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January 18, 2002: Public Policy Advocacy Workshop, 9:00 am to NOON, Open Book, Minneapolis, Sponsored by Sexuality Education for Life Coalition, contact Marnie at MOAPPP for more information, 651-644-1447 or .

April 25 and 26, 2002: MOAPPP 11th Annual Conference. SAVE THE DATE!

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MOAPPP Monthly December 1999 Issue

MOAPPP wins funding for Landmark Project

Hold onto your hats! MOAPPP just received more than $26,000 from the Jay and Rose Phillips Foundation to coordinate a statewide survey on Minnesotans’ attitudes toward in-school sexuality education. The survey, which will be conducted early next year, will ask parents and caregivers about sexuality education in the schools. On the national level, SIECUS and Advocates for Youth recently completed a survey in which an overwhelming 93% of Americans said they want their kids to learn the facts about sex in the high school classroom. Look for the Minnesota survey results to be released in late summer 2000.

Call the MOAPPP offices at 651-644-1447, 800-657-3697 (in greater MN), if you want more information about this exciting project.

National Survey Shows Teens are "In the Dark About Sexual Health"

On a related note, many teens are "in the dark about sexual health" and say they need more information on contraception, HIV and other STDs, according to a recently released Kaiser Family Foundation Nationwide Survey of Secondary School students about Sexual Health Issues and Services: The Facts and More. Here’s what they found:

MOAPPP Donor Campaign Underway

It’s that time of year again! MOAPPP’s annual donor campaign is in full swing. Recently, you should have received MOAPPP’s 1999 Annual Report, which highlights just a few of MOAPPP’s successes in the past 12 months. But, to keep it going we need your help. If you haven’t already, please send a donation to MOAPPP today. With your partnership, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of teens throughout Minnesota.

Send donations to MOAPPP at 1619 Dayton Avenue Suite 111, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104.

State Adolescent Parent Program Funding Falls Short of Need

First the good news. Close to $1 million in funding was recently awarded by the MN Department of Children, Families and Learning to 8 adolescent parent programs around the state. What’s the bad news? The $1 million allocated by the state fell far short of the level of funding needed. In fact, during this most recent grant cycle, 31 programs submitted applications for more than $5 million. But the fact remains that teen parents need our support. And these worthy programs need more public funding and support in order to help these fragile families get on their feet – and stay on them. What can you do? Talk to your local policymakers about the adolescent parent initiatives in your area – invite policymakers to visit a local program so they can meet the teens and find out their needs first-hand. And, as the legislature begins work early next year, watch for Action Alerts from MOAPPP about timely hearings and votes at the Capital. Be sure your name is on MOAPPP’s Action Alert list! Call the MOAPPP offices or send an e-mail to .

TPPP Program Guidebook Available

Sociometrics Corporation, with sponsorship from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has developed a Guidebook: Evaluating Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs, a comprehensive guide to the implementation of evaluation methods into all aspects of teen pregnancy prevention programming. What’s most interesting is that Sociometrics is currently seeking field test participants for a study designed to evaluate the quality and utility of the Guidebook. All kinds of teen pregnancy prevention programs are invited to participate. And, in exchange for participation in this experimental program, field test participants will receive a copy of the Guidebook and limited technical assistance for free.

If you’re interested in participating as a Guidebook field test site, call Dr. John P. Shields, Project Director, at 800-846-3475, ext. 213, or e-mail him at .

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