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Your generous support of Teenwise Minnesota now is more important than ever:

$50 ensures the accuracy of the teacher’s answer to a timid seventh-grader’s question about her developing body. As adults know from experience, timing is everything. We need to be able to respond accurately and effectively when teens reach out.

$100 ensures that a young couple discussing birth control will know when, if and how to address sexual activity. Teenwise Minnesota may have educated their youth minister, or her nurse, or his coach, about the consequences of adolescent sexual activity — and that caring adult has hopefully built a trusting relationship on which those teens can depend.

$250 will help cover costs of a meeting for concerned parents about how to talk with their legislators about policies concerning sex education in the schools. Without Teenwise Minnesota’s lead, the chance for inflammatory confrontation outweighs the possibility for thoughtful dialogue about the best interests of our children.

$500 will give 10 low-income teens the opportunity to share information and straight talk with a trained youth service provider at a local community center. Teenwise Minnesota assures that the people teens trust have the right information to help them make healthy decisions about their bodies and their lives. Healthy decisions keep teens in school and keep teens learning.


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