Minnesota Organization on Adolescent
Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

Press Release

October 1, 1999
Contact: Nancy Nelson, 651-644-1447 or Wendy Audette, 651-644-1447

October is "Lets Talk Month"

Throughout Minnesota, October is "Lets Talk Month."

"Lets Talk Month" is a community campaign that supports parents in their efforts to talk to their children openly and honestly about sexuality.

Parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children. "Lets Talk Month" emphasizes parents important role in helping their children develop healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors. Because of the special and intimate nature of the parent-child relationship, parents have the unique opportunity to convey sexuality information, as well as to share with their children their values, beliefs and family expectations.

"Religious organizations, media, businesses, schools and community agencies all can assume a leadership role in supporting parents by providing information, resources and educational programs," says Nancy Nelson, Executive Director of the Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting (MOAPPP).

Granted, talking to kids about sex can be difficult, but the consequences of not sharing this information with our kids can be devastating. Each day in Minnesota, 22 teens become pregnant, resulting in more than 8,000 teenagers giving birth each year.

Most teens, of course, are completely unprepared emotionally and financially for parenthood. Roughly 70% of all teen mothers drop out of high school, eventually becoming dependent on public assistance to support themselves and their children. And their children are more likely to repeat the cycle of dependency and despair by becoming teen parents, themselves.

Solving this complex issue is not easy, but the first step is to recognize that by opening the door to honest, meaningful communication about sexuality, parents can make a difference.

Parents: Its Time to Talk.

MOAPPP coordinates a statewide celebration of "Lets Talk Month" each October. MOAPPP is a professional organization founded in 1991 to strengthen the policies and programs related to adolescent pregnancy, prevention and parenting in Minnesota. MOAPPP is the statewide leader in pregnancy prevention advocacy, information exchange and awareness.

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