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MOAPPP and Your Workplace Charitable Giving Campaign

Did you know you can designate MOAPPP to receive the contribution you make during your workplace charitable giving campaign? If you participate in a giving campaign at your workplace that operates in partnership with one of the following “charitable federations,” you may designate all or part of your donation to a charity of your choice. Please consider designating MOAPPP this year!

The Minnesota State Employees' Combined Charities Campaign
United Way: Greater Twin Cities; Becker County; Carlton County; Caring Rivers; Crow Wing; Faribault; Hastings; Heart of the Lakes; Hibbing; Morrison County; New Ulm; Northeast Minnesota; Olmsted County; Red Wing; St. Croix
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Community Solutions Fund

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October is Let's Talk Month

Let's Talk Month is a community campaign that supports parents in their efforts to talk to their children openly and honestly about sexuality and relationships. Let's Talk Month is an excellent opportunity for you to involve parents in your sexual health education work with youth. Use ETR's emerging research on parent-child connectedness (PCC) to design Let's Talk Month intervention activities that will increase important parent-behaviors that lead to PCC. MOAPPP will be updating its resources available online to help you plan LTM events and awareness campaigns during the month of October. Start talking today about your plans for LTM!

Three Forums with James Wagoner in September and October

Make plans to join the Minnesota AIDS Project and MOAPPP in welcoming James Wagoner, President of Advocates for Youth, for his talk about Media, Sex and Teens on September 19 and What You Need to Know About Abstinence-Only Sex Education on October 17 and 18. See Calendar section below for more details.

A Let's Talk Month Conversation with James Wagoner, President of Advocates for Youth

Scheduled for Thursday morning, October 20, 2005, time and place to be announced.

In addition to his talks in Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Peter, Mr. Wagoner, one of this country's leading adolescent sexual health advocates, will participate in an informal conversation with Minnesota professionals who work with youth. This energizing session with Mr. Wagoner will increase your knowledge, commitment and confidence to provide sexual health education and pregnancy prevention programming for adolescents and their parents.

MOAPPP has Internship Positions Available

For more information, go to

MOAPPP welcomes new employee Leah Sweet

MOAPPP is pleased to announce that Leah Sweet will be joining the MOAPPP staff as Policy Coordinator starting next week. Leah has an extensive network in Minnesota's adolescent reproductive health field, and has spent the last year in the policy arena as part of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Arizona Chapter. Please join us in welcoming Leah back to Minnesota and to MOAPPP.

In the News

Saint Paul Red Cross STD Workshops and HIV Instructors Classes

The Saint Paul Red Cross has posted its newest round of STD workshops & HIV Instructor classes. An African-specific curriculum is in the works & will be rolled out shortly. Anyone who is already a Red Cross Instructor only needs to attend an update about the new materials. For details, visit

New Resource Exploring Adolescent Brain Development and Adolescent Sexual Behavior

The Adolescent Brain: A Work in Progress discusses the importance of neurological development in overall adolescent development and, specifically, new research on adolescent brain development as a relevant factor in understanding adolescent sexual behavior and pregnancy. Authored by international experts in adolescent brain development and published by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the 21-page publication contains a brief summary, a chart of key findings and the paper itself. Topics include what we know, how the adolescent brain changes, how such changes take place, why brain changes during adolescence matter and implications. Available at (PDF)

New Data on U.S. Teen Sexual Behavior

The MMWR, August 5, 2005 / 54(30); 751 edition reported the most recent data on Never-Married Teens Aged 15-19 Years Who Reported Ever Having Sexual Intercourse, by Sex and by Age Group, United States, 1995 and 2002. You can read the report online.

New Research Indicates that Sex Education About Abstinence and Contraception Most Effective

Research indicates that sexuality education programs that encourage abstinence and offer information about birth control are the most effective at preventing teen pregnancy, according to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. To read more, go to

Federal Grant to Abstinence Education Program Withheld Because Group Seemingly Using Tax Money for Religious Purposes

Officials of the United States Health and Human Services suspended federal grant money to the Pennsylvania-based abstinence education group Silver Ring Thing, saying the organization appears to be using tax dollars to fund religious programs. The Silver Ring Thing has received more than $1 million from HHS since 2003 as part of the Bush administration's plan to expand abstinence-only sex education. Young people who complete the Silver Ring Thing program sign a covenant "before God Almighty" to remain abstinent until marriage and receive a silver ring inscribed with the Bible passage, "God wants you to be holy, so you should keep clear of sexual sin." For more information visit

2005 Kids Count Data Book

National trends in child well-being are no longer improving in the rapid and sustained way they did in the late 1990s, according to the 2005 Kids Count Data Book. Five out of 10 indicators of child well-being have worsened since 2000. These findings are in stark contrast with data in last year's Kids Count study that showed eight out of 10 key indicators improving between 1996 and 2001. At the same time, the 2005 Kids Count Data Book reports good news in three areas: the high school dropout rate has fallen significantly from 2000 to 2003, the percent of children in single-parent households has leveled off and the teen birth rate continued downward in 2002. To order the 2005 Kids Count Data Book and other related materials free-of-charge from the Annie E. Casey, visit or call 410.223.2890.

Science-based Programs for Youth of Color

Advocates for Youth's Youth of Color Initiative August 2005 Monthly Monitor features information about evaluated science-based programs that have demonstrated effectiveness at reducing adolescents' risk for primary pregnancy and STIs, including HIV, for youth of color. You can read more at

New "Science Says" Released on Teen Attitudes Toward Sex

About two-thirds of all teens aged 15-19 disapprove of unmarried 16-year-olds having sex. As a general matter, however, teens are less likely to disapprove of unmarried 18-year-olds having sex. These are just some of the findings from the latest "Science Says" research brief released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy that examines teen's attitudes about sexual activity outside of marriage. To read "Science Says" visit (PDF)

Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: A Toolkit

Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: An Advocates for Youth Toolkit provides information on creating safe space for young people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. This online toolkit is intended to assist in:

  • Educating Youth to Understand and Support Their GLBTQ Peers - The nuts and bolts of building allies for GLBTQ youth. Pick and choose from 12 lesson plans.
  • Redressing Homophobia and Creating Awareness among Your Staff - A blueprint for creating safe space in your organization. Read tips and strategies on what you can do.
  • Becoming a GLBTQ Ally Yourself - Additional resources on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Online at

New Resource on Domestic Violence

The new edition of MCH Library Knowledge Path: Domestic Violence is an electronic guide to recent, high-quality resources and information tools for identifying and responding to domestic violence within the home and in the community. Produced by the MCH Library, the knowledge path includes information on (and links to) Web sites and electronic publications, databases, and electronic newsletters. It is intended for use by health professionals, program administrators, policymakers, advocates, researchers, employers, and individuals who have experienced abuse and their families. The knowledge path is available online.

New Comprehensive Sexuality Resource for Hispanic Teens, Parents, and Educators

La guía esencial sobre sexualidad adolescente will be released and available on September 15, 2005. This curriculum is for young people, parents, educators, physicians and all those who have been searching for a science and reality-based sexuality resource for Spanish speaking populations. To order a copy for yourself or for your institution, please contact Steve Deger at Fairview Press, 612.672.4774, .

New Research on Pregnancy Outcomes Among Somali Immigrants

"Our findings demonstrate a clear difference, and poorer outcomes, between women who were born in Somalia compared with U.S.-born black or white women," state the authors of an article published in the August 2005 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Johnson EB, Reed SD, Hitti J, et al. 2005. Increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcome among Somali immigrants in Washington state. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 193(2):475-482. Abstract available online.

Recent Journal Article Examines Adolescent Health Services

To aid front-line program administrators and providers in adopting national reproductive health recommendations, this exploratory case study examines the implementation of service integration and teen friendliness as strategies to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Article: Claire D. Brindis, Virginia S. Loo, Nancy E. Adler, Gail A. Bolan, Judith N. Wasserheit, Service integration and teen friendliness in practice: A program assessment of sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health (August 2005), volume 37, pages 155–162.

SE Asian Fathers Report on Their Experiences Parenting Adolescents

"Southeast Asian Fathers' Experiences with Adolescents: Challenges and Change" by Zha Blong Xiong and Daniel F. Detzner, University of Minnesota. Hmong Studies Journal Volume 6. This paper examines the fathering experiences of Southeast Asian immigrant men who are parenting their adolescent children in the United States. Focus group discussions were conducted with twenty-two Cambodian, Hmong, Lao, and Vietnamese immigrant fathers. The study found that most fathers wanted to become closer to their children and be more involved in their children's daily activities. You can read the journal online. (PDF)

Maine Department of Education Says Federally Funded Sex Education Program Does Not Meet State Requirements

In a two-page letter to all school superintendents, the Maine Department of Education said certain abstinence-only sex education programs employed in the state do not meet state requirements for health instruction. The department said Heritage of Maine, a not-for-profit organization which receives federal funding, and other abstinence-only sex education programs do not meet the comprehensive sex education standards outlined in state law and education department guidelines. For more information, visit the August 24, 2005 Daily Reproductive Health Report at

FDA Delays Decision on Nonprescription Sales of Emergency Contraception

FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford on Friday said the agency is indefinitely deferring Barr Laboratories' application for nonprescription sales of its emergency contraceptive Plan B and opening a 60-day public comment period on the application, sparking charges that the decision was motivated by politics rather than science. For more information, visit


September 19, 2005
The Great Corruptor or the Honored Teacher? Media, Sex and Teens
James Wagoner, President, Advocates for Youth

6:30 p.m.
Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis

It is taken for granted by politicians, parents, religious leaders, journalists and even teens themselves that the media powerfully shapes teens' sexual lives, generally to a deleterious effect. But the media also seem to be doing something right. Some studies show that mass media are some of our society's most compelling and effective sex education teachers. Is that why the media are under such attack? Are they doing a good job at providing young people with information they need to be healthy? Should we be attacking, defending, fixing – or all of the above? This event is co-sponsored by Minnesota AIDS Project and MOAPPP.

October 17, 2005 and October 18, 2005
Truth or Consequences: What You Need to Know About Abstinence-Only Sex Education
James Wagoner, President, Advocates for Youth

October 17, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Rochester Community and Technical College, Rochester

October 18, 2005
7:00 p.m.
Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter

One billion dollars in state and federal funds have been allocated since 1996 to abstinence-only/no contraception education programs. A recent federal study confirms what an abundance of other studies have shown - these programs don't work. Still, leaders at the state and federal levels continue to pump more dollars into abstinence-only programs while restricting comprehensive sexuality education programs that have been research-tested and proven to work. This event is co-sponsored by Minnesota AIDS Project and MOAPPP.

October 20, 2005
SAVE THE DATE! A Let's Talk Month Conversation with James Wagoner, President of Advocates for Youth

Scheduled for the morning of October 20, specific time and Twin Cities location to be announced.

An informal conversation with James Wagoner, President of Advocates for Youth, one of this country's leading adolescent sexual health advocates. This energizing session with Mr. Wagoner will increase your knowledge, commitment and confidence to provide sexual health education and pregnancy prevention programming for adolescents and their parents.

May 4-5, 2006
MOAPPP's 15th Annual Conference

Save the date for the 15th Annual MOAPPP conference.

Other Events

September 9, 2005
MDH Child and Adolescent Violence Prevention Summit

12:00 - 4:30 p.m.
Black Bear Crossing at the Como Pavilion
1360 North Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, MN 55103

Join us in launching this newest effort to understand where the field of child and adolescent health promotion / violence prevention is right now, and where it needs to go. We want to bring together a diverse, informed, motivated group to identify the strengths as well as the gaps in the work that we do. Hosted by the Minnesota Department of Health. To register, contact Maureen Holmes at 651.281-9871 or .

September 23 – October 28, 2005
Dads and Early Literacy

MN Fathers and Family Network along with a broad range of community partners will host seven, one half-day seminars throughout Minnesota, titled "Dads and Early Childhood Development: Connecting dads and children through literacy and early education." The seminars will focus on developmentally appropriate literacy activities, the influence of gender on reading habits and the role of father-figures in children's literacy development. The sessions will promote an understanding of the influences of talking, reading, singing, and playing as tools for expanding literacy. The 7 workshops on Dads and Early Literacy will be co-sponsored by MFFN, the MN Humanities Commission, St. Cloud State University, Southside Community Health Services, and the regional MN Initiative Funds. You can get all the details online at

September 26-27, 2005
Building Healthy Communities for Children Conference

Center for Continuing Education and Conference Center
University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus (near the Fairgrounds)

This conference examines critical aspects of environments affecting the health and well-being of children, from pre-conception to adolescence. Conference sessions are organized around three broad themes: the natural environment, the built environment and the social environment and around critical life stages. Sponsored by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, Maternal and Child Health Program.

Registration fee is $75.00. For more information, go to

October 1, 2005
Planned Parenthood Mother/Daughter Retreat

Planned Parenthood is offering its annual day-long spring retreat for a mother or mentor and 10-12 year old daughter. “Making the Connections: A Day of Discovery for Mothers and Daughters” provides an opportunity for mothers and daughters to learn and play together, to communicate and connect, while exploring puberty, healthy sexuality and being female. For registration information, please call PP's Education Information Line at 612-821-6198.

October 3-5, 2005
2005 FutureNet Annual Conference

The Iowa Network for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, Parenting, & Sexual Health presents their annual conference. James Wagoner, Advocates for Youth, will share a keynote address "Planning For Success: Why Sexual Health Measures Matter." Early Bird Registration ends on September 13 along with your chance to save up to $30! See to download and print a registration form.

November 8, 2005
Reproductive Health Update: What's Current in Contraceptive Technology, STI Prevention and Treatment

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
University of Minnesota, Continuing Education and Conference Center

Co-sponsored by Health Care Education and Training, Inc., the Healthy Youth Development–Prevention Research Center and the Annex Teen Clinic. For nurses, nurse practitioners, health educators and other interested health care staff and providers. Continuing Education Units available. For further information contact Jenny Stephenson at or 317-247-9008.

November 9, 2005
2005 APPCNC Hispanic Symposium

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of North Carolina will hold a one-day symposium on effective practices in teen pregnancy prevention programming for Hispanic/Latino youth. Learn from the experience of those who are implementing and studying successful programs for Latino youth in other areas of the US and for Latin American teens. Nolo Martínez from the Center for New Carolinians will deliver the morning keynote address. Speakers will include Debra Delgado of The Annie E. Casey Foundation. Registration is available online.

November 16-19, 2005
Healthy Teen Network 2005 Annual Conference

HTN's (formerly NOAPPP) annual conference, Leading the Charge: Making a Difference in the Lives of Teens and Young Families, will be held in Chicago, IL. Conference information available online.

March 27-28, 2006
Minnesota Conference on Adolescent Females (MCAF)

Save the date for the 16th Annual Minnesota Conference on Adolescent Females, hosted by the Girls Coalition of Minnesota. For more details, visit