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Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community

Adolescent Sexual Health and the Dynamics of Oppression: A Call for Cultural Competency - 2003

Barriers to Health Care for Youth of Color - January 2004

Briefly – Policy Brief: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Teen Pregnancy - 2008 (PDF)

Cultural Competence and Social Justice - January 2004

¿Cuál es el efecto del estigma en el tratamiento y prevención del VIH? - 2006

¿Cuáles son las necesidades de prevención del VIH en zonas rurales? - 2006

Family Mediators of Acculturation and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Among Latino Youth – 2009 (PDF)

Fast Facts: Latina Teen Birth Rate by State - 2005 (PDF)

Fast Facts: Minority Teen Birth Rate by State - 2005

Giving Up Harmful Practices, Not Culture - 1998

  • English version
  • French version
  • Spanish version

Health Education Resources Available in Spanish (PDF)

HIV/AIDS among Hispanics/Latinos

The Impact of Homophobia and Racism on GLBTQ Youth of Color - 2007

Improving Youth’s Access to Contraception in Latin America (Mejorando el acceso de los jóvenes a los métodos antconceptivos en América Latina - 2001

  • English version
  • Spanish version

Información de Grupos: Grupos de Apoyo para Padres y Grupos para Mujeres Latinas (PDF)

Latina Adolescent Health – 2003

Latina Teen Pregnancy and Birth Rates by State – 2009 (PDF)

Latina Teen Pregnancy and Educational Attainment - Oct 2007 (PDF)

Latino Adolescents and HIV/AIDS - January 2004

Latino Teen Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use - May 2008 (PDF)

Latino Young Men who Have Sex with Men: Unique Needs and Challenges - June 2002

Minnesota Disparities in Adolescent Birth Rates by Race and Ethnicity - 2009 (PDF)

Nationwide Trends for Latina Teen Birth Rates – 2009 (PDF)

An Overview of Latina Teen Pregnancy & Birth Rates – 2008 (PDF)

Padres: es tiempo de hablar – diez sugerencias para hablar con tus hijos acerca del sexo (PDF)

Programs that Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & STIs among Hispanics/Latinos - 2008

Recursos para Jóvenes Latinos (PDF)

Relationships in the Latino Community - March 2008

Serving Youth of Color - January 2004

The Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in Latin America and the Caribbean (La salud sexual y reproductive de los jóvenes en América Latina y el Caribe) - 2002

  • English version
  • Spanish version

The Sexual Health of Latina Adolescents – Focus on Assets - January 2006

Sugerencias do como hablar con tus hijo acerca del sexo: temas generales (PDF) (“Communicating with Children about Sex: General Tips”)

Toward a Common Future: Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out About Teen Pregnancy (2009)

Thinking About Our Future: Latino Teens Speak Out about Teen Pregnancy (2009)

Trichomonas (causado por las Tricomonas vaginales, un parasito) - June 2008 (PDF)

Voices Heard: Highlights from National Polling Data on Latino Sexual Behavior – Fact Sheet – 2008 (PDF)

Youth of Color - At Disproportionate Risk of Negative Sexual Health Outcomes - 2004

Youth of Color - Rights. Respect. Responsibility.: A Strategy to Promote Sexual Health - 2004

Young Women of Color and the HIV Epidemic - 2003

Young Women of Color and Their Risk for HIV and Other STIs - 2003