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Research and Reports Regarding the Latino Community

Acculturation and the Sexual and Reproductive Health Of Latino Youth in the United States: A Literature Review – 2006

Annual Summary: 2007 Minnesota STD Statistics

Bridging Two Worlds – 2006

  • English version (PDF)
  • Spanish version (PDF)

Del corazón de los jóvenes: What Latino teens are saying about love and relationships – 2008 (PDF)

Faith, Hope, and Love: How Latino Faith Communities Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy (Fe, Esperanza y Amor: Cómo Pueden las Comunidades Religiosas Latinas Ayudar a Prevenir el Embarazo Entre los Adolescentes) – 2005

  • English version (PDF)
  • Spanish version (PDF)

Family Mediators of Acculturation and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Among Latino Youth - 2009 (PDF)

A Future with Promise: A Chartbook on Latino Adolescent Reproductive Health – 2004 (PDF)

Hispanic Teen Pregnancy and Birth Rates: Looking Behind the Numbers – 2005 (PDF)

HIV Surveillance Report – 2007 (PDF) – MDH

It All Starts At Home: Hispanic Parents Speak Out on Preventing Teen Pregnancy (2000)

A Look at Latinos: An Overview of Latina Pregnancy and Birth Rates – 2008 (PDF)

Plain Talk/Hablando Claro: A case study of teen pregnancy prevention in Albuquerque’s South Valley (Un studio de caso sobre la prevención de embarazos juveniles en South Valley, Albuquerque) – 2008

  • English version
  • Spanish version

Populations of Color in Minnesota: Health Status Report, Fall 2004 (PDF)

Preventing Recurrent Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Minority Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial – 2008

Reaching All Children? Understanding Early Care and Education Participation among Immigrant Families – January 2006 (PDF)

Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sex in Latino Families: A Guide for Practitioners – 2008 (PDF)

The Role of Policy in Eliminating Health Disparities – 2006 (scroll down to page 3; PDF)

Science Says #32: Effective and Promising Teen Pregnancy Programs for Latino Youth – July 2007 (PDF)

Science Says #35: Acculturation and Sexual Behavior among Latino Youth – 2008 (PDF)

STD Prevalence and Reproductive Health Services for Adolescent Women in Special Settings in Minnesota, 2001

Toward a Common Future: Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out About Teen Pregnancy - 2009 (PDF)

Thinking About Our Future: Latino Teens Speak Out about Teen Pregnancy – 2009 (PDF)

U.S. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics: National and State Trends and Trends by Race and Ethnicity – September 2006 (PDF)

Violence Involvement, Substance Use, and Sexual Activity among Mexican-American and European-American Adolescents – 2008

Voices Heard: Latino Adults and Teens Speak Up About Teen Pregnancy – Full Report – 2007

  • English version (PDF)
  • Spanish version (PDF)

What Research Tells Us About Latino Parenting Practices and their Relationship to Youth Sexual Behavior – 2008 (PDF)