Adolescent Parent Network

Teenwise Minnesota advances evidence-based programs and public policies that support adolescent parents and their children. This section includes an on-line directory of adolescent parent programs in Minnesota; data and fact sheets; research; resources; and policy related to young families.

Directory of Adolescent Parent Programs

This web-based resource directory lists programs and services throughout Minnesota that work with pregnant and parenting adolescents. It is intended to provide a listing of available resources for pregnant and parenting teens, as well as to facilitate consultation and collaboration between providers around the state.

Links to Valuable Resources

Publications Related to Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents

  • School-Based Programs for Adolescent Parents and Their Young Children (PDF) Susan T. Batten and Bonita Stowell. 1997.
  • Another Chance: Preventing Additional Births to Teen Mothers. (PDF) The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.
  • The Relationship Between Teenage Motherhood and Marriage. (PDF) The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.
  • How to Keep Pregnant and Parenting Students from Dropping Out: A Primer for Schools (PDF) National Women’s Law Center, 2007

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Policy Related to Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents