Carbolin 19 Reviews

I started to look at Carbolin 19 a while ago before I tried Indigo 3G. My thinking was not to use the product as a fat burner but as a nutrient partner. While it isn’t as potent as Indigo 3G it certainly has some good science behind it.

Product Review – Biotest Carbolin 19

It’s always going to be THE hot topic in nutrition, especially with the society we live in.

While most realise that it takes sound nutritional planning, hard training and great recovery to get the body of your dreams, some still crave a magic pill.

Or at the very least, a bit of a hand getting that extra edge!

Now I’m the first to tell anyone that looking for supplements to help you move towards your goals is the last thing that you should be looking at.

However if you have everything in line and are just looking for that extra couple of percent then there are a couple of products that I recommend (such as Indigo 3G if you’re looking to manage your carb intake and Hot Rox if you’re looking for a fat burner).

One of the other things I have been looking at is Biotests carbolic 19.

I started to look at Carbolin 19 a while ago before I tried Indigo 3G. My thinking was not to use the product as a fat burner but as a nutrient partner. While it isn’t as potent as Indigo 3G it certainly has some good science behind it.

You can read the article on it HERE

As you can see by the article the supplement is designed to slowly and steadily move your body composition towards more muscle and less fat.

So what did I think?

To be honest my experience of Carbolin 19 was a very positive one.

I kept all macros and training exactly the same and simply added 3 capsules to my day. 2 just before a workout and one about 6-8 hours apart. The first thing I noticed was absolutely nothing.

I noticed no effect for the first couple of weeks at all. Well nothing out of the ordinary fluctuations that I typically see. However I kept seeing my weight creep up, but my waist measurement go down (I keep an eye on this area as it’s the the first place that I accumulate fat). And it kept happening.

I gained 4 pounds and had to scale back the amount I was taking as I was quickly moving out of my weight class (bigger people trying to kill me is no fun). I scaled it back to 2 caps a day and the results slowed down a bit, however I was still gaining when the bottle ran out.

Now I know that there is a lot of people out there who will scoff at ‘only’ 4 pounds in a month.

That’s completely fine.

I know that there is a lot of people out there perma-bulking on gear that aim for a lot more than that. However I track everything to a very geeky degree and I know what variables effect me and what doesn’t.

4 pounds as a natural athlete with no other changes is no joke.

Am I going to keep taking it?

Well no. the simple reason is that it isn’t right for me or my goals. If I was looking to move up a weight class or didn’t care about stepping on a scale for a competition then I would be straight back on it!

Is this for everyone?

If you want to increase the amount of muscle you are carrying while decreasing the amount of fat that you’re carrying then I would recommend it (only if the rest of your training, diet and recovery are in order).

However if you are just starting out on your weight loss journey or are experienced, at the top of your weight class or aren’t weight training seriously, I would give it a miss.

Just like any supplement, it can have very positive effects on you IF it’s the right product and you know what you are doing!

Carbolin 19 – The Overview

Carbolin 19 is a supplement that increases muscular pump and rate of muscle gains. This product is made by the company Biotest LLC, a manufacturer who produces several brands of supplements that are all sold from their website. While the site features Carbolin 19, information about the product is limited – there is a brief overview of how it works, but no customer reviews. A contact number for the company’s customer service department is provided but the site doesn’t include any background details about the manufacturer.

Carbolin 19

Carbolin 19 is only available directly from the manufacturer. Discounts are available for anyone purchasing it in larger amounts, although there are no free samples offered. All regular purchases have a 30-day money back guarantee.

(i) They promote the easier development of pure muscle mass.

What are the Key Ingredients of the Product?

Carbolin 19 is a patent protected, laboratory synthesised compound that is primarily composed of colforsin 1,9 ethyl carbonate which is derived from its parent compound forskolin.

Forskolin is mainly found in a tropical perennial plant known as Plectranthus barbatus and has been widely used in many ancient eastern traditions because it was recognized to provide various benefits like reducing heart related issues, curing convulsions, delaying the frequency or even eliminating pain caused due to spasms, and reducing pain during urination.

Similarly, it has also been used widely by South American communities as a home remedy for various digestive problems, liver related issues, and headaches caused due to excess alcohol consumption and excess fatty food intake.

How do these Ingredients Benefit me?

The forskolin is initially extracted directly from the plant source and then further refined and purified until it becomes carbonate ester. This compound is further purified and the resultant product is what acts as the active agent in Carbolin 19.

  • In a research study conducted it was observed that anabolic effects of the product were found to be equal to that of Anavar.
  • Another interesting bit to note was that the product did not display any signs of increased liver toxicity unlike Anavar, which has been linked with cases of liver damage.
  • Biotest Carbolin 19 was studied and found to not require receptors for the transportation of nutrients into the muscles and tissues unlike Anavar and other commercial supplements.
  • The product promotes the natural production of testosterone and prevents the decrease in its levels as one ages.
  • It promotes the overall bioavailability of the user’s system which means that essential nutrients are more easily absorbed into the cells and tissues making it easier for faster muscle growth.

Also, using 2-peer reviewed studies it was discovered that Carbolin 19 was more effective in helping users gain more lean muscle mass (4.3 lbs) and reduce more fat deposits (2.9 lbs) than Anavar.

The product has some good and bad reviews depending on the consumer’s outcome. It works perfectly fine for some and others complain of no change. It has been noted it takes a while before any notable change can be seen.

  • It promotes muscle improvement and fewer fat deposits in the body.
  • It increases the build-up of muscles in a short time.
  • Carbon 19 boosts energy levels for workouts and training.
  • It also promotes recovery for injuries and muscle tears.
  • Carbolin 19 is not the cheapest supplement in this category.
  • Results may be slow.
  • The manufacturer does not allow free trials.
  • You may experience side effects while taking Carbolin 19.

Carbolin 19® — The Ultimate Anabolic Bridge

The name of the novel anabolic compound is Carbolin 19®. The actual chemical name is forskolin 1,9-carbonate. Carbolin 19® is a carbonate ester of a naturally occurring diterpene called forskolin, which is extracted from the plant Coleus forskohlii!

We extracted and purified forskolin to pharmaceutical-grade standards and further refined it into a carbonate ester. This reaction extended the duration of action from four hours to 12 hours. The carbonate increases bioavailability as well, but it wasn’t enough. So, we incorporated the compound into our Self-Microemulsifying Nutrient Delivery System, which further enhances bioavailability.

One of the members of our research group conducted a university study on an earlier, less-potent version of Carbolin 19®. The findings show that pure forskolin literally equals the anabolic effects of Anavar. But that’s not all.

Unlike Anavar, Carbolin 19® is not liver toxic and is not receptor mediated. This means that you can take it year-round without becoming liver toxic, that its effects will not diminish over time, and that you will not suppress natural testosterone production. In fact, there’s indication that Carbolin 19® helps support the natural production of testosterone.

Bottom line, Carbolin 19® can deliver better results than Anavar but without any of the negative side effects, making it the perfect anabolic bridge!

Here’s a chart that compares pharmaceutical-grade forskolin to Anavar. The data for Anavar came from a compilation of two peer-reviewed studies found in the scientific literature. The forskolin data is from the university study that’s pending publication.

Anavar Study v. Forskolin Study Comparison

Study Parameters Anavar Forskolin
Duration 12 weeks 12 weeks
Mg/Day 20 50
Placebo Controlled Yes Yes
Randomized Yes Yes
Double Blind Yes Yes
Percent Males 100% 100%
Study Results Anavar Forskolin
Lean Mass Change + 3.9 lb + 8.2 lb
Fat Mass Change – 7.0 lb – 9.9 lb

As you can see, forskolin blew away Anavar, both in lean mass gained and fat mass lost! And remember, the version of forskolin used in the study is much weaker than Carbolin 19®! In addition to being more potent, Carbolin 19® has a longer active life and a substantially greater bioavailability.


Those who’ve used Carbolin 19® say that it’s much more effective than forskolin and feels like real gear:

  • Increases muscular pump
  • Elevates mood
  • Increases rate of muscle gains
  • Increases rate of strength gains
  • Decreases fat mass while gaining muscle

Initially, users should not necessarily expect much if any gain in overall body weight. What occurs is a shift in body composition toward lean mass. In other words, if you’re losing fat while gaining muscle, you might have a net-zero increase in body weight, but a dramatic shift in favor of lean-body composition.

Remember, the goal here is to gain muscle while losing fat, not “bulking up.” In other words, you’re bridging, not bulking. Not only that, you’re able to bridge year-round!

With Carbolin 19®, there’s no more muscle losses because you can’t eat or train perfectly, and no more two-steps-forward, one-step-backward progress. Instead you can, for the very first time, keep your hard-earned gains, and you can look great year-round.

Carbolin 19® is, without a doubt, the very best bridging agent ever developed, period. And we have every expectation that you’ll agree.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.