Sex Education for Life Minnesota

Sex Education for Life - Minnesota is a coalition of educational, religious, health, social service and advocacy organizations that promote lifelong healthy sexuality by advocating for legislative policies on comprehensive sexuality education and access to confidential health care services.

Key values:

We believe that children and adolescents have the right to complete, medically accurate, and age appropriate sexuality information and resources to help them make healthy choices.

We respect young peoples ability to make responsible sexual choices.

We believe that abstinence is a necessary part of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and an important goal for adolescents to achieve.

We support effective CSE programs because research shows that they delay the onset of sexual intercourse and they reduce the risks among those who are sexually active.

We recognize that most parents say they need help and support to be the primary sexuality educators of their children and to articulate their values to their children.

We believe that CSE recognizes and respects the diverse backgrounds of all individuals.

We believe that CSE can bring positive outcomes for the whole community when the responsibility and the obligation of providing sound CSE is shared on a community-wide basis.

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