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A Tale of Two Teens (2006) (PDF) HIV/AIDS
AIDS Update: The Latest Facts About HIV/AIDS (2003) (PDF) HIV/AIDS
All Falls Down (2005) Decision Making
Bitter Memories (2009) (PDF) Relationships/Dating Violence
Bloodlines (2005) (PDF) HIV/AIDS
Body Talk 2: It’s a Whole New Language (2005) (PDF) Puberty
The Choices We Make (2007) (PDF) Decision Making
Dealing with Teen Dating Abuse: Matters of Choice (PDF) Sexual Violence
Do It Right (2009) (PDF) HIV/STI
From an Objective Point of View (2001) (PDF) Decision Making
Goddess Menses and the Menstrual Show (2009) (PDF) Growth and Development
Gonna Make It (2001) (PDF) Sexual Violence
Human Reproduction and Childbirth (2009) (PDF) Growth and Development
It’s About You (2009) (PDF) HIV/STI/ Pregnancy/Relationships
MANchild (2009) (PDF) Relationship/Growth and Development
Nicole’s Choice STDs/STIs
Open Arms? Open Eyes! Sexual Violence
Peer to Peer: Stop, Think, Be Safe: An STD Prevention Program (2003) (PDF) STDs/STIs
Private Lives: STI/HIV Education (PDF) STI/HIV
Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health (2003) (PDF) Family Communication
Real People: Relationships That Hurt: Dating Violence and Abuse (2008) (PDF) Sexual Violence
Reflections (2006) (PDF) HIV/AIDS
Safe in the City (2008) (PDF) HIV/STI/ Pregnancy/Relationships
Teens and Sex: What You Need to Know (2005) (PDF) STDs/STIs
Toothpaste (2005) (PDF) Decision Making
Understanding HIV & AIDS (2006) (PDF) HIV/AIDS
What is Love? What is Sex? (PDF) Decision Making
You, Your Body and Puberty (2004) Puberty

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