Let’s Talk Month for Professionals

“What can my organization do to support Let’s Talk Month?”

Let's Talk Month for Professionals

During the month of October, professionals around Minnesota will be promoting parent-child dialogues about healthy sexuality and relationships. Teenwise Minnesota supports these efforts by providing resources on our website and co-sponsoring events for parents and professionals.

We invite you to become a Let’s Talk Month 2010 Partner!

See below for more information on what it means to be a LTM Partner and how to sign up!

Training Event for Professionals

Table of Contents

Understand the Research

We look to research to determine what works best to promote healthy adolescents. One thing is clear; parents and primary caregivers have a large impact on adolescents’ sexual attitudes and behaviors. Below you will find a fact sheet that explains the research on parent-child communication and its effect on healthy sexuality.

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Access Resources, Links and Logos

Marketing Tools

Provided are links to graphics and templates you can download in order to create materials to be used to promote LTM and any activities or events you have planned.


Provided are links to websites that contain information and resources that can be used to plan and implement LTM activities and events.

Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign – Shoulder to Shoulder is a campaign for Minnesota parents of teens. They provide real advice for real parents about how to navigate through the teen years, and by connecting parents together to share stories and swap tricks of the parenting trade. Minnesota professionals can access campaign materials and find out local events by visiting the website.

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Ideas for Activities and Events

Let’s Talk Month is a great to time to focus on parent-child communication and encourages parents and teens to talk with their families about sexuality. Find a way this month to encourage the parents and teens that you work with to share their thoughts, values and feelings about sexuality. Some possible activities and are provided below.

Recommended Activities

If you want additional activity suggestions, please use the following resources to find fun interactive ideas to promote conversations about healthy sexuality.

Around the State

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Creating Community Awareness

Spread the word, families should start talking today!

Below are links to templates you can download and use to raise awareness among parents and other adults within the communities you serve.

Your community needs to know that the messages parents and primary caregivers share with their families can impact adolescent sexual behaviors.

Community Educators

Faith Community Leaders


Public Officials

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Fact Sheets

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Información en Español

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