The MOAPPP Monthly became an electronic publication in October 2000. Please let us know what you think of it, and send us your updates on what's happening in your community that others might like to know about! If you know anyone with an interest in teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting issues who would like to receive the MOAPPP E-Monthly, please send it on them, asking them to let us know if they would like us to send it by e-mail. E-mail us at or phone us at 651-644-1447 with your ideas!

Community Involvement

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard Ė Contact Your Newly Elected Legislators

This month is a prime opportunity for you to call your new legislators or reconnect with your reelected legislators to talk about the status of teen pregnancy and the needs of teen parents in your community. Find your county's teen pregnancy and birth data online at! MOAPPP is encouraging youth and adults to write a letter, send an e-mail, or call your legislatorís office before the session begins in January. Donít know the name, address, phone, or e-mail of your legislator? Just call House Information at 651-296-2146 for your State Representative and Senate Information at 651-296-0504 for your State Senator. Find your legislator on the Internet at and

The Star Tribune Wants to Know What Youth Think

The topics for the 2001 Mindworks series have been announced. On April 2, 2001, the Star Tribune will run youth responses to the following questions. Why do you think some teens and pre-teens become sexually active? Are the reasons different for boys and for girls? What is the right reason or age to become sexually active? How can adults best discuss sexual issues with young people? Reponses are due on March 9, 2001.

Students in grades one through 12 may participate. Essays may be no longer than 300 words. IMPORTANT: Each submission must include the student's name, age, grade, school name, school phone number, home address and must be received by the due date. Please do not send submissions via e-mail; as the Star Tribune is unable to accept them in that format. Send them to:


Star Tribune

425 Portland Av. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55488

Research and Education

A study in the current issue of Family Planning Perspectives compares findings from surveys of 7th through 12th grade public school teachers responsible for the school subjects that include sexuality education. Of the estimated 81,000 teachers and school nurses teaching sexuality education in 1999:

  1. 95% taught information about STDs compared to 82% in 1988
  2. 59% taught their students the names of clinics or other sources of help compared to 65% in 1988
  3. 60% of teachers taught how individual birth control methods worked compared to 71% in 1988
  4. 78% taught the use of condoms as a form of STD/HIV prevention compared with 89% in 1988

It is especially concerning that schools are backing away from providing critical information to students, since the recent MOAPPP Sexuality Education Survey and Kaiser Family Foundation

survey indicated that parents want schools to educate their children about contraception as well as abstinence! What's happening in your schools? Please let MOAPPP and the Sex Education for LifeóMinnesota Coalition know. Call Marnie Wells at 651-644-1447 or email her at .

Upcoming Activities

AFFIRM (Adolescent Females Finding Identity, Respect and Merit) 6th annual event for girls 5th through 9th grade and their moms, mentors or other interested adults will be Sunday, Nov. 12 from 1:00-4:30 p.m. at Central Lutheran Church, 333 South 12th Street, Minneapolis. To register, contact National Council of Jewish Women, 762-545-1120.

Teen Issues Dialogue with the Latino Community in St. Paul, Tuesday, November 28, 6-8:30 p.m. Please contact Emari Lavine at MOAPPP, 651-644-1447, or email for further information.

"Dads Make a Difference Training", November 12 and 13. Contact Gary Greenfield for details at 651-704-2060 or e-mail at

"Donít Just Sit ThereÖDo Something!" December 9, 2000, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

A call to all teenagers, parents of teens, and anyone else working with teens. This conference is a chance for teens and adults to come together to talk about issues affecting the lives of young people ages 13-18. Cleveland Quality Middle School, 100 Walsh Street, St. Paul. RSVP by November 13, 2000 to Chris at the District 5 Planning Council at 651-774-5234 or at

Website of the Month

In the coming months, the MOAPPP website will be offering more information to the community about our work in the areas of teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting. Topics to look forward to include our 2001 legislative agenda, new ways to educate your community through our Community Organizing Guide and of course, stories from teens about their experiences. Check out our website this month at: