Let’s Talk Month for Teens

“What do you mean talk with my parents about sex?”

Let's Talk Month for TeensIt may not be easy, and your parents may not seem comfortable, but talking about sexuality and relationships with your parents or a trusted adult is important. It’s great to get advice and information from someone who cares about you. Remember that they were once young like you!

If you (or your parent) need more information on teen pregnancy, abstinence, relationships or anything related to sexuality check out the fact sheets and websites below. And remember, START TALKING TODAY!

Table of Contents

Fact Sheets

Resources for Teens

  • MN STD and Family Planning Hotline: 1-800-78-FACTS
  • Advocates for Youth
  • Amplify
  • Go Ask Alice
  • » Sexuality
    » Sexual Health
  • iwannaknow
  • It’s Your Sex Life
  • MySistahs
  • Planned Parenthood – Info for Teens
  • Sex and Tech
  • » Tips for Teens (PDF)
  • Sex, Etc.
  • StayTEEN.org
  • Talk About Sex
  • Teen Health 411
  • YouthResource

Información en español

  • Ambiente Joven
  • Padres de Adolescentes (PDF)