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ColonCare360™ Complex

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All of the cells and tissues in your body and your major organ of detoxification, the liver rely upon your colon. The colon processes waste and bacteria preparing it for elimination from the body. Colon cleanse products should be determined based on its: potential to clean the colon of harmful waste & toxins, potential to promote better digestion & increase elimination, potential to promote improved* immune system function, potential to provide increased energy levels*. The quality of the ingredients should be backed by clinical research.

This formula is used to relieve digestive issues. It works by easing bowel movements, promoting digestive health, and softening the stool. It contains a soluble fiber, psyllium husk, that cleans out all the waste in every corner of the bowels and flushes it with water.

Cape Aloe then signals the colon muscles to start the peristalsis process to move all the cleaned-out waste from the body. Once that process is in place, the L-glutamine supports the epithelial cells on the colon wall and boosts its health to keep toxic components out of the bloodstream.

The Stop Aging Now ColonCare360 Complex tackles this issue by improving the climate of the body from within. As consumers use ColonCare360 supplement, the creators claim that they will:

How ColonCare360 Complex Works

How ColonCare360 Complex Works

The whole success of ColonCare360 Complex centers around the use of natural ingredients that are meant to make stools softer and nourish the digestive system’s general functions. Those ingredients include:

  • Psyllium husk
  • Cape aloe
  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Prune powder
  • Ginger extract
  • DGL licorice root
  • L-glutamine

Psyllium husk is one of the star players in this formula, offering a healthy source of fiber that can pull in water and eliminate waste throughout the gut. Fiber is essential for the body’s digestive process, helping to create softer stools with the right amount of water and waste. However, the type of fiber used can mean the difference between substantial gas and bloating versus none at all. Psyllium husk is used to focus more on the latter.

Cape aloe is crucial to peristalsis in the colon, which is just the process that pushes waste out of the body. Combined with psyllium husk, this ingredient can naturally push along the process that is otherwise impeded while constipated.

Bacillus coagulans is a probiotic strain of bacteria, helping to eliminate the toxins in the body while increasing the healthy microorganisms in the gut. With this type of targeted relief, consumers will experience more bowl movements, less bloating, and less gas.

Prunes are often used for consumers struggling with constipation, since they have a natural sugar alcohol called sorbitol. Though they are a good source of fiber, sugar alcohols are able to bring in more water to the bowels and cause the user to have a bowl movement, but with greater ease. In fact, too big of a serving of prunes can cause the body to have a completely different issue with their stools.

Ginger has been used for centuries for its ability to soothe an upset stomach. Like psyllium husk, it eliminates the risk of gas and bloating, while stimulating the natural laxative benefit offered by prunes and other ingredients in ColonCare360 Complex.

Licorice root helps to soften stools without distressing the stomach, as it creates more mucus in the bowels. This mucus lubricates stools and helps to reduce the strain that can be placed on the body while trying to push out waste from constipation.

L-glutamine is included for the way it can line the intestines with healthy epithelial cells. It is also often used in body-building formulas for muscle metabolism that other amino acids cannot offer.

A recent study of over 45,000 adults exposed a shocking link between clogged up bowels and major heart problems!