Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community

Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community

Adolescent Sexual Health and the Dynamics of Oppression: A Call for Cultural Competency – 2003

Barriers to Health Care for Youth of Color – January 2004

Briefly – Policy Brief: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Teen Pregnancy – 2008 (PDF)

Cultural Competence and Social Justice – January 2004

¿Cuál es el efecto del estigma en el tratamiento y prevención del VIH? – 2006

¿Cuáles son las necesidades de prevención del VIH en zonas rurales? – 2006

Family Mediators of Acculturation and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Among Latino Youth – 2009 (PDF)

Fast Facts: Latina Teen Birth Rate by State – 2005 (PDF)

Fast Facts: Minority Teen Birth Rate by State – 2005

Giving Up Harmful Practices, Not Culture – 1998

  • English version
  • French version
  • Spanish version

Health Education Resources Available in Spanish (PDF)

HIV/AIDS among Hispanics/Latinos

The Impact of Homophobia and Racism on GLBTQ Youth of Color – 2007

Improving Youth’s Access to Contraception in Latin America (Mejorando el acceso de los jóvenes a los métodos antconceptivos en América Latina – 2001

  • English version
  • Spanish version

Información de Grupos: Grupos de Apoyo para Padres y Grupos para Mujeres Latinas (PDF)

Latina Adolescent Health – 2003

Latina Teen Pregnancy and Birth Rates by State – 2009 (PDF)

Latina Teen Pregnancy and Educational Attainment – Oct 2007 (PDF)

Latino Adolescents and HIV/AIDS – January 2004

Latino Teen Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use – May 2008 (PDF)

Latino Young Men who Have Sex with Men: Unique Needs and Challenges – June 2002

Minnesota Disparities in Adolescent Birth Rates by Race and Ethnicity – 2009 (PDF)

Nationwide Trends for Latina Teen Birth Rates – 2009 (PDF)

An Overview of Latina Teen Pregnancy & Birth Rates – 2008 (PDF)

Padres: es tiempo de hablar – diez sugerencias para hablar con tus hijos acerca del sexo (PDF)

Programs that Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & STIs among Hispanics/Latinos – 2008

Recursos para Jóvenes Latinos (PDF)

Relationships in the Latino Community – March 2008

Serving Youth of Color – January 2004

The Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in Latin America and the Caribbean (La salud sexual y reproductive de los jóvenes en América Latina y el Caribe) – 2002

  • English version
  • Spanish version

The Sexual Health of Latina Adolescents – Focus on Assets – January 2006

Sugerencias do como hablar con tus hijo acerca del sexo: temas generales (PDF) (“Communicating with Children about Sex: General Tips”)

Toward a Common Future: Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out About Teen Pregnancy (2009)

Thinking About Our Future: Latino Teens Speak Out about Teen Pregnancy (2009)

Trichomonas (causado por las Tricomonas vaginales, un parasito) – June 2008 (PDF)

Voices Heard: Highlights from National Polling Data on Latino Sexual Behavior – Fact Sheet – 2008 (PDF)

Youth of Color – At Disproportionate Risk of Negative Sexual Health Outcomes – 2004

Youth of Color – Rights. Respect. Responsibility.: A Strategy to Promote Sexual Health – 2004

Young Women of Color and the HIV Epidemic – 2003

Young Women of Color and Their Risk for HIV and Other STIs – 2003

Data and Fact Sheets Regarding the Latino Community

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