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The main problem with AddTabz is the substantial side effect risks it poses. AddTabz contains an unknown amount of caffeine anhydrous. Anything over 100mg of caffeine anhydrous is likely to cause side effects; AddTabz could contain anywhere up to 350mg per serving.

AddTabz Review: Legal Adderall alternative?

AddTabz is a nootropic supplement which markets itself as a kind of natural Adderall alternative. Most of the supplements sold as “over the counter Adderall” have historically been scams. It’s easy to see why; no natural nootropic can replace Adderall for the treatment of ADHD, so positioning a product as an Adderall substitute is purposefully misleading.

The question is, is AddTabz another scam Adderall substitute?

According to the manufacturer, AddTabz can:

  1. Increase mental energy
  2. Sharpen focus
  3. Increase concentration span

So, does AddTabz really work?

Is this nootropic really effective? Is AddTabz safe? Will it cause side effects? How does it compare to the best nootropics on sale today? Read our full AddTabz review below to find out.

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What Are The Potential Side-Effects of ADDTabz?

The known side-effects of ADDTabz include:

These are only the ‘known’ side-effects. The supplement contains some potentially dangerous ingredients. The safety profile of these ingredients is questionable.

ABC News had published an article warning people to stay away from ADDTabz, calling it an Adderall knockoff. (5)

The formula created by the manufacturer is called ‘Ampheta CDP’. This is similar to Amphetamines that promote the release of adrenaline. Amphetamines are potentially toxic and must not be consumed without prescription.

However The product has mostly served as a stimulant otherwise.

ADDTabz is heavy on the caffeine powder, has no social proof on its website such as verifyiable reviews, and more importantly…

ADDTabz only has 376 mg of nootropics per serving versus Nitrovit’s whacking 1,741 mg per daily serving!

You pay more money for a quarter of the value.

On top of that, ADDTabz ingredients aren’t nearly of the level of Nitrovit’s.

Nitrovit couples the incredible Noopept with Alpha GPC choline – wheras ADDTabz formula still includes Hordenine – some 3 years after the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned the substance!

The above graphic shows clearly, that opinions aside, on paper Nitrovit makes ADDTabz look like a cheap caffeine pill of real bad value.

ADDTabz is a study aid aimed at helping students and working professionals increase their cognitive abilities. The makers of ADDTabz claim this product helps users increase focus, critical thinking and problem solving.

ADDTabz Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

ADDTabz is a study aid aimed at helping students and working professionals increase their cognitive abilities. The makers of ADDTabz claim this product helps users increase focus, critical thinking and problem solving.

ADDTabz markets itself as an over-the-counter alternative to Adderall, as well as a way to lose weight. ADDTabz are meant to be taken as needed, not as a daily dietary supplement.

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ADDTabz Ingredients and Side Effects

ADDTabz doesn’t provide a look at the official product label, but we were able to find mentions of the ingredient profile both on the website, and through user reviews. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Ampheta-CDP Choline

Ampheta-CDP: Is a synthetic amphetamine, meaning it doesn’t contain any actual amphetamine, but produces similar results, such as increased energy levels, improved focus and productivity, as well as the ability for users to handle a greater workload without much added stress.

Some side effects may include nervousness, anxiety, stress, heart attacks, heart palpitations, seizures.

Choline: A substance found naturally in the liver, as well as in a number of food like fish, meat, nuts and seeds, choline is used to help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, depression, memory loss and other conditions. It is also used to boost athletic performance and alleviate fatigue from physical activity.

ADDTabz Quality of Ingredients

It’s hard to evaluate the formula of ADDTabz. We don’t actually know what is in Ampheta CDP, as the website never mentions this, nor is it a common ingredient outside of the context of the ADDTabz webpage. What we do know is, this ingredient claims to mimic the way amphetamines react inside the body, without actually containing the real thing.

Because we can’t be entirely sure as to what’s actually inside of ADDTabz, we’d recommend looking elsewhere for a supplement with more transparency behind it.

The Price and Quality of ADDTabz

ADDTabz is available for sale exclusively on the product webpage, whicb offers the product for $79.00 for a bottle containing 30 tablets, though it’s currently on sale for $69.00. You can save a a bit if you decide to purchase the item in larger quantities, a 2-unit package is currently selling for $128.

Based on the reviews we saw for this product, combined with the fact we don’t know much about the ingredients, we belive the pricing on this product is quite high. One user even mentioned that filling their Adderall prescription is much cheaper than ordering this over-the-counter alternative.

Business of ADDTabz

ADDTabz is made by the company, Lexium International. Their information is as follows:

Phone: 888.666.1714

Address: 1591 Hayley Ln, Suite 203
Fort Myers, FL 33907

The official ADDTabz site features a number of students, with backpacks, taking tests, etc., and feels like a catalog for SAT prep courses or another program promising academic success. Overall, the marketing feels somewhat unethical. It’s clearly marketing this product to younger people who may not even have ADD or ADHD. Additionally, it feels as though they are marketing something that simply cannot deliver on its promises — a synthetic formula that claims to behave just as well as the prescription version seems unlikely.

There are currently a few articles circulating the web mentioning the risk to consumers trying these artificial versions of Adderall. Because supplements are not subject to FDA review, ADDTabz and similar products are not regulated whatsoever, which can be especially dangerous if the supplement in in question produces stimulant effects or acts as a weight loss aid.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of ADDTabz

ADDTabz has a number of reviews and online mentions, due to Lexium International’s widespread marketing efforts. Based on what we found in our search, reactions to ADDTabz varied greatly, ranging from people who felt this product was quite helpful, to those who didn’t notice a difference. Here’s a look at some of the reviews we came across:

“Addtabz made me act like kind of a jerk. Seriously, I felt irritable and snapped at people for no reason, which is out of character. It really wasn’t worth the minimal concentration improvement.”

“No one is going to say these pills are good for you, but they may help improve your focus, and so forth. The jury is out whether these are any better than caffeine pills—they’re definitely a lot more expensive.”

“These are okay — I have a prescription for Adderall, and it’s much more affordable than buying this product online.”

“This is pure snake oil. Anyone claiming this is the same thing as Adderall is lying—these are hyped up caffeine pills and contain no amphetamines. Stay away from this crap.”

There’s a string response to the marketing of this product, as offering the same effects as Adderall, which, as an over the counter alternative, likely does not. ADDTabz doesn’t really ever say what’s actually in the ingredient, Ampheta, other than its aimed at producing a similar affect to the amphetamine in the prescription drug. Aside from that, based on consumer reviews, this could be a very expensive caffeine pill, which preys on peoples’ need for a study aid or performance enhancer.

On the other hand, there were some people who felt this product was useful in helping improve focus and lowering stress levels with use.

ADDTabz could be a good solution in some cases, but the marketing behind the product gives us pause. The front page of the website encourages users to use this product as a weight loss age, which to us seems like irresponsible marketing, especially, if there’s an implied target audience for high school and college students.

How Does ADDTabz Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Memotenz (Editor’s Choice)
  • 95/100
Conclusion – Does ADDTabz Work?

After looking over the full online footprint of ADDTabz, we’re a bit wary of this supplement and its use as an Adderall alternative.

While we didn’t see many reports of this supplement causing any significant negative reactions with use, there were some red flags that quickly emerged when searching for this product online. First of all, most of the online mentions appear to have been put forth by the company that makes this product, Lexium International. There’s multiple articles they’ve put out, along with countless websites dedicated to the review of AddTabz, without any impartial consumer reviews detailing their experiences, good or bad, with using this product.

There’s also countless news websites warning against using products such as this, as synthetic Adderall is not regulated by the FDA, and there aren’t many safety measures put into place to ensure consumer safety.

When we did eventually find customer reviews for the product, they seemed a bit lackluster. No one cited having an allergic reaction or any issues you’d generally see after using a stimulant, but many people felt as though this company was falsely advertising the benefits of this product and were essentially selling caffeine pills at a higher price than they are actually worth.

Aside for any concerns about price or efficacy, the makers of ADDTabz have opted to include a mention that this product is a great weight loss aid. This troubles us a bit, as it seems to be encouraging young people to take this as an appetite suppressant, which is irresponsible considering the higher risk of eating disorders and substance abuse among this age group.

In the end, it seems users looking for Adderall are better off talking to a doctor and trying to get a prescription. For people using Adderall, who may not actually have ADD/ADHD, they may not experience the results they are looking for, as the drug works most effectively in people who actually have a condition. Those without ADHD may want to consider looking at nootropics or other brain supplements that may be a healthier way to improve focus and productivity in a more meaningful way.

After looking at different brain enhancing solutions, our experts have found that Memotenz most effectively helps users boost their natural capacity for learning and memory retention, without producing any negative side effects with use.

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ADDTabz is just another scam nootropic pretending to be an effective remedy for ADHD when in fact it is just a collection of cheap, unproven stimulants.

ADDTabz review conclusion: Is this a good brain supplement?

Is ADDTabz a good nootropic? Can it help with ADHD? Is it anything like Adderall?

The answer to every one of these questions is no!

ADDTabz is just another scam nootropic pretending to be an effective remedy for ADHD when in fact it is just a collection of cheap, unproven stimulants.

ADDtabz’s manufacturer clearly has no idea how to make nootropics, as it contains both CDP-Choline and Choline bitartrate; two substances which do exactly the same thing. The 375mg proprietary blend can’t possibly accomodate them both anyway!

If you need help focusing, you are struggling to remember things effectively, or you just want more mental energy, don’t waste your money on ADDTabz. Better nootropics are available.