glucosatrin reviews

glucosatrin reviews

Glucosatrin Reviews, while mixed, have been primarily good. Many reviewers claimed to have noticed significant improvements in their joint pain within just days of use. Some, however, complained about the absence of chondroitin and that the product did not work as claimed for them.

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What is Glucosatrin?

Joint pain can be a problem at any age although it does often affect those with certain conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism and people in their senior years. There are many products on the market that claim to help relieve the pain associated with damaged and aching joints such as Glucosatrin which is made by the company Market America.

Glucosatrin is marketed through the company’s official website which is user-friendly and reasonably informative. While some areas are lacking, for example there are no customer testimonials, the site does show clinical test results which proves how effective Glucosatrin can be when used on a regular basis.

The manufacturer of Glucosatrin has a 30-day money back guarantee and the cost of the product is $44.95 which is slightly higher than many other competitive brands.

The company manufactures and sells a variety of nutrition, health, personal care, cosmetics, weight loss, pet care, and housekeeping items. After paying a beginning fee, their distributors sell the majority of their items at retail outlets both online and in person.

What Is Glucosatrin and How Does It Work?

According to the manufacturer, Glucosatrin includes substances that may help ease the discomfort associated with aching joints caused by disorders including arthritis and rheumatism.

It is reported to include glucosamine, which is known to assist joint function and promote normal synovial fluid levels for improved joint lubrication and cartilage regeneration.

Vitamin C helps in the development of healthy tissues, manganese aids in the strengthening of weak joints, and vitamin D3 aids in the absorption of calcium, among other things. The substances may also aid in the battle against inflammation, which is a typical prelude to joint disorders.

These components are recognized to provide these and other advantages for joint and general health, but their specific amounts are not specified.


Glucosatrin – The Overview

Glucosatrin is one of the thousands of joint health support supplements which are being sold online. The product comes from a manufacturer whose detailed information is available over the internet. The manufacturer of Glucosatrin explains the detailed information about the working of the product and it is mentioned on their official site. Glucosatrin contains a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients often used in joint health supplements. Working of all ingredients are explained in-detail on the website. Customer testimonials displayed on the website clearly shows that the product is safe to be consumed for long term and it has been reported by the users after a course of their usage of Glucosatrin.


Market America offers a comprehensive array of health and nutrition vitamins and products. Taking nutritional supplements in addition to a balanced lifestyle can help to provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking, due to a poor diet. Many dietary supplements can also be used to increase the amount of energy available for workouts or athletic performance. They can support your body’s vitality and energy by providing nutrients to your body that may be lost due to exercise or physical activity.

Market America

Market America offers a comprehensive array of health and nutrition vitamins and products. Taking nutritional supplements in addition to a balanced lifestyle can help to provide essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking, due to a poor diet. Many dietary supplements can also be used to increase the amount of energy available for workouts or athletic performance. They can support your body’s vitality and energy by providing nutrients to your body that may be lost due to exercise or physical activity.

Nutritional supplements are meant to supplement your diet and can be found in many forms, including liquids, powders, tablets and capsules. They can also be extracts or concentrates and include herbs, botanicals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Taken properly, nutrition vitamins are an excellent way to help your body maintain what it needs to be healthy. Although a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise are extremely important for overall health, nutritional supplements can serve to replenish the body and promote your body’s immune system.

Optimal health means strong immune systems, superior cognitive function, healthy cardiovascular systems, overall peak performance and enhanced quality of life. Take control of your health with Market America’s scientifically-supported nutrition vitamins and dietary supplements.

Listed below are some of the different products and vitamins that Market America offers:

Bone and joint complaints are the No. 1 reason people visit the doctor. Bone is an active tissue that constantly adjusts to the stresses of daily activities, work and sports. Osteroporsis and joint discomfort are traditionallty associated with older adults, but everyone is at risk. Market America’s Bone and Joint Health line features Isotonix Calcium Plus with magnesium and vitamin D3 and Glucosatrin with COX-2 and 5 LOX inhibiting herbs, which promote bone and joint health.

In everyday life, our bodies generate free radicals. Normally, the body can handle free radicals, but if antioxidants are unavailable, or if the free radical production becomes excessive, cellular damage can occur. Free radicals are the major cause of aging and declined health. Antioxidants bind with these radicals, rendering them powerless to help you maintain optimal health. Market America’s Antioxidant product line features Isotonix OPC-3 with Pycnogenol, Isotonix Maximum ORAC with pomegranate and Bioperine and Isotonix Acai with green tea and mangosteen.

Diets rich in sugar and processed foods are linked to high blood sugar levels and excess weight gain. High blood sugar may produce few or no symptoms. Healthy insulin levels help your cells produce the energy you need for healthy living. Market America’s Blood Sugar Maintenance line features Isotonix Isochrome with Coenzyme Q10 and Advanced Level 90 with Glucomannan and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Your gastrointestinal tract is an important part of your immune system. If your colon and GI tract are not free of toxins, it can wreak havoc on the body. A healthy digestive system starts with a healthy colon. Market America’s NutriClean 7-Day System, Isotonix Digestive Enzymes with Probotics, NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder, Complete Greens and Ultimate Aloe all work together to keep your colon and digestive system healthy.

Market America’s exclusive line of Isotonix products includes Isotonix Advanced B-complex with its combination of vitamin B-12, B-2 (riboflavin), B-6, Folic Acid, and Vitmains B3 (niacin), B5, B1 and Biotin; Isotonix MultiTech, which contains 100 percent or more of the daily value of essential vitamins and most minerals; Isotonix Vitamin C, to support the immune system, assist in the synthesis of collagen, and support a strong cardiovascular system; and Isotonix Multi-Mineral, to help to support healthy enzymatic and cellular functions in the body.

Transitions Lifestyle System from Market America is based on scientific research. From complete entrees to snacks, fat conversion inhibitors to anti-stress formulas, Transitions helps make the “transition” from where you are to maintaining where you want to be. Get insight into the science and research that goes into new products and product lines with the Transitions Lifestyle System CD. Start out on the right step with the Transitions Daily Journal to begin your commitment to the Transitions Lifestyle System.

Teryl C. April. 20/17

Reviews for Maggie’s Vitamins

Maggie , I just have to tell you , I’ve been faithfully taking my Isotonic Vitamins all winter. I have not been sick once. Everyone around me has. I’m convinced they are the reason I have maintained my health all winter long . Very , very happy with them.

Teryl C. April. 20/17

I used to suffer from major allergies and asthma. I personally feel that due to my use of the OPC-3, even my former allergy to cats

is no longer an issue and my asthma is almost non-existent! I tell everyone about this when they mention allergies.

Since taking an Isotonix regimine, I have had a lot more energy and am sleeping at night. The magnesium has really helped with sleep.
Overall I feel so much better. I feel like me again. Maggie thank you so much for your guidance in helping me to figure out the nutrients I was lacking. Life flows so much easier when you feel good.
Judie Thomspon
The Reflexology Room

As a practitioner, I was exposed to the Isotonix line some 5 or 6 years ago and noted some interesting findings.
Among them was the fact that the formulations were unique and the regimens were all-inclusive.
What that means, for example, is that something like the Prime Joint Formula, which we recommend a lot of given the cases we see, dealt with the cartilage,
the join fluid, and the soft tissue around the joint thanks to the glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and pycnogenol in the product. nothing like it on the market!
The Bone and Joint Kit comes complete with the joint formula plus a Calcium Plus formula and a Vit D3 with K2 formula. all good for bone and joint health.

Now, you add in the fact that the formulations are created with a unique isotonic delivery mechanism that allows for high bioavailability and not only do you
have the right ingredients, but enough of the right ingredients are getting into the body for a therapeutic dose. that means these products are more likely
to do what they say they’re going to do.

People love the fact they don’t have to swallow pills and they like the ease by which they are able to combine the various formulas into one healthy drink.
Combine this with the fact that there are protocols for all major health conditions like heart disease, blood sugar maintenance, anti-aging and the like, and
you have a product line that will satisfy the most critical practitioner and patient alike.

At the end of the day, these products are performing as a top-of-the-line product should, and the feedback has been amazing. With the continued support of a
world class scientific advisory board and a model that all products are based on leading evidence in the research and literature, a practitioner and a patient
can rest assured they are providing and using something that is of excellent quality.

Dr. David Koivuranta

Maggie is an amazing resource for information about vitamins and supplements. Her products are top notch and after using them for over 5 years I still can feel if I’ve forgotten to take them. I make sure that I don’t run out, but if by chance I do, orders arrive very quickly. Thank you for all your expertise!

I meet maggie years ago when we were interested in isotonic vitamins, we love the idea that it travels through your blood stream not your gut, my son and us have been taking these products, with great success, my son has not been on medication for illnesses in years, I can’t remember the last time we had to see a doctor. Maggie is super informative and very knowledgable and always available when the need arises for information, Maggie is no longer my consultant she’s turned into a wonderful friend who I know treasure and thankful to have her in our lives❤

OPC-3 I lived in an old farmhouse, and my allergies were out of control. I had been impressed with the Market America vitamin system, so I decided to try the OPC-3 as an overall boost to my health. I started with 3 caps a day, and within a week my allergies had decreased to almost non existent. Also, my asthma had cleared up a lot. Within a few weeks, I had no obvious sign of having issues with either problem. After a month I was able to reduce my use of the OPC-3 to 2 caps a day. The third month, 1 cap. After that, when I felt like I was getting a cold, or something was triggering the allergies/asthma, I would increase the dose to 3 caps a day for a few days, and it would wipe out the symptoms. I always increased my dose back to 3 caps for a few days when I felt I needed it, but I will always remember how amazing this product worked at relieving my suffering with those 2 health issues in particular.

I took OPC-3 a few years ago for terrible seasonal allergies. No OTC medications were even remotely helpful at easing the constant congestion, sneezing, and itchy eyes. I had already wasted a lot of money trying all the allergy medication options on the shelf, as well as several natural alternatives, so I figured why not keep trying. The OPC-3 seemed expensive up front, but if it was going to relieve me of my suffering (as well as benefit my health in less obvious ways!) it would be worth it. I had to take triple doses for about a week before seeing improvement, but once it started working I was able to go down to 1 dose/day. My symptoms were 90% gone! Nothing else I had ever tried came close to that. I figured that for about one dollar a day this stuff was more than worth it. Now, several years later, I’m realizing, again, that nothing else has worked like OPC-3, so I’m planning to get back on it permanently.

“I have been taking OPC3, Vit D, B Complex, and Calcium isotonically on and off for many, many years. I had cancer once 6 years ago (colon) and I can say that taking the above mentioned supplements keep me healthier and happier than if I did not. I love the taste and the fact that my body gets to keep almost all of the goodness of these vitamins. “
Thank you OPC .

Nathalie Smith <3

I can’t say enough about this product it has changed my life and I feel totally awesome 🙂

I love to be able to drink my vitamins every morning. I have health challenges and I am on a few medications. These vitamins make a difference that I can feel. I am able to take less medication because the isotonix vitamins help with the side effects that are caused by the meds I am on. Plus there are no fillers and binders and I dont have to digest them. I get up to 95% absorption of the vitamins in 5 minutes or so and that is unheard of in pill form. If you want to maintain your health and/or are challenged with any health issues, I highly recommend this line of vitamins. They are scientifically backed and have made such a difference in my life and my childrens life. Also Maggie is a very passionate, well informed and educated health consultant that is always there to help. I highly recommend Maggie Holbik and the isotonix vitamins if you are looking for supplementation for your health. Thank so much

OPC-3 is the most amazing product. It helps with my rheumotoid arthritis to the extent that I’m not even aware that I suffer from this disease. I also take the superb fish oil for this condition and at one time took the Glucosatrin. The Glucosatrin is no longer required as long as I take my OPC-3 daily. Love these products. They have definitely changed my life for the better. Thank you.

Maggie as you know I have taken and sold these supplements myself for over 10 years. It controls my weight and my diabetes. My sugars were over 10 I nearly lost both my feet thanks to isotonic supplements and my doctor my sugars went to be now 7. I kept my feet and I have Neuropathy and Teresa has me on more product thank you Maggie Teresa and especially Market America

Isotonic Co-enzyme Q10 gives me the energy to power through a long day as a 3pm pick me up or as my morning daily. And what can I say about ACTS? If you thought your life was great before. what do you think it would be if it was phenomenal! I use ACTS for my adrenals which gives me energy which leads me to a happier life.

I have so many things to say about the Isotonix products as they are all amazing but the one thing that got us hooked started many years ago. My son would go into a fit of rage starting at age 8. He was about 13 when a friend came to talk to me about Market America and the few products they had at the time. OPC 3 and Advanced B. Nothing to lose so started my son on these two products. Talk about a change. By the end of grade 11 no longer at fits of anger, no calls from the School, worked a full time job plus school, graduated with honors, and 8 awards. Teachers were so impressed with his change. I know it was thanks to these products. Never has had fits of anger since.

Digestive Enzymes are amazing! My Dad was on Nexum, for his acid reflux & I convinced him (took some convincing as he’s not a big believer in vitamins) to try the digestive enzymes. He no longer takes Nexum & uses the digestive enzymes whenever required, which isn’t very often anymore! He gets in a real panic when he gets halfway through the bottle and I have to send him more right away! He’s petrified of getting caught without them & having to use something else for relief of his acid reflux!

Just wanted to share with you. My husband Jason, had an amputation surgery on January 13/14th. We were told he would be in the hospital for 1 week and then transferred to a short-term care hospital for 4 months of recovery time–by then he would be able to start walking. Jason and I were determined that he be in his best health possible, during this time, so the day after surgery, we inc reased his Isotonix dailies to 3 OPC, 3 Prime Joint, 1 Vitamin B, 1 Calcium and 3 Bromelain..quite the cocktail

Anyways. fast forward. Jason arrived home Feb. 7th (3 weeks after his surgery. ), his incision completely healed, and he started his first couple of sessions in learning to walk again, was fitted for a prosthesis on Feb. 24th and was given his new leg at the beginning of March. Both his nurses and physiotherapists were astounded at how quickly he has healed.. both indicated to me, they have never had this quick of progress with a patient. I am so very grateful for these outstanding products and so looking forward to the future with my husband, who has had very limited mobility for 12 years. Two years later – Jason is actively getting his life back.. spending a lot of time with his new grandson. He literally is a walking testimonial!!

“I have been taking Maggie’s Daily Essential Vitamins which includes the OPC3, Multi-vitamin, Vitamin B Complex, and Calcium Plus for the last year and a half. They taste great and help to keep my immune system strong and healthy. I seldom catch a cold or get sick. I have noticed a great improvement in my general health, since I started taking the Isotonix vitamins. I work as a support worker for the elderly and need to stay healthy. Great product.”