so there is still plenty of new stuff to keep the game interesting.

Nerdbloggers: Greater Than Games self funded Sentinels of the Multiverse, but Rook City is being offered as a Kickstarter project. Now that you have gone down both routes, what benefits does Kickstarter give you as a developer, and a publisher.

Christopher Badell: The most useful part about Kickstarter for us was finding out what sort of demand there was for a Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion. And with the fast and overwhelming response we had, we know – there is absolutely a demand. So, that was probably the best part. People are excited that we’ve raised so much money, and we are as well, but the thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of that money is presales of the expansion, so while Kickstarter does give us the ability to offset the costs of printing the game due to those presales, Rook City will need to be strong enough to continue making sales in order to keep generating revenue for future expansions and other games we’re also working on.

We have had such a great response from the gaming community with the Rook City Kickstarter that it is likely we will use Kickstarter again in the future to fund the printing of future projects.

Nerdbloggers: Rook City has already met it’s funding goals, so it’s definitely being published, but there are some pretty interesting stretch goals that have been announced (and some intriguing teases for some that haven’t been). Could you tell us a bit about the rewards for these goals?

Christopher Badell: At the time of this interview, we are VERY CLOSE to the $25k reward level, which will send every backer some exciting Rook City art prints. We love art prints, because it gives us a chance to showcase Adam’s fantastic art in a size larger than a couple inches on a card. We already broke the 20k level, which was the big one for most fans, as it means we’ll be sending out HP and Damage-Modifier Tracking Cards to all our backers. That was a big deal for us, because it was asked for by the Sentinels community, and we love having the opportunity to make something that people want. Moving forward, there are three big levels left: 30k, 40k, and 50k. The 30k levels is possible, but I’m not holding my breath. We’ve already come so far, and we’ve certainly seen a decline in pledges since hitting 20k. However, at the 30k level, we print up some awesome Rook City t-shirts and send those to all the backers who are getting the game. At the 40k level, we have an awesome alternate version of Baron Blade, though it looks like we probably won’t hit that level. But we still have exciting plans for him!

Nerdbloggers: Okay, Last Question! The Wraith and Legacy get into a fight. Who would win?

Christopher Badell: Ooh, that’s tough. First off, which Legacy? I’m assuming standard Legacy, not his daughter (or his father!) so we have to get past the point of him being unwilling to attack The Wraith, due to their camaraderie and that she’s a fellow hero. Hmmm, so, Legacy believes, due to a mind-affecting beam deployed by Baron Blade, that The Wraith is in fact an imposter who has taken her place! He fights with all of his power to defeat her, knowing that only in defeating this vile doppelganger can he save his friend, The Wraith, from her imprisonment! The Wraith has been affected by the same mind-beam and believe that killing this false-Legacy before her will save the world! Their fight goes for hours, Legacy flying through stone walls in his hunt for the evil Wraith, while she uses all her skills and gadget to not only evade him, but set up a devious trap for her super-powered foe. However! Just as Legacy tears through a steel plated floor to find The Wraith, moments before she is able to spring the trap, which would drop Legacy into a vat of flesh dissolving nerve-agent, Tachyon appears between the two heroes holding some odd device. In half the blink of an eye, Tachyon dons dark sunglasses and quips, “Deal with it” as the device she carries emits a blinding flash. Both Legacy and The Wraith are stunned momentarily, then realize their error! This was Baron Blade’s dastardly plan the entire time! Resolved, the three heroes turn their attentions to the now fleeing mad scientist, once again united to defeat evil and stand for justice!

Nerdbloggers: Thanks so much for taking the time out to answer our questions!

Christopher Badell: Thanks for asking them! Keep on saving the Multiverse!

Check out the Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City Kickstarter page to support Greater Than Games, and pick up a copy of Rook City for yourself. If you haven’t already picked up the base game, there are plenty of great packages in the Kickstarter page that include both the base game and the expansion, and an awful lot of really cool kickstarter rewards.

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