Lumultra Reviews

Lumultra is backed by a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t experience noticeable changes in your cognition then you can reach out to customer service and receive a full refund. You’ll need to send back all used and unused bottles of Lumultra in order to qualify, and you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Lumultra Review

Lumultra is made by Avanse Nutraceuticals, a supplement company that specializes in nootropics. Some of their other products include sleep aids, pre workout, cardio support, weight management, and high performance gaming supplements. If you’re new to the term “nootropic” , it is a non-drug, non-prescription brain pill aimed to enhance cognition, counter the negative effects of aging, fight everyday stress, and help children with speech disorders. Other potential benefits include energy enhancement, improved concentration and memory, enhanced vision and focus, and better overall cognitive function.

Safety is not guaranteed

Many of the ingredients that come together to make a nootropic are natural and plant-based. Some key ingredients in Lumultra include Vitamin B12, Ginkgo Biloba, Alpha GPC, Noopept, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidyl Serine, Acetyl-L Carnitine, Panax Ginseng, and Guarana. The truth is, although these are common and seemingly all-natural ingredients, the jury is out as to whether nootropics are safe or not. It’s a popular and trendy idea to be able to take a pill to quickly get a brain boost, but it might not be as clear-cut as it sounds. There is always a risk of some long-term side effects, so Avanse Nutraceuticals recommends reading the guidebook that’s attached to your receipt at purchase to understand how to safely take Lumultra.

Be patient with results

Within the first 10 days of taking Lumultra, you may start to feel sharper and more alert, but it could take longer. Customers are instructed to take 2 capsules daily with a meal and not to exceed 4 capsules in a 24 hour period. You should also cycle Lumultra, meaning you take a 30 day rest after 90 days of using it continually. Lumultra should not be used by anyone under the age of 18 and also shouldn’t be used if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Mix and match for discounts

Each bottle of Lumultra comes with 60 vegetarian capsules. You can opt for a one-time purchase and pay $59.97 or subscribe and save 15% on all your bottles. This means Lumultra is auto-shipped to you monthly and each bottle would cost $50.97. If you want to buy 3 bottles of Lumultra together, you can pay $119.97, making each bottle $39.99. There are other options of mixing and matching with different Avanse Nutraceuticals products to save on all of them too. Shipping is always free!

Lumultra is backed by a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t experience noticeable changes in your cognition then you can reach out to customer service and receive a full refund. You’ll need to send back all used and unused bottles of Lumultra in order to qualify, and you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Avanse Nutraceuticals has a “C” rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is definitely not impressive. There are 100 customer reviews about Lumultra on the Avanse Nutraceuticals site, but our guess is that they’re filtered and therefore unreliable. All of them are 4.0 stars and above and say nothing critical of the product or company, which is simply unrealistic. Everyone is different and some people are bound to have a less powerful response to Lumultra than others. We wish there was more transparent customer feedback to rely on when making the decision of whether or not to use Lumultra.

Risky, but likely effective option

Since Lumultra isn’t available for kids or pregnant and nursing women, that’s a sign that this might not be the safest product on the market. Although it could prove wildly effective for some, the fact that it is a nootropic is controversial since there is limited research on the long-term effects. Some known side effects of nootropics include insomnia, dizziness, heart palpitations, and addiction. If you’re familiar with this area of naturopathic medicine and educate yourself on the risks, Lumultra might be life-changing. However, it isn’t our first pick since there are few real customer reviews and your safety isn’t guaranteed.

LumUltra is made by a company called Avanse Nutraceuticals. The company also makes a variety of other types of supplements.

Overview Of LumUltra

One of the most interesting things about LumUltra is it contains a proprietary blend of ingredients called Noopept. We will see its formulation in the next section, but first, the consumers should know that it is an over the counter supplement geared towards improving the user’s base cognitive functions.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular ingredient in sports supplements as it is believed to improve athletic performance. Clinical trials do indeed show that ALCAR supplementation improves sports performance as it increase mitochondrial efficiency. However, this logic does not seem to carry over to cognitive performance. We have not seen a study showing big improvements in brain performance after ALCAR consumption.

Lumultra ingredients

Here is the Lumultra ingredients list as it is shown on the label:

In case that image doesn’t load, here is a complete list of the Lumultra ingredients:

  • Phosphatidylserine – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • L-Tyrosine – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • Noopept – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • Panax Ginseng – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • Guarana – NO DOSE GIVEN
  • Ginkgo Biloba – NO DOSE GIVEN

Obviously, the first thing we notice about Lumultra is that it uses proprietary blends. This means we can only guess at individual ingredient servings. Given some of the ingredients in here and their propensity to cause side effects, this is a serious concern. More on this later in the Lumultra side effects section.

Phosphatidylserine – NO DOSE GIVEN

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid and a vital constituent of brain cell membranes. It is also a key molecule used in cell signalling. Without sufficient phosphatidylserine, the brain cannot make new brain cells at an optimal rate. As our phosphatidylserine levels decline as we get older, supplementation is a good idea (phosphatidylserine has also been found to enhance cognition above baseline in young, healthy adults).

However, to see benefits from phosphatidylserine we need to be taking enough of the nootropic to see improvements in cognition. We have no idea how much we get from Lumultra – potentially 1mg for all we know!

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – NO DOSE GIVEN

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular ingredient in sports supplements as it is believed to improve athletic performance. Clinical trials do indeed show that ALCAR supplementation improves sports performance as it increase mitochondrial efficiency. However, this logic does not seem to carry over to cognitive performance. We have not seen a study showing big improvements in brain performance after ALCAR consumption.

For all we know, The Lumultra “Focus Blend” could be almost entirely ALCAR. Given that this amino acid has a minimum recommended dose of 500mg, this isn’t encouraging!

L-Tyrosine – NO DOSE GIVEN

Tyrosine is another amino acid. However, unlike ALCAR, it has some serious nootropic properties. Tyrosine consumption promotes normal cognitive performance during times of acute mental and physical strain. Clinical trials have shown that Tyrosine improves memory and focus in people subjected to various stressors, including extreme cold and sleep deprivation. This makes Tyrosine the ideal nootropic for students, athletes, traders and the like. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much Tyrosine we get in each serving of Lumultra. This is a serious problem as you need to be consuming around 200mg of Tyrosine to start seeing benefits.

Tyrosine Lumultra ingredients


Noopept is the only Lumultra ingredient for which we have an accurate serving size – 25mg. While this may not sound like a lot, Noopept is actually an extremely potent nootropic. It is a synthetic nootropic. Like most synthetic nootropics, it is har more powerful than natural nootropics, and the effects can typically be felt within minutes. Noopept is highly effective at improving memory function, with users reporting vastly accelerated recall and better retention of information.

While Noopept is certainly effective, it is unsuitable for the vast majority of users as the effects are just so strong. Noopept can be unpredictable, and it can cause side effects. The kind of people Lumultra is designed to help will not want to be taking Noopept every single day for a prolonged period of time!

Panax Ginseng – NO DOSE GIVEN

Panax ginseng has a long history of use in traditional medicines around the world. It does seem to be effective when used as a general health and wellness booster; studies have found that it improves immune system function, promotes energy, and supports vitality in older men. But that doesn’t mean it belongs in a nootropic like Lumultra. Panax ginseng doesn’t have any notable effects on cognition at all.


Guarana is typically used for its caffeine content. Contrary to what supplement manufacturers want you to believe, there is nothing special about the caffeine in guarana – caffeine is caffeine no matter where it comes from. If using guarana instead of caffeine, you’re just consuming useless plant matter alongside your caffeine.

Instead of just using pure caffeine anhydrous like a good nootropic should, Lumultra uses guarana without giving us caffeine content or a serving size! So we have no idea how much caffeine we get from each serving of Lumultra. This is a major side effect risk!

Ginkgo Biloba – NO DOSE GIVEN

Ginkgo biloba is a robustly proven nootropic. It works by increasing cerebral blood flow. Compounds in Ginkgo biloba simultaneously make your blood more viscous and promote dilation of brain blood vessels. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your blood vessels, which means better cognitive performance.

Once again though, dose is everything. Consuming less than 50mg of Ginkgo biloba per day is not going to make any difference to your day-to-day cognitive performance. The Lumultra “memory blend” is only 185mg, and the other ingredient (Alpha-GPC) requires far more than that to be effective. It doesn’t look good then!


Alpha-GPC is an incredible cognitive enhancer. It is one of our top rated natural brain boosters for boosting focus and working memory. Alpha-GPC raises acetylcholine levels in the brain. As the brain’s primary executive neurotransmitter, more acetylcholine means enhanced executive cognitive performance across the board.

The problem here is that, to really see optimal effects from Alpha-GPC supplementation, you need to be taking more than 200mg at a time. The “memory” blend is only 185mg in size, and at least 50mg of that will need to be allotted to Ginkgo biloba. Another serious formula problem with Lumultra here!

However, some ingredients may be allergic or too sensitive to some users.

How Does LumUltra Work?

LumUltra combines Noopept and other natural ingredients to promote mental peak performance, including memory, focus, mental alertness and cognition.

The manufacturer states that this supplement works in three ways:

  • It lowers stress, anxiety, and nervousness, hence boosting focus and clarity. It prevents oxidative stress thus protecting brain cells and promoting nutrient delivery to boost mood, memory and concentration.
  • It encourages vasodilation, which promotes blood flow to the brain. This stimulates neurotransmitters which in turn increase focus, improve memory and boost motivation.
  • It brings focus and mental clarity, which creates more confidence to face life.

I have taken the capsules sporadically and there was also a phase when I used to take it regularly. I have noticed that taking them at regular intervals provides best results and I would recommend it if everyday seems like a lot to handle. My motivation has received a significant boost after I started taking it and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

My mind was always running places and it was not very easy to get hold of my thoughts. This became a challenge for me especially at work and that is when I started to use lumultraa. The difference was amazing. I instantly felt more calm and stable and was able to manage my thoughts more efficiently.

Lumultra was taken from idea conception to reality only through passionate research, years of experience, and endless testing and feedback. Now it’s your turn to play your role in the evolution of your Lumultra. Through your continued feedback we can monitor the success and results of Lumultra and the Lumultra range of products, to better them. †

Lumultra reviews

Lumultra was taken from idea conception to reality only through passionate research, years of experience, and endless testing and feedback. Now it’s your turn to play your role in the evolution of your Lumultra. Through your continued feedback we can monitor the success and results of Lumultra and the Lumultra range of products, to better them. †

Take a look at what our clients are saying. All testimonials and accompanying pictures used on this page are genuine and represent the views of those featured. Results may vary between individuals and best results come with extended use of Lumultra.

I have been fascinated with learning about the breakthroughs people have been experiencing with Lumultra, and now include this amazing product in
my recommendations.

With Lumultra, I believe anyone,
including you, can take their mental
edge to a whole new level.

Dr. Kevin Guyana, DC, CCWO, RM
Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practioner

Disclaimer: The testimonials, statements, and opinions expressed by Dr. Kevin Guyana in this video has been given explicit authorization to be presented on our website by Dr. Kevin Guyana.

Since taking Lumultra I have definitely noticed an increase in the time I stay focused now, and my concentration has doubled since I started taking it. Lumultra is my secret weapon in not just my business, but also in my life. prioritizing my time is now easy, and the energy I have in the evening now for my family has brought a real balance. Thank you so much for Lumultra. Oh, and my husband takes it too now – Mr. Skeptical himself even agrees. Wonders will never cease!

I started taking Lumultra on August 26th, and took only one tablet until this past Friday, when I started to take two at a time, in the morning, with food. I feel amazing, my mood has changed for the better, my patience is improved, my energy is up, and I’m feeling better overall. I’m so happy I tried Lumultra and I’m really excited to try Luna soon too. Thanks Lumultra!

Thanks for the quick reply. I can say that Lumultra is the best I have tried and it works! I’ve spent fortunes on similar pills, but only having taken yours do I realise there’s nothing like it. I now take it daily and am approaching my first off cycle. The results to date have been incredible and the confidence I felt speaking on age gave me edge I have not experience before. If anyone asks I will be sure to recommend you.


I’ve only been taking Lumultra for a full week, and I already feel a difference. My thoughts are much clearer, when I’m at work I’m more in tune and focused, and work with the passion that I’d lost in the past.

My clarity gives me peace of mind and I am in sync with what I need to do to follow the path of great success. I know I have to do my part to make the magic happen, and I thank the Lumultra team for creating a great mind changer. By taking all the products I get the full effect; clear mind, great energy and focus, and also waking up refreshed and ready to have a productive day. Remember that the mind can conceive – and the body will achieve – what you put together. I plan to be all I can be and more.

I have only been taking the product for about a week now and I am slowly starting to notice a difference everyday. I like the fact that your product is something that builds up in your system over time and that you also have a 30 day rest period.

I came across Lumultra and almost didn’t try it but I am so glad I did! I did a lot of research before I ordered it and so far everything you said I would experience I have, and the best part about it is I have had no negative side effects with Lumultra and I have even noticed a positive change in my mood, which coming from a stay at home mom of 2 kids is a good thing because before I started taking Lumultra I had a very short fuse! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything in this world, but sometimes they push my buttons a little and I noticed I am more patient than I was before!

I know it’s only been about a week that I have started taking Lumultra but so far I am very satisfied not only with the product but with your customer service as well! So I wanted to take the time to say Thank you!

I have two subjects to talk about. Let’s start with the product itself first. So me and my girl started taking Lumultra a week ago. First few days felt “different”. I don’t mean bad kind of different, it just felt like Lumultra was working in our bodies just like it is supposed to. The last couple of days we started taking 2 capsules each per day. One with breakfast and the other with lunch. We feel this positivity in our attitude. I am a person who would not talk to anybody at work till noon LOL. But last couple of days I am approaching my colleagues and greeting them. I never thought that would be me, EVER!

2nd topic is their customer service. When I did not receive a tracking number I contacted support. I spoke with Sally and I don’t know what she did but there was my package with 3 bottles of Lumultra in my mailbox the next morning. Awesome product and dedicated customer service definitely makes Lumultra a great company to do business with. (P.S. I will be ordering NOVA and writing a review on it once I experience it for myself)

Happy to report that I have seen and felt a difference since trying Lumultra. I had some doubts if it might be helpful to me and I was surprised by my work output and better focus since. I’ll continue to try Lumultra and see just how better it gets.

So it’s been nearly two weeks and I’m living life in the fast lane. I am finding no anxiety in social situations and communication to others has become much easier as I have found I have a much better verbal palette available to me. I am interested to see how this will affect my scores on Dual N-Back and Cognifit and have already started the initial measurements. I will say that to date I am very impressed. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for brain training software and keep up the good work.

A friend introduced me to you and at first I laughed, but from the first day I “felt it” and became a customer. I feel alert everyday now and have finished a project I was stalling on. You have created an excellent product and props to you for the clear effort you have gone to. Just like my friend introduced me, I too will introduce my friends to you. Well maybe not 😉

Nathan, South Carolina

Nothing lived up to the results I have gotten with Lumultra!

I have been using Lumultra for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I have taken many other nootropics to boost brain function and even tried creating my own blend, but nothing lived up to the results I have gotten with Lumultra. As a current university student studying for his MBA, I can tell how my readings seems to stick to my brain. I am able to easily recall information and apply what I know to my research papers. Thank you for creating a well balanced supplement that works.

Kelvin, Okinawa, Japan

…and my concentration has doubled since I started taking it. LumUltra is my secret weapon in not just my business, but also in my life.

LumUltra is the best I have tried and it works! I’ve spent fortunes on similar pills, but only having taken yours do I realise there’s nothing like it! I now take it daily.

So week 1 was crazy and exactly as described on your website. Week 5 now and without a doubt the best part is the enhanced visuals. So far huge thumbs up.

I really love ya’ll, I’m dyslexic and your pills have helped me find better ways of overcoming it without spending tons of money on therapy or tutors. I get great energy for vacations, stay sharp and then when I’m “off” them I can stay on track due to my constant dyslexic practice and improvement. You all changed my life

This help my son so much
Thank you

I’ve been using LumUltra (Lumultra) for approximately 8 years, and it has made more of a difference in my life than any prescription medication ever has. I’ve endured depression, as well as, social anxiety since I was a young child. Once I started using LumUltra, I really opened up and felt all around more content with my life, I started to strive for excellence at home, and during work, even taking up hobbies such as writing and drawing.

Have taken Lumultra and feel like my memory is working a bit better. I am ordering another 3 months worth to see if it is still helping me. I’m pretty convinced that it is working. 73 old, and really forgetting lots of things.

This product absolutely works well, for me and my brain.

The LumUltra didn’t kick in, right away, In fact, it took about 4-6 weeks, to kick in. So, I’m very glad I stuck with it, on my first try, by committing to a 90-day cycle (as opposed to a 30-day trial).

In the middle of month 2, my memory, recall, and, ability to think and execute clearly, became notably enhanced. It does make me a bit high (euphoric) sometimes, and, I definitely feel the drop off, when I cycle off.

But, it’s absolutely worth it, FOR ME, and, I highly recommend using this product, for anyone who is CLEARED BY THEIR DOCTOR, to do so. The blood thinning effects can be harmful, to those with pre-existing conditions.

Overall, this is an outstanding product, FOR ME;. at a reasonable sustainable cost. But, it may not be for everyone.

Incredible supplement. Helps with focus, anxiety, pursuing goals, and learning quickly.

I have been taking Lumultra in combination with Brain Oil, Nova, and Luna now for about 3 months – the results are amazing!
I’ve notified significant improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate, as well as maintain that “mental energy” needed for my high stress job working in a health care facility.
I’m a faithful customer and I highly recommend this brand to anyone and everyone who would like to be a “better” version of themselves.
Thank you Avance Nutraceuticals.

This is to add to my earlier post. LumUltra Brain Oil with LumUltra has done all these things and more for me. If it works with all major problems I have just imagine what it could do for everybody? These are the things it has done for me:

Performance individuals seeking more drive and energy, done
People with hard time focusing on work, not anymore
People who experience age-related mental decline, no more
People who experience stress, anxiety and depression, no more
People who need supplement for brain healing, Here it is!

The Brain Oil and LumUltra has made it possible for me to start working again and going back to school.
Thank you.

i feel the nova really makes a difference in my days, i prefer it than drinking coffee, it feels great and i can think straight throughout the day!

I have tried Lumultra, as well as nova, and many of of their products. Although I am only 36, I have found Lumultra Wisdom to be the perfect Stack. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. It has been a smooth ride.

So far a week in and I notice a huge difference in focus and energy so I just ordered the brain oil and Nova still waiting for it to arrive. Very excited it’s worked wonders I know how Bradley Cooper felt in “Limitless” lol no but seriously it’s a great product so far can’t wait to try the rest!

I recently had a change in career as an insurance broker. I had to past the massive exam each agent has to go through which not many pass the first, second, or third time. With quitting my job I had no room to cause any delays so I started searching brain boosters or supplements and stumbled upon Lumultra. I figured it was worth a try so I ordered the Lumultra with the Nova blend. I noticed in a matter of a week a difference in my mood, motivation, memory, and energy level!! And so did my wife!!lol. I took the test and passed the first time ! I knew Lumultra was a big part of that ! Besides trying to keep up with the cost, the product is defiantly effective.

Felt great! Could truly notice the difference in just only two weeks.. 3rd & 4th week my brain felt like a oiled powered engine

Hey my name is Randy Miller : i bought Lumultra for my home business to cram info. so i can expand my business. When i tried them it was like someone opened
the flood gates to my neurons,information just filled my brain as i studied and i could recall the info. 10 times faster than i normal could. thanks Lumultra you helped me save my business.

I have ADHD and have been discouraged about memory and focus problems all my life. I used to take the prescription stimulants but they were too addictive and dangerous over time. I thought I would just have to learn to live with my symptoms. After trying a couple other nootropics I tried Lumultra along with the Nova booster a couple months ago and noticed a drastic improvement in my memory and focus. And it just keeps getting better the longer I take them! And no unpleasant side effects! Wow! Thanks, Lumultra!

WOW.. is all i can say.. LumUltra has change my life and i never want to go back to the old ways my brain was functioning. These supplements have helped me be on the cutting edge of everything i do. Thank you for giving my brain a second chance .lol.. I will continue using this product and continue telling my friends and family.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

My job requires high concentration and heavy thinking all day long. Three years ago I started to feel extreme headaches several times a week and could not work hard anymore. I’ve tried three different nootropics without any effect. Then I came across LumUltra (recently renamed to Lumultra) and it literally saved me. I’m taking just one capsule in the morning 5 days a week and I’m as productive as 20 years ago.
Two weeks ago I’ve been on a business trip, sleeping for about 4 hours/night due to 7 hours time lag. Two Lumultra capsules a day was making me feel normal all week.

– Igor Makarenko
Konstancin-Jeziorna, Mazowieckie, PL

I now feel confident I can graduate on time and get my Bachelor’s degree! I feel more awake during classes and motivated to write my papers. I am also more focused, although I have ADHD and this isn’t meant to cure that. It does improve it though. Overall, I am very glad I found Lumultra, and I will definitely keep buying it.

I’ve been taking lumonultra, and most of all the products and I’ve seen an overwhelming increase in clarity, thought processing, and don’t see nervous jitters like I have in the past. I’ve put in the work to get to where I am today but, to say the least thanks to lumonultra it has boosted and taken to the next level. I will continue to be a faithful client of lumonultra.

My son has been taking lumultra prep for a few months now. I have noticed a huge change in him. He can focus more, hes more calm but still has energy, he actually eats. We really love this product.

My college son was looking for a little boost in concentration and I was not about to okay him for a prescription drug. I was really afraid of the side effects. My High School son had seen an Integrative Medicine doctor for SIBO which created brain fog. She was able to cure him of the SIBO and in course, the brain fog. I knew my sons did not want to take a variety of pills each day so I started looking for a solution. I looked up the ingredients in HS son’s brain fog pills and came across many of the ingredients in Lumultra. From there I researched more and then more again. I’m not saying that Lumultra is responsible for all of the improvements my sons have seen because there were various tutoring, motivation, hard work etc. involved, but no kidding, College son went from a 2.7 first semester to 3.6 and Dean’s list second semester while taking Lumultra. He said he felt more productive while taking the pills. High School son went up 200 points on SAT and then when he wasn’t taking Lumultral regularly, he went down 90 points. Both SAT and ACT scores while on Lumultra were great. HS son didn’t feel like they made much of an impact on him. Both boys took Lumultra + Nova.

I have found Lumultra makes me sharper-smarter and gives me a mental awareness that I previously had lost-or was losing. Thank you for a wonderful product Norma

I wanted an extra edge while working full time in engineering industry and also studying for my PE exam. I had a study course 4 days a week from 6pm-9pm for 2 months. LumUltra helped keep me focused and determined to complete that study course while also meeting all of my project deadlines for work. The PE exam came and went, and I’m proud to say I passed! I have continued to take LumUltra as directed per bottle instructions and this stuff is legit.

I have been taken nova and ultra for 2 months now And I’d have to say this stuff is unbelievable my energy and focus levels have Improved immensely My memory has gotten so much better since I been taken luminal ultra and luminal nova I would recommend this to everybody and I have recommended it to my friends family it really has changed my life thank you so much for the Miracle pill that has changed my life

Have used this for over a year with excellent results

I didn’t know how well LumUltra Prep worked for my son, until we were without it for a few months. I would give it to him in the morning before school , then take a break on weekends per directions. He seem to be more eager to do well in school. He began to ask for help and raise his hand in class to answer questions. I thot, for a moment ,he was just maturing and realizing he had to do this for his future ( lol) We ran out a few months ago, but here we are at the end of 5th grade , and not doing so well. Lack of interest , giving up to soon, no longer interested in being involved in class discussions. The list goes on. I bought my 3 month supply today , and i hoping to see the him , once again be enthused to learn.

I had felt a lack of motivation due to PTSD. I was looking for something to give me the boost I needed that wasn’t a narcotic. After some research I found that Lumultra was the most popular and also most effective nootropic on the market. I had to see for myself and took a risk. I spent the little bit of money I had on Lumultra in hopes it would pay off. Well it most certainly did. I found myself gliding through the day with ease. I found myself sharper and on point. My work performance soared and soon my mind started to open up as well. I found myself answering old questions that ate me up. I found myself looking at life in a different way than I had before. This may sound dramatic but keep in mind I have PTSD. Bottom line is no matter where you are at in life, Lumultra has the ability to change your life for the better. Right now I use Lumultra, Nova, Brain Oil, and Luna and I have no regrets. Best investment I’ve ever made Period.

I love it since I’ve been taking this product
With lumultra, has really changed my life.
Thank you lumultra

Love brain oil! Helps keep me sharp and on my game. My mood has went way up!

Love this product! Has helped with memory, mood, and kept me motivated. Can’t say enough

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