MOAPPP March 2007 E-Monthly

MOAPPP Staff Transitions

Please join the MOAPPP staff and board of directors in wishing our very best to Lisa Turnham, MOAPPP Program Manager. Lisa has accepted the position of Education and Outreach Manager for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Many of you have worked with Lisa over the last four-and-a-half years in her roles of trainer, data and resource specialist, technical assistance provider and program manager. She is a great asset to the field, and we’re so glad she’ll still be nearby.

We are accepting applications for the program manager position through Tuesday, March 12. Please visit our job opportunities page for more information.

MOAPPP Annual Awards Nominations

Each year, MOAPPP honors individuals, agencies, policy makers and programs that make outstanding contributions toward the promotion of adolescent sexual health, the prevention of adolescent pregnancy and the support of adolescent parents in Minnesota. Please let us know about the people you know who deserve to be recognized by their peers. With your help, we can honor the remarkable efforts going on throughout the state. Nominations are due on March 30, 2007. Please visit our website to download the nomination form. (PDF)

Call for Exhibitors for MOAPPP’s 16th Annual Conference, May 3-4, 2007

Please join us as an exhibitor for the 16th Annual MOAPPP Conference. Exhibit information and registration forms are now available online. (PDF) The Conference convenes approximately 400 social service and health care providers, educators, advocates, program directors and youth who work to prevent adolescent pregnancy and support pregnant and parenting teens. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to promote your program, organization or business! Exhibit space is limited, so register TODAY!

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

It’s not too soon to start planning how your organization can promote May as National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM). Observed each May by states and communities throughout the country, NTPPM seeks to involve communities in promoting and supporting effective teen pregnancy prevention initiatives. Advocates for Youth recently updated its National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM) Planning Guidebook. (PDF) This guidebook provides strategic tips and examples to help local communities plan and implement activities for NTPPM. It also includes fact sheets, guidance for involving youth and working with the media and sample forms. Watch MOAPPP’s website for more information about events during NTPPM.

Remember to come to MOAPPP’s website to shop online at MOAPPP is partnering with in a special program that gives us a percentage of the sales from Amazon purchases that originate on our website. Link to Amazon by clicking on the link above and all the purchases you make during that online session will benefit MOAPPP.

Other Announcements

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – March 10th

March 10, 2007 marks the second annual National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day which seeks to raise awareness of the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of women and girls. This year’s theme is “Taking Action to Save Our Lives.” Women and girls can take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS in a variety of ways such as getting tested for HIV, practicing safe methods to prevent HIV, deciding not to engage in high risk behaviors, talking about HIV prevention with family, friends and colleagues, empowering themselves, and providing support to those living with HIV/AIDS. Please visit for more information.

2007 Reproductive Health Conference

Abstract submissions are now being accepted for Reproductive Health 2007, the annual meeting of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP), Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Society for the Advancement of Reproductive Care (SARC) and Society of Family Planning (SFP). This year’s conference will be held on September 26-29 in Minneapolis. Deadline for abstracts is March 21, 2007, 5:00pm EST. For more information, visit

In the News

New Publication: Program Models that Work

This supplement to the Advocates for Youth 2003 publication identifies five more programs that rigorous evaluation has proven effective in preventing teen pregnancy, HIV and STIs. Science and Success: Supplement I. Additional Sex Education and Other Programs That Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections Read it here.

With One Voice 2007

In “With One Voice 2007: America’s Adults and Teens Sound Off About Teen Pregnancy,” the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s latest nationally-representative survey of adults and teens, teens say that parents most influence their decisions about sex. You can read it at (PDF)

Resource: Teen Pregnancy Linked to Critical Social Issues

This series of fact sheets from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy illustrates how social issues – including overall child and family well-being, responsible fatherhood, education and violence – are linked to teen pregnancy. For more information, please visit

U.S. Teen Pregnancy Rates Down

According to new data from the CDC, the birth rate for teen mothers (aged 15 to 19 years) declined by two percent between 2004 and 2005, falling to 40.4 births per 1000 women, the lowest ever recorded in 65 years. Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: 2005.

Birth Rates Among Females Aged 15-19 Years, by State, 2004

This issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report shows rates of teen pregnancy nationwide, as well as some “QuickStats” about issues such as prenatal care, appropriate weight gain, and smoking during pregnancy for teens ages 15-19 years. QuickStats: Birth Rates Among Females Aged 15-19 Years, by State – United States, 2004.

Friends’ Influence on Adolescents’ First Sexual Intercourse

In this analysis of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health data, researchers explored social- psychological theories of health behavior that suggest that adolescents’ sexual behaviors are influenced by those of their friends. Friends’ Influence on Adolescents’ First Sexual Intercourse. (PDF)

Telltale Signs of Intimate Partner Violence Among Adolescents: Screening, Reporting and Creating an Exit Plan

Drs. Kevin M. Sherin and John C. Nelson, leading intimate-violence experts, provide practical information about screening tools, physical findings and interventions specific to adolescents. For more information, visit

Presentation Tool from the Guttmacher Institute

This presentation tool from the Guttmacher Institute brings together the latest information about parental involvement in teens’ contraceptive use in the United States. It includes information about sexual activity and contraceptive use among American youth, public policy relating to teens’ access to confidential contraceptive services, what teens would do if they were required to involve their parents, teens’ assessment of their connectedness to and communication with their parents, and what family planning clinics are doing to promote parental involvement. For more information, please visit

Sex Education: Needs, Programs and Policies

“Sex Education: Needs, Programs and Policies” brings together the latest research and analysis on sex education in the United States and its effectiveness in preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among teenagers. For more information, please visit

Fact Sheet on Sex Education in the United States

Released by the Guttmacher Institute in December of 2006, this fact sheet highlights sex education from the perspective of both adolescents and teachers. To read it online, please visit

Do We Count Fathers in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Fathers and Families Network has released a new report that highlights facts and figures about fathers in Minnesota, demonstrates the connections between child wellbeing and fatherhood, and offers recommendations for improving the well being of fathers and families across the state. To download or order a copy of the report, go to

Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD/HIV Education Programs

Based on the 2006 report, “Sex and HIV Education Programs for Youth: Their Impact and Important Characteristics,” this tool is designed to help adolescent reproductive health practitioners and program administrators assess, select, improve or design a sex or STD/HIV education program. This tool is written by Douglas Kirby and Lori Rolleri from ETR Associates and Mary Martha Wilson from Healthy Teen Network. It is available as a free download at Healthy Teen Network and ETR. A color print copy of the tool is available from Healthy Teen Network for $20.

New Brochure for Foster Teens on Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Teens get a lot of advice from adults, but they usually aren’t asked to offer their own. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy asked teens growing up in foster care to hear what they wanted to know about teen pregnancy prevention and what advice they would give to their peers. This handy, magazine-style brochure tells what teens have to say – in their own words. Download or purchase copies of “Our Story, Our Words: Youth Speak Out on Sex, Love, and Teen Pregnancy” at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy website (PDF)

Report Released by the Brookings Institution that Supports Investment in Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Nurse Home Visiting Programs

Julia Isaacs, Child and Family Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution, offers a new look at the United States budget priorities in her paper, “Cost-Effective Investments in Children.” Isaacs proposes four areas of investment that merit expanded federal funding even in a time of fiscal austerity – one of them being increased attention to teen pregnancy prevention, another being nurse home-visiting programs. To see the full report, visit the Brookings Institution website at (PDF).

Communications Strategies to Galvanize Support for Youth

The Forum for Youth Investment along with Voices for America’s Children and KIDS COUNT, recently hosted a conference call focusing on how to frame messages about youth that promote long-term policy change. A summary of the presentations, with highlights of research from Minnesota on the messages regarding youth development programs, is available at The Forum for Youth Investment website.



May 3-4, 2007
MOAPPP’s 16th Annual Conference:
Broadening Our Perspective: Refining Our Approach

Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center

MOAPPP 2007 Conference

The MOAPPP Conference is the annual gathering of Minnesota professionals committed to teen pregnancy prevention and support for pregnant and parenting teens. Join more than 400 colleagues for two days of dynamic speakers, challenging workshops and countless opportunities for networking and conversation. Conference brochures will be in the mail and on the MOAPPP website in late February, 2007. For more information and details, please see our conference page.

March 28, 2007
SEFL Youth Lobby Day at the Capitol

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
State Capitol, St. Paul

Youth and their parents will learn about the legislative process and issues surrounding comprehensive sexuality education and minors’ consent. Please join us for this opportunity to learn about SEFL issues, hear from advocates and legislators, and if schedules permit to meet with the legislators from your district. For more information, contact Kate at MAP at [email protected].

May 19, 2007
An Evening at the Guthrie – Boats on a River – A MOAPPP Benefit Event

Pre-event gathering at 6:00 p.m., performance at 7:30 p.m.
Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis

Join us for a performance of Boats on a River in the intimate Dowling Studio, the Guthrie’s own “black box” theater. Boats on a River, set in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a riveting drama that portrays the struggles and aspirations of those who work to free children enslaved by sex traffickers. A MOAPPP pre-event gathering will be hosted in the historic Washburn A. Mill complex next door to the Guthrie prior to the performance. Watch MOAPPP’s website for more details!


Other Events

February 5, March 29, April 25, 2007
Lessons from the Field: Attachment Series

Coffman Union, University of MN, Minneapolis and 25 host sites in Greater MN

As part of its Lessons from the Field Series, the Center of Excellence in Children’s Mental Health at the University of Minnesota is sponsoring a series of workshops focused on attachment theory and interventions.

Specific workshop topics include:

  • Disturbances of attachment in early childhood
  • Inter-relationship between attachment and other mental health concerns
  • The intervention/treatment models

Fee: $15.00 per session. Visit for more information and for a current listing of video host sites around the state.

February – May 31, 2007
What’s New with Teens and Their Families? Research Update for Professionals

Online Course

What is normal teen behavior? How do families change through the teen years? This online workshop developed by U of MN Extension Service Family Relations faculty explores current research in normal adolescent development, how it impacts the parent-adolescent relationship and the two-way relationship between teens and their larger family system. Registration is $45 per person, including CEUs. You may register until February 28, with the course remaining open until May 31. Participants may go in and out of the course as many times as they wish. To view an online brochure or to register, go to Questions? Contact Colleen Gengler at [email protected] or 1-888-241-4635.

March 7, 2007
Every Student Connected: Communication, Culture, and Climate

8:30 a.m.– 3:30 p.m.
Earle Brown Heritage Center
6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center
Registration due by February 27, 2007

Workshop will include:

  • Creating/preserving safe schools and healthy students: What we know and what we can do.
  • Developing a language of connection.
  • Setting up school climate committees.
  • Addressing bullying with positive, proactive and effective strategies.
  • Reducing the impact of gangs on school climate.
  • Modeling positive climate through positive staff relationships.
  • Training bus staff on connectedness strategies.

For more information please see the event flyer (PDF) or call 612-348-5618.

March 8 & 15
Healthy Sexuality, Healthy Youth

9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Family & Children’s Service
4123 East Lake Street, Minneapolis

Sexuality can be one of the most difficult topics for adults to discuss with youth. Yet young people desperately need adults to be comfortable in talking with them openly and honestly about sex and sexuality so that they receive accurate information. Research tells us that youth who are able to talk with trusted and caring adults are more likely to delay sex, avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and pursue healthy relationships.

So, what role can you play in helping young people better understand healthy relationships and sexuality? This class will explore ways in which adults can more effectively partner with youth to help them learn the facts around sexual health. Workshop topics include:

  • Components of human sexuality (“sexuality” is not just “sex”).
  • Normative adolescent sexual development.
  • Communication strategies for discussing sexual health topics with youth.

Cost: $80. For more information or to register, please visit

March 9, 2007
It Ain’t Easy Being Native: A Modern Experience of American Indian Life

1:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Hmong American Partnership
1075 Arcade Street, St. Paul

This MN Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) training will explore the historical and continued effects of oppression and discrimination among Native American people as well as the realities of living a bicultural life in contemporary society. The challenges and problems facing American Indian youth will be considered, along with examples of processes for healing and the development of a positive Native identity. Presented by Brad Hauff, Psy.D., Adolescent Program Supervisor, Domestic Abuse Project & Tessa Anttila, M.S.W., L.G.S.W., SafeZone Therapist. To register, visit or call 1-888-945-YIPA.

March 19, 2007
Dads Make A Difference – Teen Training

8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Kelly Inn, St. Paul

Dads Make A Difference (DMAD), a service-learning, youth development opportunity for teens, is conducting a day-long training program in St. Paul for senior high school students. The training prepares teens to teach a 4-lesson curriculum to youth in grades 6-8 about the importance of fathers in children’s lives. DMAD is designed to prevent too-early parenting and increase the involvement of the future generation of fathers. The curriculum focuses on the legal, financial and emotional responsibilities of parenting. Registration: $45 per participant ($55 with lodging); sliding fee or scholarships are available. The training is open to school and agency groups statewide. For more information, contact Jan Hayne 651-222-1622 or [email protected].

April 1, 2007 (Deadline)
Condom Campaign Contest

If you work with young people between the ages of 15-24, they could win $500! Advocates for Youth is holding a contest for a new design for their Condom Campaign. The winning designs will be distributed all over the United States. Deadline for submission is April 1, 2007. More details available at

April 10, 2007
Youth Intervention Programs Association (YIPA) Spring 2007 Conference

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Earle Brown Heritage Center
6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center

The YIPA conference, “It’s NOT Just Joking Around! A Survival Seminar on Bullying,” is a great opportunity for people working with youth and their families to explore a comprehensive bully-prevention plan and concrete tools on how to effectively help bullies, victims and bystanders. The conference also features Jodee Blanco, author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Please Stop Laughing at Me…, and the creator and executive producer of the It’s NOT Just Joking Around!TM & bullying education program. For more details, visit Registration is available online and by mail.

April 13, 2007
Children, Health and Culture: 6th Annual Conference on Cultural Competence in Pediatrics

St. Paul Heart and Lung Conference Center
255 North Smith Avenue, St. Paul

This conference is an all-day event that offers learning and exchange on pediatric health care for cultural and linguistic minorities. Sponsored by Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and the Center for Cross Cultural Health. For more information, contact Elsa Batica at 612-813-7724 or [email protected].

April 17-18, 2007
Healthy Girls: A Canvas for Life

U of MN Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul

The Minnesota Conference on Adolescent Females offers a variety of educational and creative learning opportunities for women and men who work with adolescent girls. The conference offers a variety of workshops, panels featuring girls speaking for themselves, creative arts performances and a book and resource fair. The conference is designed to enlighten, support and inspire all professionals who are concerned about the future of adolescent girls. For more information about applying, submitting a workshop proposal, conference sponsorship or registration, go to

April 21, 2007
Second Annual Emmet Till Legacy Foundation Youth Rally: Hear My Voice – Are You Listening?

12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
North Senior High School
1500 James Avenue North, Minneapolis

This is a non-partisan event for youth ages 14 and up to encourage civic engagement, political engagement and voter registration. Featuring music, spoken word, hip hop, dance, holy hip hop and more! For more information, call 1-888-509-9614 x80 or email [email protected].

November 14-17, 2007
Healthy Teen Network 2007 National Conference
On Their Turf: Creative Ways of Supporting Teens & Young Families

Each year, Healthy Teen Network’s conference attracts more than 600 professionals who work on behalf of adolescents and their children to reduce teen pregnancy, promote beneficial decisions regarding sexuality and reproductive issues, ensure healthy pregnancies and support teen parents to raise healthy children. For more information, please visit the 2007 Conference Home page.


Funding Opportunities

Table of Contents


Please Note: All deadlines are subject to change. Please verify dates with the funder before submitting a proposal.

Staples Foundation

The mission of Staples Foundation for Learning is to provide funding to programs that support or provide job skills and/or education for all people, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged youth.

For more information, visit
Deadline: April 6, 2007

Minnesota Department of Health – Family Planning Special Projects Grants

Local public health departments, tribal governments and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations may apply for FPSP funds (funding cycle 7/1/07 – 6/30/09) to provide family planning services to low-income, high risk individuals in Minnesota. The funds may be used for public information, outreach, and family planning method services including medical and non-medical methods of family planning, counseling and referral. FPSP funds are targeted to women and men who have difficulty accessing family planning services because of various barriers including poverty, lack of insurance, race, ethnicity, age or culture.

Workshops to assist in writing the application will take place Friday, March 23rd from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and Wednesday, March 28th from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Both workshops will originate live from Snelling Office Park building, 1645 Energy Park Drive, in St. Paul and by Video Conferencing to the MDH District Office Sites located in Bemidji, Duluth, Fergus Falls, Mankato, Marshall, Rochester, and St. Cloud. The Video Conference in Rochester will only be available March 23rd.

For more information, visit or contact Gary Greenfield, FPSP Grant Coordinator, 651-201-3743 or [email protected].
Workshops: March 23, 2007 and March 28, 2007 (See details for workshop information)
Deadline: May 1, 2007

Park Nicollet Foundation – Health Community Grants

The Park Nicollet Foundation funds programs for families and children that improve health through documented urgent and compelling needs. Grants for $5,000 or less can be submitted any time during the year. Grants greater than $5,000 must be submitted by deadline.

For more information, visit
Deadline: May 4, 2007 by noon

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There are no new ongoing funding oportunities available at this time.

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There are no new inkind grants available at this time.

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Other Resources

There are no other resources available at this time.

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