BioLEAN Reviews

Biolean Ingredients and Why it Matters?

BioLean II and BioLean Free are the components of the BioLean Weightloss plan that burn fat. These supplements utilize unique formulas that accomplish the varied fat burning outcomes that individuals receive using other supplements.

The two alternatives allow users to alternate their formulas with the purpose of preventing a plateau in weight reduction. Biolean Accelerator is an adjunct to Biolean, providing additional herbs that will help users whose weight loss goals exceed 20 pounds.

BioLean II’s main components include Advantra Z®, Guarana Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaf extract, and L-carnitine, all of which reportedly work in conjunction to speed up metabolism and provoke fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and lipolysis rates.

The ingredients in Biolean Free include Quebracho, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Yerba Maté, and spices, like Ginger and Tumeric, all of which work in conjunction to increase fat metabolism, quell cravings, stimulate thermogenesis, and improve energy levels without causing sleeplessness.

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BioLean’s system also includes other components, including Satiete which improves mood, regulates hunger, and attacks emotional eating; Lipotrim, which blocks carbs; Wingy, an energy drink that is rich in caffeine and nutrients, which claims to increase energy levels without crashing later on; and Sure2Endure, a workout supplement, that allows users to lengthen their workouts and increase their fat burning results. Several retailers’ websites carry a full listing of all of the ingredients contained in BioleanII and BioLean Free.

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According to the manufacturer, BioLean has a proprietary synergistic blend of natural herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade amino acids that promote a multi-faceted approach to fat loss. Key ingredients such as Guarana seed extract, green tea leaf extract and L-carnitine work together to increase the metabolic rate and encourage fat loss by elevating rates of thermogenesis and lipolysis. The weight loss product works in conjunction with a sensible diet and moderate exercise. While these benefits and ingredients are listed, it would be helpful if more details were provided about the formula ingredients, such as their exact function and concentrated amounts, so consumers could have a better understanding of the product in relation to its weight loss benefits. It is suggested that adults take one packet (3 green tablets and 1 white tablet) in the morning with low calorie food. If using it for the first time, limit intake to 1 white tablet and 1 green tablet on days one and two, and 1 white and 2 green tablets on day three. Needs vary each individual.

  • BioLean’s ingredients are listed
  • Dosage instructions are provided
  • BioLean is available to order directly from the manufacturer

There is no news of any side effects experienced while using this supplement. However, certain side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, stomach upset may be linked to the individual ingredients. If you plan on using this product, please see your doctor.

BioLean is a herbal supplement that may assist in weight management. This product is manufactured in an FDA-registered and licensed facility. The manufacturer claims these facilities have been awarded ‘A Rating’ by the FDA for their compliance with the GMP standards. However, the FDA has not evaluated this product.

You can purchase this supplement from its official website and other retailers. However, it’s currently out of stock.

The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules in the mid or late morning with a diet containing low amounts of calories. For a start, you can begin with one capsule.

No details on any free trial or refunds are available on the sites. Customers’ reviews are available if anyone doubts the product.

BioLean is a herbal supplement that may increase metabolism and help the body convert excess substances like fats, protein, carbohydrates into heat energy. It keeps the body full of energy and comes at a reasonable price.

There is no news of any side effects experienced while using this supplement. However, certain side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, stomach upset may be linked to the individual ingredients. If you plan on using this product, please see your doctor.

BioLean is a natural supplement that may help in weight management and loss. According to some BioLean reviews, this product may increase metabolism, reduce hunger, and furnish the body with energy.

BioLean Review – Is BioLean Safe?

A problem that I have seen with many weight management products, is that they opt to only address one aspect of weight loss. While it may seem good to focus on one thing, that is not necessarily the best answer all the time. There are 5 different aspects of weight subduction that it is vital to be addressed, and without this happening, having a substantial reduction in overall weight is less likely. These include fat incineration, heightening the metabolic rate, intensifying energy levels, quashing hunger and prohibiting the absorption of fat molecules. It is not necessary for a diet pill to address all of these aspects, but without at least keeping it in mind, results may not come to fruition. BioLean is a product that addresses multiple aspects at once, attempting to stand out from the cluttered crowd of competitors, asserting that it is superior in comparison.

Many products do this, and the results are incredibly varied. So does this weight subduction product really stand out from the pack? Find out in the following article.

  • Introduction
  • What is BioLean?
  • Who makes it?
  • Does BioLean work?
  • BioLean Ingredients and Dosage
  • What are possible side effects?
  • Conclusion
  • Our approved list of supplements

What is it?

BioLean is a weight loss supplement that asserts that it is able to magnify energy levels, quell hunger pangs, activate thermogenesis, heighten alertness and accelerate the disintegration of fat. There are many other diet pills that attempt to do this as well, albeit with limited results. Most of the time, these end up failing rather than succeeding. The product also alleges that with the inclusion of physical exercise, lean muscle will form in a more optimal manner, as opposed to not applying BioLean at all. This makes it more ideal to people who have their minds wrapped around fitness.The product also declares that it is able to detoxify the body, through ingredients that are included that are known to have antioxidants within them.

While all this may sound incredibly promising, it’s important to not get lulled into marketing copy, as while statements may be made, that does not therefore mean that the product itself will operate as it is meant to. There are many different variables that may play a role in the concoction’s demise. I’ve seen too many diet pills that make promises that they fail to keep. For starters, it may be a bit confusing as to what product people are supposed to purchase, as there is another product that goes by the same name.

This may make people unsure as to what they are actually purchasing. And with a price tag at $75, this may have people second guessing if this is really what they should be consuming.

Who makes it?

Wellness International Network is the company that may be credited for giving life to the product known as BioLean. The company is known to have offices in both Plano, Texas, as well as in the Netherlands. The way that this company works may run contrary to the operations of others, as Wellness International Network utilizes the abilities of social networking to deliver people the goods that they desire. Having been in operation for over 20 years, the company asserts that it’s goal is to augment the quality of life in it’s users to make it so that it is experienced in the most optimal state. While it may be known to produce BioLean, the product is not available on the company’s official website. While social media may be becoming ever more important in the contemporary marketing world, this company lacks any kind of presence in this field.

Does BioLean work?

The main issue that I have with this product is that, there are no clinical studies provided, either on the individual ingredients, nor the product as a whole. This means that whatever we see that has been stated by this product is really nothing more than advertising copy; a commercial attempting to pass itself off as reality. There is no real proof provided that any of the ingredients would contribute to weight loss as successfully as is retailed. There may be some ingredients that pertain to weight loss, but when concocted with other substances, the results may not turn out as expected to. When I looked up independent reviews I found that there were many people that were not satisfied with this product. The main reason that this was so, is that there were many reports that this product did nothing at all in regards to weight loss.

BioLean Ingredients and Dosage

There are 20 different ingredients of which BioLean is comprised of. Of these ingredients, only one is not found within the proprietary blend. This substance is calcium, which comes in an amount of 298.64 mg, which is 29% the daily recommended value of this mineral. All the other ingredients are concocted within the proprietary blend, which weights out to be 250.5 mg.Of the ingredients of which this is comprised, only 4 have their amounts listed. They are L-phenylalanine(196 mg), L-carnitine(8 mg), caffeine (250.5 mg) and L-tyrosine(196 mg). The rest of the ingredients are listed to be in the proprietary blend, but their amounts are not given. Because of this, we have no way of knowing which ingredients may be overloaded, and which may possibly come in such miniscule amounts that, they would be rendered useless. these substances are jujube seed, poria skin, citrus aurantium, rehmannia root, schizandra berry, hawthorn fruit extract, gymnema sylvestre leaf, panax notoginseng radix, codonopsis root, angelica chinese rootand eucommia bark. Users are recommended to take 3 green tablets and a white tablet in the general time that is known as mid morning.This is to be done with food. When first starting to use this product, users are recommended to take 1 of each color tablet. This is to be done on the second day of use as well. On the third day the same is to repeated, but with an additional green tablet consumed.

Are there potential side effects?

Although there are no adverse reactions associated with this product, that does not therefore mean that everyone is an ideal candidate to consume this product. Excluded groups that are not recommended to use BioLean include people with thyroid disease, glaucoma, people who have difficulty with urination, women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy, people with diabetes, seizure disorders, heart disease, people with prostate enlargement issues and people on MAOIs. (Monoamine oxidase inhibitor). If sleeplessness (insomnia), palpitations (rapid heartbeat), severe headaches or dizziness should occur at some point, it is advised to discontinue use of BioLean. This product also contains the amount of caffeinethat may be found in a single coffee cup, and as such, people who have a frail relationship with the substance should exercise cautious actions before using this blend.


Although the packaging of this product may lure people in, that doesn’t therefore mean that the product as a whole is known to get people to subtract weight from their frames. There are many diet pills that resort to this, all in the hope of persuading people to buy them. However enticing it may be, always exercise caution to things that may look superb from an aesthetic standpoint. There are no clinical studies provided, neither on the ingredients of which BioLean is comprised of, nor of the concoction as a whole. Furthermore, there have been negative reviews on this product which lambast the efficiency of it as a whole. Being that this product costs $75, you would be better off using your money on a product that is cheaper and proven to work as it is retailed to. There are many diet pills available on the market. You shouldn’t just limit yourself to ones that make themselves known. Sometimes the marketing campaigns higher quality products are not exceptional, and therefore they get overshadowed. Always check to see all the options that are available before you make your purchase.

I also checked out the other before and after images and they are ALL BOGUS. Don’t believe it OR the “CNN interview” with Amanda. It’s all a fabrication.

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