Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

MOAPPP Position Statements

MOAPPP supports:

Policies and programs which have demonstrated inclusiveness of diverse beliefs and practices regarding adolescent pregnancy, prevention, and parenting.
Efforts that recognize that males and females have equal responsibility for preventing pregnancy and for rearing children.
The active involvement of youth in decision-making regarding policies and programming related to adolescent pregnancy, parenting and prevention in communities and on the state level.
Adolescent pregnancy care services that are developmentally appropriate, accessible, affordable and involve family members and fathers in order to ensure healthy outcomes for mother and child.
Programs and services for adolescent and young parents that are developmentally appropriate and promote school completion, economic self-sufficiency, family involvement, healthy parenting skills (including life skills) and subsequent pregnancy planning.
Primary adolescent pregnancy prevention strategies focused on children and adolescents that engage parents and communities.
K-12 sexuality education as part of an overall comprehensive health education program which includes, but is not limited to, skill development in communication, decision making, problem solving, assertiveness and life skills critical to rearing children and preventing pregnancies.
Sexuality education taught by individuals who have received specialized training in human sexuality, including the philosophy and methodology of sexuality education.
Early childhood and parenting education taught by specially trained individuals.
Private and public funding of outcome-based program evaluation and research concerning adolescent reproductive health status, care and outcomes (e.g. adolescent sexuality, sexuality education, pregnancy prevention, pregnancy care, and parenting programs).
The involvement and training of parents and primary caregivers in sexuality education of children and youth; and encouragement of adolescents to communicate with their parents or primary caregivers regarding sexual health decisions.
Comprehensive adolescent health care services that are affordable and accessible and provided by individuals trained in adolescent health.
The adolescents right to access information and confidential services, as per Minnesota Statute 144.341-347.
Institutions, systems and agencies that recognize and work to eradicate the multiple root causes of adolescent pregnancy, including racism and poverty.
Agencies and institutions that demonstrate their commitment to teens as essential members of our current and future community.