Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource
Review Panel (MSERRP)

The mission of the Minnesota Sexuality Education Resource Review Panel (MSERRP) is to review and recommend sexuality education curricula and resources for use in Minnesota schools and communities.

The panel consists of roughly 35 members who have expertise in sexuality education and represent community-based and statewide organizations, including teachers, public health professionals, health educators, parents, youth, youth workers, and religious leaders.

In addition, panel membership strives to represent the geographic, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the state.

MSERRP panel members support the following definition of comprehensive sexuality education:

Effective Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) begins with parents or other primary caregivers as the primary sexuality educators of their children. CSE is the provision of accurate, factual and developmentally appropriate information and training on human sexuality topics. CSE understands sexuality as a positive, healthy part of life and teaches behavior that is respectful, responsible, non-exploitive and non-violent. CSE recognizes and respects individuality and a wide range of community norms, cultures, cultural beliefs, and language regarding healthy sexuality. CSE is designed to encourage and support youth in developing their identities. CSE recognizes the importance of communities, institutions and individuals working in partnership with families to raise sexually healthy children.

Summary of MSERRP's activities
Originally convened in 1998, MSERRP has convened for four three-hour meetings each year.  Whenever possible, panelists receive materials (often assigned portions of longer materials) to review in advance of each meeting. Meetings include small and large group discussions so that panelists could share their specific comments and gain a broad overview of the resource under review. Subsequently, individual panelists present at the meetings completed a written assessment of each resource, using a seven-part criteria and making specific recommendations for appropriate audiences. MOAPPPP then compiles these assessments into summary reviews, which are posted on-line and in The MOAPPP Monitor.

Strengths of MSERRP
MSERRP provides a much needed resource to the greater community, as well as positive professional development opportunities to those who participate in the review process. Panelists participate in lively discussions, challenging and supporting each others viewpoints. Both the size and the organizational representation of the panel attest to the shared importance of assessing sexuality education materials that are in use or could be in use throughout the state. MSERRP is also a national model in terms of its consistent focus and its methodology for reviewing materials.

Future of the panel
MOAPPP will continue to coordinate MSERRP in 2000. Meeting dates have not yet been established.

MSERRP Summary Reviews

The following is a list of materials that have been reviewed by MSERRP:

  • Project SNAPPP: Skills and Knowledge for AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention (video & curriculum from ETR Associates)

  • Kayla's Story (video from CityKids Foundation)

  • Filling in the Gaps: Hard to teach topics in sexuality education, (teacher's manual from SIECUS)

  • New Positive Images: Teaching Abstinence, Contraception, and Sexual Health (curriculum from Center for Family Life Education)

  • Teen Contraception (video from Intermedia)

  • Crossroads: Teen Relationships and Teen Sexuality (board game from NASCO)

  • Best Friends Program Guide (Best Friends Foundation)

  • Real People: Teens Who Choose Abstinence (video from Sunburst Communications)

  • Choosing the Best (curriculum from Project Reality) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Sex, Lies, and the Truth (video from Focus on the Family) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • No Second Chance (video from Jeremiah Films, Inc.)

  • Considering your options (video from the National Education Association) -- approved by MSERRP

  • Growing Into Healthy Sexuality (curriculum from th Education Development Center) -- approved by MSERRP

  • I Am a Beautiful Person (video from PACER) -- approved by MSERRP

  • Social Choices and Consequences (video from At-Risk Resources) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Choosing to be Disease Free (video from At-Risk Resources) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Raising Healthy Kids (video from Advocates for Youth) -- approved by MSERRP

  • The Sex Talk: Exclusively Abstinence (video from Legacy Resources) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Unwanted Children -- Things We Throw Away (brochure from Pro-Life Action Ministries) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Answers to Your Questions About...The Pill (brochure from American Life League) -- rejected by MSERRP

  • Answers to Your Questions About...Emergency Contraception (brochure from American Life League) -- rejected by MSERRP

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