Helpful Tools for Implementing Science-Based Approaches

Getting to Outcomes

Teenwise Minnesota’s PSBA project employs the Getting to Outcomes (GTO) model, which guides local teen pregnancy prevention practitioners in using a systematic and science-based approach to their work. Click here to download a summary of the GTO framework.

The ten steps of the GTO process are:

  • Needs/Resources – What are the underlying needs and resources in your community that must be addressed to prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Goals/Outcomes – What are the goals and desired outcomes for your teen pregnancy prevention program?
  • Best Practices – Which science-based programs can be used to achieve your goals?
  • Fit – What actions should be taken to make the selected program fit the community context?
  • Capacities – What organizational capacities are needed to implement your program?
  • Plan – What is the plan for implementing your chosen program?
  • Process Evaluation – How will the quality of your program implementation be assessed?
  • Outcome Evaluation – How well did the program work?
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – How will you ensure the program chosen to prevent teen pregnancy continuously improves over time?
  • Sustainability – If your program is successful, how will it be sustained?

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