artrex healthy bones and joint support reviews

artrex healthy bones and joint support reviews

However, the supplement should not be used by kids less than 12-years of age and pregnant/lactant women.

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1 day ago Fire Safety Audit recommendations thrown to wind Irfan Tramboo Srinagar, Mar 5: Government has ordered an inquiry into the overnight blaze that destroyed Bone & Joint Hospital at Barzulla in Srinagar to ascertain the cause of the incident. The fire has raised serious questions over the preparedness of hospitals across Kashmir in dealing with such situations. Click here to watch video Panic .

Doctor Ndtv Com Bones Joints Heres A

03/10/2021 4. B vitamins. Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 are essential for joint and bone health. These play a role in controlling the risk of arthritis. Milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grain, cereal, legumes, chickpeas, banana, spinach, potatoes are good source of vitamin B3, B6, and B12. Vitamin B12 is important for bone health.

Is It Just A Back Pain Or A Condition Called Ankylosing .

29/06/2021 Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a type of arthritis that mainly affects the back due to inflammation in the spine. This can make the back, neck and rib cage, painful and stiff. AS affects both men and women and usually starts in the late teens or early twenties. However, the onset of this condition can be as late as early 40s.

Types Of Joints – Classification of Joints in the Human Body

18/07/2018 Pivotal Joints. Hinge Joints. Saddle Joints. Condyloid Joints. Gliding Joints. Locomotion is the ability to move from one place to another. The major key factors that help in locomotion are bones and muscles. In humans and other vertebrates, the bones form a framework called the skeletal system that provides structure and shape.

Joints of the skeletal system – Skeletal system – Edexcel .

Joints of the skeletal system. A joint is a place where two or more bones meet and is also called an articulation. The role of joints and connective tissue

Musculoskeletal system: Main bones, joints & muscles – Kenhub

30/09/2021 Joints are supplied by articular vessels and nerves. If you want to build an overall picture of the main joints of the human body, here are some resources. There are many joints in the entire human body, usually named according to the bones forming them.

Joints and Ligaments | Learn Skeleton Anatomy

Joints that unite bones with cartilage are called cartilaginous joints. There are two types of cartilaginous joints: (1) A synchrondosis is an immovable cartilaginous joint. One example is the joint between the first pair of ribs and the sternum. (2) A symphysis consists of a compressable fibrocartilaginous pad that connects two bones.

Skeletal System | Skeleton Bones, Joints, Cartilage .

19/05/2012 Pivot joints allow one bone to pivot around the other bone. An examples of this is the radio-ulnar articulation which allows for pronation (palm down) and supination (palm up) of the forearm. Saddle joints: The only saddle joints are in the thumb. Ball-and-socket joints: Bones of these joints fit together like a ball in a socket i.e. the round .

Joints | Anatomy and Physiology – Lumen Learning

A joint, also called an articulation, is any place where adjacent bones or bone and cartilage come together (articulate with each other) to form a connection.Joints are classified both structurally and functionally. Structural classifications of joints take into account whether the adjacent bones are strongly anchored to each other by fibrous connective tissue or cartilage, or whether the .

A List of Bones in the Human Body With Labeled . – Bodytomy

The thorax is the part of the body between the neck and the abdomen. It is the portion below the neck that encloses the heart and the lungs. Heres a list of the bones in the thorax. Bones at a Glance. Scapula (2) Clavicle (2) Total number of bones=4. Sternum. This is a long T-shaped bone.

Finger Eleven Bones + Joints Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Bones + Joints Lyrics: Cloud my eyes and tell me what to see / I’m falling / Every way I turn the same disease / But I like it / Brace myself and hit the wall with ease / I’m colliding / I’m not .

Here’s a complete list of Nutrients you need for Healthy .

16/10/2021 A healthy diet promotes bone and joint health. Here are some expert-recommended nutrients you should add to your diet for healthy bones The food that you consume is broadly categorized into two categories macronutrients and micronutrients. Under macronutrients, you get protein, fat, and carbohydrates, while micronutrients include vitamins, minerals.

Heres To Healthy Bones And Joints | page_heres_to_healthy .

Heres To Healthy Bones And Joints by Joshua Wong, Senior Patient Care Pharmacist. Both ruthless robbers of life’s qualities, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis may be avoided for good! Learn more about them and how you can boost your chances at preventing these diseases from affecting you.

Skeletal System Labeled Diagrams of the Human Skeleton

29/07/2020 The skeletal system includes all of the bones and joints in the body. Each bone is a complex living organ that is made up of many cells, protein fibers, and minerals. The skeleton acts as a scaffold by providing support and protection for the soft tissues that make up the rest of the body. The skeletal system also provides attachment points for .

Bones, Muscles, and Joints (for Parents) – KidsHealth

Joints are where two bones meet. They make the skeleton flexible without them, movement would be impossible. Joints allow our bodies to move in many ways. Some joints open and close like a hinge (such as knees and elbows), whereas others allow for more complicated movement a shoulder or .

A Diagram Of Joints And Bones In The Human Body – Https .

20/06/2021 The number of bones in the arm and wrist are equal in males and females as shown in diagram here. Short bones are about as long as they are wide. Source: To know the structures of a synovial joint and a symphysis joint (intervertebral disc). Short bones are about as long as they are wide.

Bones of the human body: Overview and anatomy | Kenhub

03/03/2022 Suture joint – These joints are formed between bones via short fibers of dense connective tissue.In other words, the bones are locked together like a puzzle. These are joints that allow for no movement at all (synarthrotic).Examples include the joints between the bones of the adult skull.. Syndesmotic joints – These joints are comparable to suture joints but have slightly longer joint fibers .

Help for Creaky Bones and Achy Joints – WholeFoods Magazine

21/06/2019 Bone and joint health and inflammation are universal concernsand while theyre often considered the realm of the aging, research suggests a shift: Joint health is a key concern across all generations, with 73% of U.S. supplement users likely to use supplements to help manage joint pain/stiffness if proven effective, says Juliana Erickson, senior marketing manager in the Consumer .

How To Ward Off Bone, Joint, and Muscle Pain Due to Aging

26/02/2022 Those hoping to avoid one of the worst side effects of aging bone, joint, and muscle pain that doesnt go away might need to exercise a lot harder and more often than previously believed. According to a new study, only high levels of activity at least once a week playing tennis, running, sw

Here’s What You Need for Healthy Bones and Joints – MRT Health

16/06/2020 With your feeble joints and weak bones, you may feel like a lumbering old dinosaur. Thankfully, there are supplements that will put a spring back to your step and give you healthy bones and joints. As age advances, the rate of calcium absorption by our body decreases, thus calcium supplementation becomes more vital.

Bone and joint infections in adults: a comprehensive .

14/04/2011 The simple site of infectionthat we may here divide into long bones, joints, rachis, hand, footstrongly determines the treatment choice, due to the relevant difference in vascularity, soft tissue coverage, function, and possible treatment options. For this reason, a clear definition of the .

Joint and bone health for athletes: How to take care

08/01/2022 4. To optimize bone health, adequate nutrition, appropriate weight-bearing exercise, strength training, adequate calcium, and vitamin D are necessary throughout life. 5. Most importantly, athletes must properly protect their joints by wearing the right equipment and exercising in a way that promotes joint health. 6.

Here’s a good diagram of what’s in our bones .

The skeletal system consists of the bones, cartilage and the joints. There are 206 bones in the human skeleton. These are just a few facts you need to know about the skeletal system. This article cuts through the tons of information with important facts that will help you with your studies. # .

Major fire at Bone and Joint Hospital in Srinagar .

2 days ago Bone and Joint Hospital, the only orthopaedic tertiary care centre in Jammu and Kashmir, was gutted in a fire on Friday night, officials said. The fire broke out in the inpatient department of the hospital in Barzulla here, the officials said. Hospital staffers, locals and disaster management officials evacuated the patients and shifted them to .

Fun Facts About Bones and Joints | BIDMC of Boston

01/08/2018 Fun facts about bones and joints. To find an orthopaedics specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, call 617-667-3940 or 1-800-667-5356.

Fire breaks out at Srinagars Bone and Joint hospital .

2 days ago A major fire broke out at the citys Bone and Joint hospital at Barzulla on Friday night. Firefighting operations were on at the time of the filing of the report. The fire is said to have .

What causes a clicking sound in the neck? – Bones & Joints .

20/09/2009 What causes a clicking sound in the neck? I was having lunch today with a good friend of mine and she was telling me how she’s been having this really weird clicking sound in her neck that she notices when she turns her head from side to side. I asked her more about it and she said as far as she can tell she is the only one who can hear it, it .

All of the Collagen Benefits for the Skin, Joints and .

02/03/2022 Furthermore, in a January 2019 systematic review of 11 studies in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology , researchers found that collagen supplements improve wound healing and skin aging. Collagen also increased skin elasticity, hydration and collagen density, with no reported side effects.

Joints Types, Protection & Location – PT Direct

5. Ball and socket joints: This type of joint allows side to side, back and forth, and rotational movement. Examples of these joints are the hip or shoulder joints, where the head (ball) of one bone fits into the cavity (socket) of another. 6. Ellipsoid joints: This joint is also known as a condyloid joint.

Bone & Joint Supplements Supplier Singapore – NCI Health

Theres a decrease in bone mass and density after menopause. It is necessary to build strong bones when you are young and reduce bone loss when you are older. Joints. Joints are places that connects the bones. Together with bones, they allow body movement. Healthy bones & joints are essential for maintaining mobility in your life. Vitamin D .

Chapter 9 Flashcards | Quizlet

In a saddle joint both bones have a saddle shaped surface – concave in one direction and convex in the other. Pivot Reason: A pivot joint is one in which a bone turns on its longitudinal axis. Condylar Reason: A condylar joint is one with an oval convex surface on one bone that fits into a complementary shaped depression on the other bone. Plane

Bone and Joint Week A Chance to Improve Your Life .

13/10/2021 Bone and Joint Week A Chance to Improve Your Life Published October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021 by Thair Phillips This week is Bone and Joint Week which is a chance to focus on the health of our bones and our joints and, which may come as a disappointment to some, has nothing to do with marijuana.

Bone Joint Muscle – Back Problems: Just had a laminectomy .

Brick Master Challenge Cards – Biology: Bones and Joints .

20/04/2021 For my second set of cards, I thought it could be super fun to do a set of cards for bones and joints because Lego pieces actually have so many options to teach your kids types of joints. Also, building the various bones (or finding Lego pieces to represent various bones) help them to see, feel and build them, which will help to layer the .

5 Anatomical Ways Yoga Strengthens the Joints – DoYou

Here’s an anatomical perspective on some of the ways yoga strengthens the joints: 1. Yoga increases your range of motion. Each joint or group of joints has a range of motion measured in degrees. For example, your lower back, your lumbar spine, has a range of motion about 30 degrees backwards (extending) and about 70 degrees forwards (flexion).

Peptan for joint and bone health – Rousselot health .

A recent published study also demonstrated Peptans efficacy in supporting bone health by simultaneously targeting bone formation and bone resorption. As calcium and vitamin D, proteins are important nutrients to support healthy bones. A pure protein, collagen is essential for improving bone health and it can also be easily combined with .

Bone on Bone Joint Pain – Saving Money Weekly

Heres what that means In a healthy jointa knee, elbow, hip, shoulder or any other spot where two bones meetthe ends of the bones are covered by cartilage. This smooth, white connective tissuea kind of cross between soft muscle and hard boneliterally cushions every joint, making effortless movement possible.

Is It Normal for Bones and Joints to Crack a Lot? –

Its fine if your bones joints crack by themselves, but its best to leave most intentional cracking to a chiropractic physician or osteopath. Diet for Cracking Bones and Joints Relief. While you cant silence all the noise emanating from your joints, you can do something about it to secure and care for these workhorses.

Why so quiet here? – Bones, joints and muscles

11/05/2021 Welcome to the Bones, Joints and Muscles Support Community. This community group has 24/7 moderation to prevent solicitation and inappropriate content. You can read more about the Inspire community guidelines here. You will now receive email updates from this community.

Joint pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatment options

05/10/2020 A joint is a point where bones make contact, connecting the skeletal system. Most joints are mobile, which allows the body to make different types of movement. There are three kinds of joint .

Bone and Joint Hospital Hospital Fire: Timely Removal Of .

2 days ago Srinagar, Mar 5 (GNS): A major fire overnight gutted a building of Bone and joint hospital here and according to the firemen a major tragedy would have unfolded had 150 oxygen gas cylinders not removed timely. It took entire fleet of fire tenders in Srinagar city to fight the blaze and fortunately .

Investigation initiated into Srinagar Bone and Joint .

2 days ago Investigation has been initiated into the fire that damaged a major portion of Kashmirs only bone and joint hospital at Barzulla in Srinagar on Friday night The burnt remains of the Srinagar .

Fire-Damaged Bone and Joint hospital to be made operation .

2 days ago Srinagar, Mar 5 (GNS): Authorities here on Saturday announced that Bone and joint hospital, which was gutted in the overnight fire, would be made functional again within ten days. Talking to reporters after taking first hand appraisal of the hospital, Financial Commissioner (Additional Chief Secretary) Health and Medical Education Department Vivek Bhardwaj assured resumption of []

J&K: Fire breaks out at Bone & Joint Hospital Barzulla .

2 days ago Srinagar, March 4: A massive fire damaged Bone and Joint hospital here on Friday night but there was no casualty reported. Patients were evacuated amid chaos and panic following fire from the operation theatre which spread amid blast of gas cylinders, damaging 30% of the building infrastructure. A number of fire tenders from many parts of Kashmir were rushed to the scene to douse .

Stephanie Roach MD | orthopedics bones & joints .

1 day ago How do I get my business listed? Our directory features more than 18 million business listings from across the entire US. However, if we’re missing your business, click the button below. It’s free .

Fire Breaks Out At Bone And Joint Hospital Barzulla .

04/03/2022 Srinagar- A massive fire broke out at Bone and Joint Hospital in Barzulla area of Srinagar on Friday evening.Reports said that the fire broke around 9:30 and was continuing, when this report i

Inquiry ordered into massive fire at Bone & Joint Hospital .

1 day ago Fire Safety Audit recommendations thrown to wind Irfan Tramboo Srinagar, Mar 5: Government has ordered an inquiry into the overnight blaze that destroyed Bone & Joint Hospital at Barzulla in Srinagar to ascertain the cause of the incident. The fire has raised serious questions over the preparedness of hospitals across Kashmir in dealing with such situations. Click here to watch video Panic .

Bone and Joint Hospital HospitalFire: Timely Removal Of .

05/03/2022 Srinagar, Mar 5 (GNS): A major fire overnight gutted a building of Bone and joint hospital here and according to the firemen a major tragedy would have unfolded had 150 oxygen gas cylinders not removed timely. It took entire fleet of fire tenders in Srinagar city to fight the blaze and fortunately there was no casualty reported, officials said.

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Glucosamine is also found in some animal and other non-human tissues, including shellfish shells, animal bones and fungi. However, the best way to get glucosamine externally is through a supplement.

3. Solgar® n o. 7

When you’re looking for an effective joint-supporting supplement, you want one that has been formulated with joint-comfort in mind.* Solgar ® N o. 7 is just that. Solgar ® N o. 7 is specially formulated to target multiple pathways that balance and temper joint enzymes that may negatively affect joints’ natural cushioning. * It also helps increase flexibility and overall mobility, and range of motion. *

Solgar® N o. 7 is made up of seven unique ingredients:

  1. 5-LOXIN Advanced® (Boswellia serrata extract):Boswellia serrata is an herbal extract also known as Indian frankincense. The standardized Boswellia serrata extract found in Solgar® No.7 has been clinically-studied to support joint function and helps alleviate occasional joint stiffness.*
  2. UC-II®Standardized Cartilage Collagen: Collagen helps maintain the integrity of your cartilage, helping to support comfortable joint movement and range of motion*
  3. Ester-C®: Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant and supports your body’s collagen production.* Ester-C is less acidic than regular vitamin C making it gentle on the stomach.
  4. Turmeric root extract: A popular spice used in curry and with a long history of use in India.
  5. White willow bark: A special bark of the Willow tree that grows primarily in central and southern Europe and frequently used in herbal formulas.
  6. Ginger root: One of the world’s most popular spices with a long history of use.
  7. Pepper spice complex (cayenne powder, black pepper extract): Cayenne, a type of chili pepper, and black pepper are both popular spices that are frequently used in spicy and savory dishes.

From the point of view of modern biomechanics and medical engineering, the effects of contact interaction between the implant and biological tissues, as well as methods of reliable attachment of elements, are of interest [32, 33]. The work in [34] presents an analytical approach to simulate contact phenomena in a composition of two different materials; in particular, one of them has the features of biological structure, and the another one hasan artificial material with constant physical properties. Evaluation of the stress state of the bone tissue and contact stresses between the inner surface of the bone cavity and the implant is presented in [35].

3. Results

3.1. Estimation of the Fibula Stiffness under the Influence of Localized Transverse Load

Figure 1 presents the tibia and fibula loading and fixing scheme. The main ideas of modelling are as follows. The stiffness of the fibula is much less than the stiffness of the tibia. The main contribution to the system flexibility during the tightening of the thread will make a change in the shape of the fibula due to the deformation of the bend. The fibula is placed in accordance with the rod of Figure 1(b) . The tibia is considered absolutely rigid. The lower fibula-tibia connection (in the area of the foot) is modelled by a hinged movable support, and the upper connection (knee area) is modelled by a hinged fixed support. The concentrated force P schematizes the thread tension. It is necessary to specify a relation between the thread tension and linear and angular displacements of the fibula sections.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is JHE2021-6607364.001.jpg

The general view of tibia (a), the model of intact fibula (b), and the model of tibia with the fracture blocked by the intramedullary nail and fixed by the elastic thread (c).

We introduce the Cartesian coordinate system xow ( Figure 1(b) ). The differential equation of the fibula deflections is as follows:

where w is the deflection of the fibula, Eb is the average Young’s modulus of the bone tissues, J is the average axial moment of inertia of the fibula cross section, and H(x) is the Heaviside function. By twice integration of equation (1) and taking into account the boundary conditions [33, 37], we obtain expressions for determining the angles of rotation ϑ(x)=dw/dx and deflections w(x). Examining the expression of deflections to the extreme, we obtained a formula to specify the allowable force P=[P] at which the condition of stiffness of the fibula wmax ≤ [w] will be satisfied (maximum deflection wmax does not exceed the allowable value [w]).

The obtained expression (2) was made possible to specify the allowable value of the tension force of the fixing thread for the intact bone ( Figure 1(b) ):

3.2. Assessment of the Damaged Fibula Stiffness Blocked by the Intramedullary Nail and Fixed with the Elastic Thread

Let us consider the fibula with the fracture blocked by the intramedullary nail, installed tightly in its channel. After that, the elastic thread with endobuttons fixes the broken fibula. This case of fibula reconstruction is modelled by a piecewise homogeneous rod with a surface with imperfection in the form of an ideal annular gap ( Figure 1 )(c). Part of the rod length of t has a tubular cross section; the other part of the rod length has a cross section in the form of bone tissue, titanium composition. We assume that, at the fracture site x=s (the area highlighted in Figure 1(c) ) of the fibula which has completely lost its bearing capacity relative to the bend, only the intramedullary nail resists the transverse load.

Based on the aforementioned assumptions, we formulate the boundary problem of the piecewise homogeneous rod deformation, which simulates the fractured fibula ( Figure 1(c) ). We present the differential equation of displacements as follows:

The integration of expression (3) leads to the eight constant integrations. Eight boundary conditions were used to find them:

where the jump of the angle of rotation [ϑ]=ϑ3ϑ4 at the fibula fracture area was found from the solution of the auxiliary problem. To study the fibula fracture behaviour, we considered a model in the form of two rigid blocks interconnected by an elastic layer ( Figure 1(c) ). The physical and mechanical properties of the elastic layer corresponded to the material properties of the intramedullary nail. This model was loaded with a bending moment M=M(s) equal to the bending moment at the fracture of the fibula. After examining the relationship between the applied moment and the angles of rotation of the blocks, we finally obtained

Applying the scheme of the method of initial parameters [37, 38], the solution of problems (3)–(5) allows obtaining analytically a relation to determine the angles of rotation of the fibula cross sections ϑ(x)=dw/dx and an expression for deflections w(x). The obtained results are presented graphically. We have a system with the following parameters: t/l=1/2, a/b=7/3, α=4/11, k=2, and s/l=3/4.

Figure 2 shows the distribution of the angles of rotation of the cross sections along the length of the system. It is characteristic that the expressed angle point is present in the cross section; there is a change in the rigidity of the system (it is the point where the fibula tubular cross-section borders on the bone tissue-titanium composition cross section). A barely noticeable point of inflection is observed in the point of fibula loading with fixing thread, and there is an expressed jump of angles of rotation in the area of fibula fracture. The greater bending moment in the fracture area is associated with the jump of angles, besides the presence and magnitude of the jump depends on the gap between fibula fracture edges.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is JHE2021-6607364.002.jpg

Angles of rotation of cross sections (a) and deflections (b) of the fibula: 1 is the fractured bone blocked by the intramedullary nail and fixed with the elastic thread; 2 is the healthy bone loaded with fixing thread.

Figure 2(b) shows the distribution of deflections of the system. Comparing the graphical dependences 1 and 2, one can see that despite the inserted intramedullary nail, the fractured fibula was less rigid than the healthy bone. It should be noted that if the fracture is closer to the edge, the difference between the stiffness of the damaged and undamaged bones will decrease. On the deflection graphs, we observe the extrema, which correspond to the zero values of the angles of rotation of the cross sections. There is also a more expressed angular point at the fracture of the fibula. The greater the jump in the angles of rotation at the edges of the fracture is associated with, the more expressed the angular point is on the graph of transverse displacements.

Solving the problems (3)–(5), we obtained a formula for finding the allowable tensile strength of the thread P=[P], provided that the maximum deflection w(x )=wmax does not exceed the allowable value [w], and x=x l/2 is the coordinate of the maximum deflection:

To apply expression (6), it is necessary to define a number of parameters and set the required values and constants:

    (i) Angle of rotation for x=0:

Let us consider two cases of admissible tension determination for the fixing thread for people of different heights; in both cases, we will consider variants of the damaged and undamaged fibula. We assumed the following numerical parameters:

We draw the graphical dependences of the fibula maximum deflection [w] and refer to the tension force of the fixing thread ( Figure 3 ). The vertical thick line marked the allowable deflection ([w]=0.003 m, for the person of high height, and [w]=0.002 m, for the person of low height).

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is JHE2021-6607364.003.jpg

Determination of the fixing thread tension force for the stable-elastic fixation of unstable fractures of the ankle joint with damage to syndesmosis for the person of high height (a) and for the person of low height (b). 1 is the fractured fibula blocked by the intramedullary nail; 2 is the healthy fibula.

The allowable deflection was specified from the condition of maintaining the geometrically correct shape of the fibula after growth (healing) of the fracture. If the actual deflection exceeds the permissible one, cracks or bone fracture edges may open, and the edges of the crack may be damaged upon contact, etc. The developed graphic dependences made possible definition of the admissible tension force of the elastic thread: if the person has high height ( Figure 3(a) ) [P]=32 N for the damaged fibula and [P]0=74N for the healthy one and if the person has low height ( Figure 3(b) ) [P]=17 N and [P]0=38 N accordingly. The shaded area ( Figure 3 ) shows the zone of safe tension of the fixing thread during work with the damaged fibula.

3.3. Determination of the Additional Tension in the Fixing Thread Caused by the Fibula Movement Relative to the Tibia

If the foot rotates, there is a movement of the shinbones relative to each other. Let us determine how much the magnitude of the tension force in the fixing thread will change if the fractured fibula moves to the value of Δ0 relative to the tibia.

Using the model ( Figure 4(a) ), we jointly considered the static, kinematic, and biomedical aspects of the problem and obtained the formula for the additional force of tension of the thread T:

where E is Young’s modulus of the thread material and F is the cross-sectional area of the thread. If the value (Δ0/a0) 2 is a small value compared to one, then formula (9) can be written more compactly:

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is JHE2021-6607364.004.jpg

The model of fibula displacement during rotation of the foot (a) and the dependence of the additional tension in the fixing thread refer to displacement (b): 1–d/a=2/3and D/a=1 and 2–d/a=1 andD/a=2.

Figure 4(b) presents results graphically. The solid line shows the exact result (by formula (9)), and the dotted line shows the approximate result (by formula (10)). The additional tension of the thread T depends nonlinearly on displacement, and its growth rate increases with increasing the displacement. The stiffer thread for other equal conditions is associated with the greater additional tension. Comparison of solid and dotted curves indicates that we can use the approximate formula (10) if Δ/a < 0.4.