Minnesota Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Prevention and Parenting

What is Lets Talk Month?

October is "Let's Talk Month."

"Lets Talk Month" is a community campaign that supports parents in their efforts to talk to their children openly and honestly about sexuality.

"Lets Talk Month" emphasizes the importance of a strong partnership between the community and the family in helping young people develop responsible and positive attidues about sexuality.

During "Lets Talk Month" and every month, MOAPPP encourages religious organizations, media businesses, schools and community agencies to assume a leadership role by providing information, resources and educational programs for parents and children.

Parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children. Children with parents who talk to them about sexuality are more likely to delay sexual experiences.

Working together, parents and their communities can provide the information and support necessary to prepare todays youth for the responsibilities of tomorrows adult and family living.

Check back in the late summer for more on activities and events being planned for 'Let's Talk Month" 2000.

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