Bosley Revitalizer 272 Reviews

Got 1300 grafts in my front done. Wasn’t to happy about paying I think 700 for the meds but I wanted my hair back so I did it. I was also sold on some plasma injections they said would help but I think it was just giving them more money. I personally didn’t notice or get the results I wanted mainly because those results were unrealistic for the grafts I had but my family and friends noticed my hair a lot more than I did. They did a good job and I ended up going back in for another 1000 grafts. This time no plasma and since it was my second visit they were able to take the price off the meds for me. They are a company trying to sell you their services and products and I believe they do a good job and if you have a failed transplant, at least now a days, they should do you right and fix it. At least they said they would if I had a failed one.

The newly released Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap is a portable and wearable hair device that features a laser matrix of 164 and 272 diodes for maximum hair treatment coverage. It claims to work on the concept of low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

How Does Bosley Revitalizer 272 Work?

The newly released Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap is a portable and wearable hair device that features a laser matrix of 164 and 272 diodes for maximum hair treatment coverage. It claims to work on the concept of low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

This hair treatment technology uses laser diodes (low energy spectrum of lasers) that are innovatively concealed in the baseball cap to offer a specific wavelength of light to your scalp.

According to the manufacturer, the diodes permeate your skin cells to stimulate the tissue molecules that grow and strengthen your hair.

The high-efficiency lasers also claim to help boost blood flow and rejuvenate cell growth, allowing for thicker and stronger hair.

Bosley Revitalizer 96, 164, and 272 are indicated to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia who have Norwood-Hamilton classifications of IIa to V patterns of hair loss, and in females with androgenetic alopecia who have Ludwig-Savin Classifications of I-1 to I-4, II-1 to II-2, or frontal; both with Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes I to IV.

Bosley Revitalizer Flex

The Bosley® Revitalizer Flex is a medical device that is FDA-cleared to help treat genetic hair loss and promote thicker hair growth.

Wear it for just 8 minutes per day. The Bosley Revitalizer Flex allows you to go about your day with ease while you treat your hair from home or out and about.

You can wear the laser treatment cap with the provided hat or under any other hat you like. It works for both men and women by providing pulses of ruby red light that cells on your scalp absorb, treating hair loss and hair thinning at home or on-the-go without medication, surgery, or known adverse side-effects.

Bosley Revitalizer is intended for the treatment of adults with hair loss represented on the charts below: (excludes grayed-out areas)

Bosley Revitalizer 96, 164, and 272 are indicated to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia who have Norwood-Hamilton classifications of IIa to V patterns of hair loss, and in females with androgenetic alopecia who have Ludwig-Savin Classifications of I-1 to I-4, II-1 to II-2, or frontal; both with Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes I to IV.

Fully charge the batteries before first use.
(Approximately 6 hours, or when all 4 lights are on.)

Connect the battery pack to the Revitalizer cap. Be sure to locate and align the arrows.

Before use, disconnect the battery pack from the wall charger. If the battery pack is connected to the wall charger the device will not power on.

Place the Revitalizer cap on your head.

Locate the controller pod which is located on the cable between the Revitalizer cap and the battery pack. Press and hold the power button for 4 seconds. The cap is on when the white arch is illuminated. The laser treatment is ongoing when the yellow indicator light is illuminated.

Bosley Revitalizer Flex Includes


  • Exclusive Controller Pod
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Wall Charger
  • Bosley Sports Cap
  • Belt Clip
  • Storage Pouch

Bosley Revitalizer Return Policy

Effective April 5, 2021

All Bosley Revitalizers are eligible for a full refund within thirty (30) days of purchase, provided that the return includes all packaging and materials. Returns exceeding thirty (30) days, will be accepted up to 60 days after purchase and are eligible for a refund, less 20% restocking fee of the purchase price.

Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Buyer is responsible providing tracking information and shipping details. Bosley is not responsible for lost or unreceived returns. Upon request, Bosley can provide a return label, return shipping fees will be deducted from the refund.

In order to have your return or exchange processed:

  • You must return the device in functioning, well-maintained condition, in its original packaging, with all original contents and materials
  • You must provide a proof of purchase (e.g., receipt, gift receipt, shipping invoice, etc.)

You can return your product (with the above items) at any Bosley office (To find locations go to or call Revitalizer customer service at 888-808-6654 for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and return instructions. Returns will not be processed without an RMA number.

If you return merchandise that does not meet the conditions of the return policy (beyond normal wear and tear), the item(s) will be sent back to you and no exchange or refund will occur. Once the returned device has been received, the items will be inspected for quality and condition and confirmed that it is functioning and in a well-maintained condition, your refund, less restocking and any additional fees, will be issued. Returns must include all original contents, packaging, and materials to be eligible for a refund.

Bosley Revitalizer Sizing Information

Please note that our Regular size caps fit most heads, with a head circumference of up to 22″. If your head circumference is greater than 22″ inches please select the X-Large size.

Now we will compare Kiierr vs Bosley reviews.

bosley laser cap review

Now we will compare Kiierr vs Bosley reviews.

Bosley’s and Kiierr’s products aim to address your hair loss problems. However, Kiierr made it so convenient for just about anyone to enjoy the maximum benefits of the LLLT technology.

The main difference is between the price of the laser cap devices that both Kiierr and Bosley sell to their customers. Bosley products are significantly more expensive than Kiierr’s, especially for laser caps that contain the same number of laser diodes. For instance, Kiierr’s 272Premier laser cap costs $845 where the Bosley Revitalizer 272 costs $2,079.

Previously, only clinics had access to this tremendously technology and so people had to suffer length processes and repeated visits for their hair problems. With Kiierr’s wonderful products, you not only get the best technology treatment for your hair loss problems, you can also kiss that hair loss of yours goodbye.

Bosley is America’s #1 choice for hair restoration.

Bosley Revitalizer 272 product is straightforward to use.

It has an automatic timer to let you know when your treatment is done.

How does Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap Help?

Bosley revitalizer 272R, a medically approved device, helps treat genetic hair loss.

Promotes thicker hair growth utilizes clinically proven laser hair growth technology

It’s the best laser hair growth device for hair loss helps grow healthier

And more beautiful hair Stimulate cellular activity and blood circulation, Promotes new hair growth, and thickens thinning hair

What is Amazon’s “Professional Beauty’ Badge?

Amazon has categorized a selection of ‘high-quality products’ found in professional settings such as Salons, Spas, and Dermatology Offices.

To buy Professional items online, you should look for the ‘Professional Beauty Badge.’

SOME Pros and Cons:


DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: Over 90% success rate in clinical studies and users experience visible results –

in as little as 3 to 6 months (results vary)Safe and effective FDA cleared and physician-recommended


If all your hair follicles are dead and you’re completely bald, this might not work for you.

Highly Pricedhas only two sizes and might not work for all head sizes.


Bosley Revitalizer 272R Laser Hair Growth Therapy Cap is pricy, but it’s a high-quality product and is FDA cleared.

It helps both men and women treat hair loss, promotes new hair growth, thickens thinning hair, and is a safe and effective product!

And it has the Amazon ‘ Professional Beauty’ Badge.’

Disclaimer: Content on this site is for reference purposes only

Always Read Labels and Instructions before using the Product.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

It’s a non-invasive way to grow back your hair within months. However, not all LLLT technology is created the same as we discuss here, so here are a few things to look out for when finding the best laser cap for your hair goals.

How Many Laser diodes Does the Bosley Revitalizer Have?

The Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap comes equipped with 272 laser diodes and does not use LED in this model. The laser diodes are housed in the laser cap, and you put it on your head and relax as the laser goes to work on reviving your scalp. It is important to note that 272 laser diodes are the ideal amount to get the best results, and it’s best not to use LEDs as they do not produce the same profound effects.

So the Bosley laser hat passes my criteria for using the correct amount and type of lasers in their product.

How Many Times a Week Can I Use a Laser Cap?

The Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap is recommended for use up to three times per week, for thirty minutes at a time just like the illumiflow laser caps.

This seems to be the standard for many 272 laser caps, but I could not find an approximate estimation of how long it will take to see results on the Bosley site.

Does the Bosley Laser Cap Have FDA Clearance?

Yes, the Bosely hair regrowth cap is FDA cleared, which shows that they offer a safe and effective product and went the extra mile to get FDA clearance.

I would always recommend that you purchase a laser cap with FDA clearance to know it is safe and that the brand is held to higher standards.

What Are the Bosley Revitalizer Specifications?

The laser cap only comes in two sizes, standard, and XL both are available here.

While it is nice that the Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap has more than one size, I worry that only two size options will not work for all head sizes.

I would like to see flexible options or at least three sizes for the best fit but this often isn’t needed.

How Much Does the Bosley Revitalizer Cap Cost?

This is where I struggle to give you a definite answer.

The price is a huge factor in picking the right laser cap for your budget and goals.

I found a typical range for the Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap to be anywhere from $1818-$2599, and I have to tell you that is a pretty darn high price tag considering there are other high-quality caps on the market for about half that price.

What Are People Saying About the Bosley LLLT Devices?

I spent some time trying to track down a few reviews for the Bosley Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap, and I have to admit it was hard to find reviews.

Overall, there is just not a lot of reviews regarding this laser cap.

Bosley has been an industry leader for over 40 years, so they have a level of expertise for hair restoration, but most of their business is based around hair transplants and topical solutions.

What are Some Alternative 272 Laser Caps?

I wanted to put together a quick list of some alternatives to the Bosely Revitalizer 272 Laser Cap, so here are my top three.

The Illumiflow 272 laser cap, the HairMax 272 laser cap, and the Capillus Plus laser cap.

I picked these caps because they are also FDA cleared and use 272 laser diodes in their caps just like Bosley does and generally speaking they are far less expensive.

the illumiflow 272 laser capThe Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap

The illumiflow 272 laser cap uses 272 high-quality laser diodes, is FDA cleared, and comes in at only $799.

This is more than half off of the Bosley laser cap price.

I found several positive reviews, and they even share the third-party testing results, so A+ on credibility.

If you want to grab one of your own, you can visit their site here.

And this guide compares the illumiflow 148 and 272 laser hats.

Hairmax logo - the science of hair growthThe HairMax 272 Laser Hat

The HairMax 272 cap uses 272 medical-grade lasers, which is the same as the Bosley laser cap, and they are also FDA cleared.

The HairMax laser cap price is $1899, so it’s a little more expensive than the Bosley model.

They do, however, have more reviews and use a flex design for a better fit.

If you want to learn more about this laser cap you can head on over here.

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