Preventing Teen Pregnancy Begins With You

Faith organizations play a critical role in protecting teenagers from becoming
sexually active too soon and from early pregnancies.

By teaching values, faith communities can help shape our children and their choices
throughout their lives.

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

A month set aside to bring awareness to the issue of teen pregnancy
and how we can help protect our youth from early pregnancy.

What can you do to prevent teen pregnancy?

As a parent, talk to your child about sex, sexuality and values. Research shows that the best way to prevent early and unprotected sexual activity is to talk to kids about sex early, openly and honestly.

As a faith community, make sure your children and teenagers understand what your faith tradition says about sex, love and marriage and teen pregnancy, in particular.

Help teens in your community find spiritual and personal fulfillment through positive involvement in service to the community.

Celebrate the achievements of your young people. Help them know and feel that they are loved and appreciated.

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If you have any questions about whats being done to prevent teen pregnancy or about how you can get involved, please call the Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting (MOAPPP) at 800-657-3697 or 651-644-1447.