Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

Minnesota Program Resources:
Teen Parenting Programs

MOAPPP offers information on effective program models and strategies, program profiles, and assistance with program planning. Contact MOAPPP to learn more about the following types of efforts that support teen parenting or to obtain program contacts in Minnesota: 

Programs coordinated by school districts, alternative learning programs, and family service collaboratives assist pregnant and parenting adolescents to make significant academic gains; prevent child abuse and neglect; reduce long-term dependence on public assistance; and improve the outcomes for adolescent parents and their children. (9 grantees in 1998-1999)

Adolescent Parenting Grant Program (MN Family and Early Childhood Omnibus Act of 1997 and the K-12 Education Omnibus Act of 1997)

Housing options for young parents who are unable to live with their biological parents or guardians and need alternative living arrangements.

Alternative housing -

Special programs for pregnant and parenting adolescents that include modified programs in regular schools and separate schools reserved for pregnant teens.

Academic programs -

Includes transportation, on-site child care and day care options available to young parents who are still in school.

School-based services -

A public health nurse, social worker, educator or trained volunteer assists young parents and their families, working closely with schools and health care providers to ensure good health and academic success.

Home visiting programs -

Classes and groups that provide emotional support to teen parents and teach them principles of child development and practical skills for successful child rearing.

Parent education -

ECFE is a voluntary parenting education program offered through the Minnesota Public Schools for all Minnesota parents with young children from birth to kindergarten entrance.

Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) -

Groups that provide emotional and social support, and address issues facing the parents of teen parents.

Grandparents support groups -

Programs that link teen parents with trained adult mentors who can provide support, encouragement, and role modeling.

Mentoring programs -

Includes counseling services, support and information groups, job training and placement services, and legal advice.

Young dads programs -

Programs that provide social and emotional support (i.e., case management) to teen parents on an individual basis.

Social services / social support -