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2002 Let's Talk Month Toolkit

Table of Contents

1. What is Let's Talk Month? (microsoft .doc format)

2. 2002 Let's Talk Month Planning Guide (microsoft .doc format)

3. 2002 Let's Talk Month Sponsors (microsoft .doc format)

4. Puberty's Wild Ride Order form (adobe .pdf format)

5. Parents as Sexuality Educators: A Selective Bibliography (microsoft .doc format)

6. Professional Resource List (microsoft .doc format)

7. Facts to Share with your teens about… (microsoft .doc format)

8. Sexual Orientation Terms (microsoft .doc format)

9. Communicating with Children about Sex: General Tips (microsoft .doc format)

10. Parents as Sex Educators: Commonly Asked Questions by Young Children (microsoft .doc format)

11. Parents as Sex Educators: Commonly Asked Questions by Adolescents (microsoft .doc format)

12. Help your Child Walk in Wisdom (microsoft .doc format)

13. Tips for Parents: Talking About Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Touching (adobe .pdf format)

14. Tips for Teachers: Recognizing Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence (adobe .pdf format)

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