Minnesota Organization on Adolescent
Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

** Sample Proclamation **

Whereas, teen pregnancy is a critical issue facing Minnesota;

Whereas, 22 teens in Minnesota become pregnant each day and 15 give birth;

Whereas, more than 70% of all teens who become parents drop out of high school, failing to achieve the education and skills they need to become self-sufficient;

Whereas, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is a statewide and local effort to bring attention to the issue of teen pregnancy and its consequences on individuals, families and communities and to highlight the need for comprehensive, effective teen pregnancy prevention programs;

Whereas, working together, all members of the community can provide the information and support necessary to affirm the choices our young people make to avoid early pregnancy, finish high school and enjoy happy, fulfilling lives;

I do hereby proclaim May 2000 as "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month" and commend this observance to our citizens.