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Even though there are so many supplements which have been created using some strange chemicals and are claiming to eliminate wrinkles from the body a great deal in so far as elimination of wrinkles is concerned, very few are capable of living up to their claim and some are even causing more harm to the skin than good.

Who is the Manufacturer of Control Corrective?

Control Corrective

The supplement is manufactured by a company which is sharing the same name as the supplement itself Control Corrective.

The manufacturer is claiming that this formula is capable of reducing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on the face and at the same time eradicating all manner of pigmentation from the body of the users.

The cosmeceuticals which are included in the supplement are also claimed to be very effective in supporting skin care and do not harm the users in any way.

Further, there is a claim that usage of the supplement Control Corrective is possible for all types of skin with no irritation at all hence nobody should fear it.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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How Does Control Corrective Work?

The brand claims that the serum supports collagen production and stabilizes active vitamin C. These ingredients may help brighten the dull skin and protect it from oxidative damage. The collagen reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Meanwhile, it contains an antioxidant vitamin C that gives the skin a long-lasting glow. It also has its so-called multi-functional microparticle delivery technology that enables the long-term release of hyaluronic acid into the skin. And because of this, it is great for dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity concerns.

Control Corrective Cleanser Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing a cleanser I’ve recently fell in love with:

Control Corrective Salicylic 2% Wash!

By now, I’ve probably sufficiently expressed my love for BHA’s – but just in case…I really really love BHA’s. My first foray into BHA’s was with Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

Truth be told, I didn’t originally buy this for my face. I frequently have acne pop up on my shoulders and randomly along my back – I’m forever trying to get rid of it without leaving scarring or having someone picking at my back. In came this cleanser. I bought it with the intention of using it as a finishing body wash (after shaving, after shampoo/conditioner etc.) and when I had the bottle in my hands, I said to myself “there’s no way this will last”. So onto my face it went!

I learned about this while reading some random article on body acne I found on google, but I was amazed to find it on Birchbox (for less than list price on the Control Corrective website, I might add).

It’s a pretty simple bottle, plastic with a pump dispenser. My usage really depends on my mood, but it’s usually once a day (at night), sometimes I’ll use it in the morning, especially if I missed washing my face the night before or if I notice a facial uprising.

It has a watery-gel like consistency. Runny, but not completely all over the place. It suds up just fine, and leaves my face in a nice coating of foam. I use a little scrub pad to clean my face, so it bubbles just fine, but I’d imagine it’d be difficult to get it to lather if just using your fingers. I’ve never even tried that way to be honest.

As far as cleanliness goes, my face feels squeaky clean afterwards…minus the squeaky. It doesn’t make my face feel tight or extra dry, but it does has this definitive feel to it. This I-definitely-just-cleaned-my-face-the-right-way kind of feel.

It definitely drew out some acne and there was a bit of purge action early on, but after the two week mark, that cleared up. I noticed my pores definitely became smaller and there were less and less blackheads. my skin felt a lot smoother, but I would really recommend manually exfoliating every week with this. It doesn’t make me flaky, per se. But I personally feel like all that dead skin it pulls off of you and dries out, needs to be sloughed away every now and then. It’s a strange feeling to describe, but after a couple days, my skin will just feel dull and heavy – like it needs to just have a good scrubbing. I don’t know..maybe I’m finally losing my mind.

The only con I can think of, is that my face sort of has a dependency on it now. But that may be for BHA’s in general (remember! Salicylic Acid is a BHA!) but if I go a few days without using any BHA products, my face just full on erupts in tiny breakout – whiteheads and blackheads before. So I wouldn’t hurry to say that this cleanser is a cure-all. It definitely helps, but maintenance is needed.

I will say, that once a routine is established, acne barely pops up. And once my skin was used to it, it would immediately react (positively) to me using it, even if I skipped a few days. Small pimples or the start of cystic acne would recede within a day or two of using this cleanser night and day.

All in all, if acne is one of your big concerns, I think this cleanser is a really good way to get a hold of it and nip it in the bud. It’s fast acting and consistent in its execution – never really losing effectiveness.

It’s a little pricey for only 6.7 ounces, but a little goes a long way and it really is worth a shot. It’s got a permanent spot in my arsenal.

So there you have it! I’m sorry this post took a little longer than usual – on a personal note, I’ve had a death in the family. So it’s been a little hard to find the motivation to post something.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a spa day everyday? I think it would be great to get spoiled and pampered with all of those great anti-aging skincare products anytime I wanted to. Well, here is a company that has been in the spa industry for more than 28 years. They carry an extensive product selection in order to extend your experience between spa visits and help you turn your home into an oasis of luxury and wellness. Sounds awesome, right?

SpaStation Control Corrective Skin Care System

Control Corrective Growth Factor Cream

Wouldn’t it be great to have a spa day everyday? I think it would be great to get spoiled and pampered with all of those great anti-aging skincare products anytime I wanted to. Well, here is a company that has been in the spa industry for more than 28 years. They carry an extensive product selection in order to extend your experience between spa visits and help you turn your home into an oasis of luxury and wellness. Sounds awesome, right?

SpaStation offers a large selection of spa quality items that ranges from skin care to candles, bath and body care to massage products and even robes, slippers and linens for the ultimate in top quality products and relaxation. You can seriously spend hours on this site! I was sent several items from the Control Corrective Skin Care Line to review for you today.

The first one is the Control Corrective Growth Factor Cream. This helps scars fade away by capturing the latest breakthroughs in wound healing technology. The rejuvenating Growth Factor Treatment Cream successfully diminishes visible scars (acne and otherwise), irritation and other textural irregularities. I do not have anything really to test this on as far as scars but the bottle says that it is a concentrated hydrating, healing and soothing treatment cream that helps accelerate cell growth and it would be great after a peel. Well, I just happened to have a peel here (go figure lol) so I did the peel and after, I used a small amount of this cream and gosh it felt so good! The cream is not overly thick, but it has a great consistency that absorbs very well and feels so marvelous on your skin. Sometimes after a peel my skin feels tight and tender, but this calmed it down nicely.

Control Corrective Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk – When sensitive, irritated, or over-stimulated skin cries out for relief and replenishment, Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk steps up to the rescue. This comforting complexion conditioner does it all; helps soothe inflammation, fortifies skin’s own ability to retain healing moisture and washes away dry surface cells, impurities, and make-up. And it feels so fabulous when you use this! This cleanser is created for tender skin and can be used after peels and treatments like microdermabrasions to calm and cool your face. It is formulated for rosacea prone skin too. It did an excellent job with cleansing and it has a slight mint color to it with a fresh scent and a bit of aloe juice to help your skin relax. Love this!

Control Corrective Intensive Skin Lightning Cream SPF30 – The future sure looks brighter when you trade in age spots and blotchy pigment for fairer, more even texture and tone. A powerful multi-tasker, Intensive Skin Lightening Cream SPF30 lightens up your face, neck, and décolleté while simultaneously protecting your skin’s newly recaptured beauty. This is a great sunscreen for your face that also heals damage already existing. I am really bad about using sunscreen and never really had one specifically for my face, so I am happy about that! This is a beautifully thick cream where a tiny amount goes a long way! It is perfect for under your foundation on a daily basis. Extremely mild, fresh scent. It feels wonderful!

Control Corrective Crystal C Serum – Stress and aging can leave the skin looking dull and worn. As an enhancement to any anti-aging regimen, Crystal C Serum brings renewed light–and this means revitalizing, evening out and firming up–to compromised skin with bright efficiency. I have heard a lot about Vitamin C on your skin, but I have never consistently used it. This is a pump bottle with a thick serum that you apply first on your skin after cleansing. Use only a small amount! It goes a long way. As a treatment product, it absorbed super quickly and there wasn’t even any left on my skin… I must be dehydrated or something! I was able to go on to my moisturizer immediately. That is a first. Sometimes I have to wait a few seconds or minutes to let something fully absorb into my skin. Not this! Awesome! I like the feel and cannot wait to see how it helps my skin perk up!

I really enjoyed the Control Corrective products from SpaStation that I got to try. I love the fact that these are created to correct specific issues you may have and that they work nicely together too. All of them absorbed great and you only have to use a small amount to get the full result. I like that as it saves money. These are beautiful products that I will enjoy using and I think you will too! Swing by SpaStation to check out there hundreds of products! You are going to love that place!

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